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Been trying to reproduce it in a smaller project this evening and having no luck. Perhaps the size of my project is the problem? My main project has 7056 assets and 2629 scripts that it is trying to load through GMLive. As a side note I noticed that about 10% of the time server would work while testing out how to repro.

Just chiming in to add I found the same problem after updating to the newest version. Runtime: v2023.2.0.87. Using gmlive-server-alt works for scripts, gmlive-server does not. Running gmlive-server in admin didn't make a difference. Noticed there's a small difference between the two when starting the game. Start up log below:

GMServer: ready! 1 live file, 0 global vars, 192 macros, 0 scripts, 49 enums. Took 2923ms.

GMServerAlt: ready! 2 live files, 0 global vars, 192 macros, 0 scripts, 49 enums. Took 972ms.

I didn't see any error messages in the output log.

Hello! I used your music in a game jam:

Thanks :)

Hi! Thanks a lot for your interest~ The game is still under active development, if you wish to follow along or look for updates we recommend either following on Twitter ( or reading up with our monthly blog posts on our website (

Hello! This is a bit of a difficult question to answer depending on what you expect by "romance" so hopefully this helps:

Can you romance characters? No.

Are there characters with romantic relationships? Yes, but it's not a focus. Things will be mentioned offhand every once and a while.

Do those romantic relationships show up in the demo? No.

Hello! The itch app should auto update on start-up. If you are not seeing that happen please let us know.

I'm using this tool again and wanted to provide a solution for the garbled text for 2.3. I'm currently using Gamemaker v. of the runtime, IDE v2.3.2.556.

Importing Fonts
  1. Use BMFont and the converter tool to get your YY file for Gamemaker 2.3 as expected
  2. Create a new font in your Gamemaker project with the same name
  3. Close Gamemaker
  4. Replace the files
Garbled Font

There appears to be a number of errors in the generation of the YY file, which causes Gamemaker to try and repair the file. When it does, it breaks the font at runtime. So basically the PNG is the new font, the YY is the old font. If using GIT or other source control I strongly recommend staging your changes before making the following changes. Gamemaker will complain about each of the issues below when you clean so it's mostly a matter of fixing it as you go.

  1. Open Gamemaker and clean the asset cache
  2. The YY will have the size set to "null.0" change this to a valid number, like "12.0"
  3. Each glyph entry has an offset set to "null". Change this to "0"
  4. I noticed a duplicate key for "kerningPairs" was entered with "ranges" as a child, instead of a sibling. Delete the duplicate key.

After making these changes it worked as expected.

The description was updated with new images.

@Crossfire271 I don't think a "friendlist" is a right association, but yes you have the right idea about the existing collection containing developers instead of just games. In a way it could be similar to favoriting an artist or band on a music app instead of just their songs.

Hello! I'm part of Ottawa Games, a group helping promote the Ottawa game dev community. To speak of the suggestion: We want to be able to create a collection of developers, rather than a collection of games. 

We've been working to create lists of developers in the city on our website. We created a Steam curator list of the games on Steam, and we also wanted to create a collection on Itch. However, we ran into a bit of scalability problem. There are very few games from the community on Steam, whereas there are hundreds if not over a thousand games on Itch. This is probably due to a number of reasons such a barrier to entry, and the fact that our community is primarily made up of Independents/Hobbyists, but in any case - It's a lot of items!

To speak not of the effort to add all of the preexisting items, it would become very time consuming for us to manage each and every one of them. We thought that being able to declare a collection of developers would solve this problem instead. Alternatively, perhaps someway to add/remove a developer and then all of their games would be automatically added/removed?

Please let us know your thoughts.

Thanks a lot for the quick fix and no worries!

Hello! I use this converter for a lot of my text, and it was working great before 2.3. I tried to update a font design but the instructions for pre-2.3 don't seem to work anymore (or there's a chance they might need to be adjusted?)

Here are the steps I used just in case there is user error:

  • Create & export a one-page font in BMFont
  • Drag the resulting .fnt file onto the BmFontToYY.exe
  • A YY is generated

Import Attempt 1:

  • Import into Gamemaker Studio 2
  • Error: Could not find a project for the resource file at "mylocation/myfont.yy"

Import Attempt 2:

  • Create a new folder within myProject/fonts for the new font.
  • Copy paste the png and yy file there.
  • Open my project
  • Error: Gamemaker Studio 2 stopped working
  • Ignore the error
  • After load it says the resource failed to load and it crashes

Great! We hope you enjoy!

The only other thing we can think to suggest is to try downloading the Steam version of the demo instead:

In that case there might be a few other redistributables missing:

1. 2012 C++ Redistributable
2. 2013 C++ Redistrubutable
3. DirectX

It is unlikely that #3 is missing, so please try 1 and 2 first. If these work we'll update the FAQ with more information since this seems like a common problem.

Please see this post here:

You shouldn't need to install visual studio but the DLLs instead. Also try restarting your computer once you've installed them.

Please let me know if you need more help.

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Thanks for letting us know! Yes, fullscreen is new and only partially implemented, as we're doing it in two stages. We weren't aware of this though, thank you. We've added it to the list of bugs here:

I just wanted to let you know we have a full screen mode now in the demo!

Hi! The game is still in development, but we're hoping to be finished sometime in 2021 or 2022!

Thanks so much! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Yep! The controls change on you each level.

Awesome music! I used Checking Manifest in this game:

Thanks for the SFX! I used a few of these in this game:

Thank you for this awesome pack! I used the tiles for this game:

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks a lot for playing! I'm glad you enjoyed it :)

Great to hear! Enjoy!

You should just need the standard Windows C++ Redistributables (2015, 2017, 2019) which you can download from Microsoft here:

On new computers, or computers where you haven't needed this yet, this may not be installed.

Oh! You're missing external DLLs. What system are you running on?

Thank you :)

I am not sure at the moment. It is something that will be looked at more after final release.

Sorry, fullscreen is not currently supported. We're working on it, but it messes up quite a few things;;;

I'm not sure what your screen resolution is, but the window of the game should be 1068x600. My desktop screen resolution is 1920x1080, so it takes up most of my screen. I know it's not ideal, but if you lower the resolution of your screen it should "get bigger". I hope this helps.

I will try looking into a temporary solution for now to avoid ^ if it's that distasteful.

The full game will not be free, but we may keep the demo available for free. No decisions have been made yet. :)

Thank you!

I hope you enjoy the new demo! Text speed was added as an option so you can have it appear as fast as needed now :)

Hi Ree. We'll be releasing a new demo on Friday (Nov 1 2019) so please try out that version when you have time.

Thanks for playing! We're planning on doing an update soon with a lot of fixes.

Thanks for your feedback! The goal is to survive as long as possible, and if one of your stats drops to 0 then you will lose and get an ending. You will start getting random events after week 5 which may or may not make things more difficult for you.

You just got to survive as long as possible. When you fail, that's your ending :)