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A jam entry

The Silhouette's KnifeView game page »

A game about a magic dagger and teleportation
Submitted by Kahztein with 8 hours, 50 minutes before the deadline


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Your weapon is both a method of movement and damage, you also have multiple possible ways of defeating enemies.

Collecting enough shadow drops from killed enemies will increase your max health, and heal you to full. It is the only way to heal.

Third-party resources
Game Maker Studio 2
FL Studio 12
FL Studio SFX Library


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Pretty cool mechanic (FFXV?), and that monster that chases you is scary! Its a bit fiddly though as the sword doesn't fly as fast as I feel it should, so fighting monsters doesn't feel as smooth. 


I didn't actually know someone had done the mechanic before. Also yeah, physics are a pain to get right at times. But thanks for the feedback, it really helps!

Not really the same thing as FFXV. It looks kinda similar to the teleport in that game, but it's completely different mechanically.


I had a really good time playing your game! The music is really rad and the visuals are pretty decent. I like how you combine the movement ability with the attacking ability, and teleporting around is really fluid. I will say that the charge up seems unnecessary, as I never really did a half throw, and the gameplay could have been a bit snappier if I could throw instantaneously, but it's not necessarily bad the way it is. That aside, this game is pretty great. Nice work!


Thanks for the feedback! Definitely something I would try and improve upon if I continue the game.


Really solid, worked pretty well. I think it would be easier to keep up the pace if grabbing/teleporting to the knife mid-throw was possible. But as it is, the game feels like each throw counts, which isn't a bad thing. It's just a suggestion, but nice work!


I appreciate the advice, it's definitely something I will consider.


Really cool idea, and as Kasmilus said... that monster. Certainly gets you to pick up the pace!

I really like how methodical the whole thing feels. I did best by taking it slow, killing every enemy in advance. Like frantic mini games of golf. 

I think it would have been cool to be able to warp to the sword while it's still moving, before it's landed. Bit more risk / reward as you're not sure where it'll be by the time you reach it. It could serve to speed the pace up. Also, might have been nice if you could pick up the shadow drops using the sword. Like maybe they'd stick to it and get dragged back when you recall the sword. Would be useful for any drops that wind up below you and would give the sword re-call another use. Or even the shadow drops then just stay in the sword, making it more powerful... So you have a choice between health and attack? I dunno, there's lots you could do with this...

But yeah, good stuff!


My favourite game of this jam, absolutely outstanding job! Nailed the theme, it plays really good and boy that huge monster scared me! :D