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I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks a lot for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Great to hear! Enjoy!

You should just need the standard Windows C++ Redistributables (2015, 2017, 2019) which you can download from Microsoft here:

On new computers, or computers where you haven't needed this yet, this may not be installed.

Oh! You're missing external DLLs. What system are you running on?

Thank you :)

I am not sure at the moment. It is something that will be looked at more after final release.

Sorry, fullscreen is not currently supported. We're working on it, but it messes up quite a few things;;;

I'm not sure what your screen resolution is, but the window of the game should be 1068x600. My desktop screen resolution is 1920x1080, so it takes up most of my screen. I know it's not ideal, but if you lower the resolution of your screen it should "get bigger". I hope this helps.

I will try looking into a temporary solution for now to avoid ^ if it's that distasteful.

The full game will not be free, but we may keep the demo available for free. No decisions have been made yet. :)

Thank you!

I hope you enjoy the new demo! Text speed was added as an option so you can have it appear as fast as needed now :)

Hi Ree. We'll be releasing a new demo on Friday (Nov 1 2019) so please try out that version when you have time.

Thanks for playing! We're planning on doing an update soon with a lot of fixes.

Thanks for your feedback! The goal is to survive as long as possible, and if one of your stats drops to 0 then you will lose and get an ending. You will start getting random events after week 5 which may or may not make things more difficult for you.

You just got to survive as long as possible. When you fail, that's your ending :)

Hey! The effects of the sacrifice is hinted in the dialogue for the people. For instance, all the monks use "pray" in their speech and reference they are a monk, so killing them affects faith. 

For your example, killing the doctor or the baker will be a negative for health, but the baker you killed mentioned that wealth will decrease, so killing them also decreased your wealth.

I'm glad you enjoyed the game! The reviews/ratings must've been accidentally turned off. I've turned them back on. Thanks for letting me know :)

Thanks for playing! I'm sorry it was so fast for you and you had trouble, but I'm glad you enjoyed it anyways. By the way, the poleman was indeed to shield up and run at them at the same time. As for the final key, you went to every room except the one with it;;;; lol I'll see about slowing things down a bit;;;; If you're interested, here's a little break down of the rooms:

Hey everyone! Thank you for all the comments so far. If it's of interest to anyone, we wrote a blog post talking about the game design and the mechanics. :)

Nice art and music. Interesting concept! 

I would've appreciated if the respawn point was the last place you jumped/fell off from instead of a little ways back. I also would've appreciated if the music between the two worlds flowed better considering how often you're jumping back and forth between them.

Great job!

I think there's a lot of things to improve on. The collisions for the player character were very bouncy and I felt like I was playing in 0 gravity. The enemies also didn't seem like they were too difficult since for the most part they just charged at you. By their design I thought they would start shooting at me immediately. I think if you are going to have terrain digging you should make sure that each block is the exact size of the character. I can see myself trying to escape but I have to dig two rows instead of one.

It would be beneficial if you had some music, and displayed a control summary on the start screen of the game.

Otherwise I think it's pretty solid and needs a few gameplay tweaks.  Good job!

The art and music was really well done. I was impressed when you introduced that falling down looped you around the screen because my thought process was "Oh I can't get those crystals whatever I'll get the ones below- OHHH".

The keyboard controls were a pain though. I kept wanting to hit space for jump and I had to shift around my normal keyboard finger placement so that my pinky wasn't on the Z because it's awkward and it started to hurt. I would've liked if just pressing down pushed you through the platforms instead of having to press jump as well.

Great Job!

I had a lot of trouble timing the bash with the enemy attacks. I would wait and when they got close enough I would execute the bash, but by then they would've already hit me because it took too long. I also couldn't tell the area range of the bash until after it happened, so it would be nice if while you charged a little circle appeared (think Twilight Princess Link wolf-form group attack thing). Animations in general seemed to take a long time, so it was just easier for me to run around dodging enemies. 

I did really appreciate that little tutorial at the beginning telling me which keys to use my god I loved that so much. 

It's a shame there wasn't any music.

I think if you worked on the feel and controls of the game and had it a bit faster paced it would improve.

Great job!

A lot of my comments others have mentioned below, but I'm going to just +1 that the tongue was slow, and I didn't know what I could or could not grapple onto. I tried to grapple onto the walls and couldn't. I also tried grappling the platforms and it worked maybe 3/10 times. I lost near the very bottom of the map once because I couldn't get the hang of it.

That being said, the music fit your aesthetic and the art was pretty good :) I think if you improved the mechanics and feel of the game it would be great.

Either way, great job! :D

Thanks a lot. I'll look into putting that in.

I'm not too sure what you mean (and your link doesn't work?), but I do know that I need to fix a bug with the collisions, there's just a significant hiccup in getting it done. (Also thank you for the Z sorting bug)

Thanks a lot! I'm glad you're enjoying it! I watched it ♥ I'm looking forward to the rest :)

A Victorian Steampunk RPG where saving the Kingdom requires more than just brains and brawn: you also need to talk to people! Featuring a debate battle system, talk, debate, convince and negotiate with NPCs in order to save Gataela; a country which has just recovered from a civil war, and how the actions of one young man trying to help may potentially end up throwing it back into one.


  • Debate Battle System
  • Turn-based Battle System
  • Crafting
  • Skits
  • Stat Point Distribution
  • No Magic