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I'm really glad someone made it to heart attack mode. I figured there were so many games nobody would bother to beat all 4 levels. Thanks!

Thank you! UI was one of the last things I did . Tried to get some tutorial stuff in there but didn't make it.

Thanks for the tip. This was my first ever gamejam and it's definitely been a learning experience. A few people on Discord informed me about the issue with installers and I'll know that for next time. Actually, if at all possible, it seems like browser games are the way to go.

Thank you so much for the effort you put into analysis. I agree with the enemy sprites. I was never happy with them, but at one point they were yellow and they looked like marshmellow peeps. Haha. I did what I could with the time I had. Pixel art is sorta new to me.

Thanks for the critique and comment. And most of all thanks for playing!

This idea was amazing. Probably my favorite idea of the entire jam. I had an issue with the controls. There are no instructions and the shoot and crate buttons are J and H. I had to mash the keyboard till I did something. I'm guessing it was meant for a gamepad?

This was really satisfying to play. Using the shield as a primary weapon and fire as a backup really switched things up. I must have played this for about a half hour before I moved on.

I was following your progress gifs and I really enjoyed the idea and execution. I was really excited to use your mechanic for level navigation, but it's the one thing this game didn't have. Only thing that held it back for me. I really liked it.