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Cyber Twilight

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Glad you took it in stride! Some people will tell you it's a rip-off, but that's kind of how every great game begins:  As a rip-off of something else, even if it's accidental or just slightly. It's on the refining that you make sure others understand that what you "ripped-off" was merely an inspiration!

Hope you work more on Resize, as Mark said himself, it's clearly one of the best games in the Jam <3

Yeah, even with the movement enemies, isn't it? New behaviour including seeker enemies is interesting...
Thank you for the feedback!

Thank you so much for the feedback! It's allright, you got to be the last person to play the game and I'm glad! We know about the difficulty and we're trying to get a fix out in the coming days :3 

Wow, how the hell had I not played this game before, it's FANTASTIC!

Honestly, its extremelly well-polished and it's clear you went H A M into game feel and player experience. It oozes from every single second playing it that it wants to impress me, and it does so pretty well.

One... issue, though. I don't feel the theme is explored quite as well as it could with a survival mode, and it felt... shallow. I basically just went "Oh...." in a bit of disappointment when I got thrown into a survival mode that doesn't change, with enemies that I have to short-hop dash (A bit harder than might be needed, even considering it should be an advanced technique).

I still ADORED this game, it has a stupidly high ammoutn of potential

Thoughtful concept, and with enough ironing out of what can and cannot happen in the game (many times I was like "wait, CAN I just change directions while being repelled by a magnet?), and fixing the bugs, it has a lot of potential!
And I agree with EonNomad, now that I think of it, Game Feel might be the biggest thing it needs right now!

I loved the idea, it's pretty damn interesting and it makes hearts nearly omni-purpose, which is a theme I like a lot (So much so we made our jam game all around near-omni-purpose mechanics!), and it's allright to not focus on aesthethics that much, specially since the visuals aren't like, horrible, they're just simple.

But you've got a few game design issues there, mainly level design and the fact therea re no checkpoints. It's kinda frustrating to wait for health every time, and the second level kind of frustrated me a bit too much. Not because it's hard? but mostly because it takes too much time and it's kind of annoying, but you already know that, and that's a HUGE step towards an even better game!!

I overall liked it a lot though, uses the theme really well in my opinion!

Thanks for the ideas, AND the feedback! :3 We definetly want to expand our mechanics, at least just a tiny bit. Of course, if we implemented a leaderboard, you'd only see it if you found the leaderboard enemy and shot it! ;p

No problem, I hoped it'd have helped you, constructive feedback is sometimes very much needed <3

That's a really good idea, and with enough polishing  it can truly become special!

It adheres to the theme, but sometimes the transition from dash (Which it honestly is better off being called a "sprint") isn't seamless for the reloading and the teleporters disorient you sometimes. only being able to shoot after jumping is perfect, but maybe the reload system and the shot knockback system needs some fine tuning.

What I absolutely adored was the story - as light as it was. The ending was pretty damn great, honestly. Some... spell check errors here and there, but nothing too irritating. I felt like I had fucked up in the beggining of the game, with the <ERROR> spawning, but that just immersed me more!

The blatant flaw, however, despite obviously the aesthethics, is the level design. The levels are... not that thought out, at all. It's clear they were an afterthought, and, with a game so based around movementation and, well, FLOW (hehe), can't blame ya for letting those two be afterthoughts. Definetly hurts your game a bit.

Improve the game feel a bit, obviously the level design, some bug squashing (I found one where if I do the portal trick where I keep shooting forwards on that "wall jump" session, I get spitted out into the void!) and, also obviously, the aesthethics, and honestly it'd be a great game by itself - it's already very innovative!

We're glad you enjoyed it! The theme's connection is the fact that what you'd usually see in a menu (Credits, mute option, pause) are ALL inside the game, including start game, reset and quit game. So shooting enemies isn't just... for shooting. It's to protect you, change difficulty, for strategy, to get health, to pause the game, to start the game... And if you don't use the WASD keys to move, you can ALSO shoot enemies to move!

That's what we meant with "nearly omni-purpose design", and that's how it fits the "dual-purpose design" theme, at least in our conception. But thank you for the feedback - it means we didn't make it as clear as possible in-game!

Yeah, we definetly didn't have time to implement more, but hey, the good part is that all that's left is a major balance update AND just more content - I think that's pretty neat for a jam game! Thank you very much for the feedback, and we think you'd have a blast with some of the enemies we thought up - Spoilers: One of them is a wiki one :p

Boy, I really wish we could update the build and have Mark retest it! :p Thanks for the feedback! The moment that's patched out, it'll be interesting to see how far the game goes!

Glad to see repeating patterns on the game's issue - it means we were nearly there in terms of achieving our intended final product! Thanks for your feedback, every one of these adds one more indication we NEED to ramp up the difficulty!

The hitbox properties feel unjustified, so much so that I sometimes feel like I hit the back of a ball and it still cheesed me to its front, making me die. I also cannot gauge how much I'm going to be taken back by a ball and how much pressing I need to do to do the biggest hit - if at all. Furthermore, I have NO idea how the black balls work, sometimes I hit them and they die, sometimes they don't die, what?!

Also, it might be a neat little reference to Pool, but for laymen, we have no idea how many lives we have.

Those are all nitpicks, mind you, but I KNOW it will really help you to get more detailed feedback like this. sorry I didn't do this earlier!

Yeah, we focused on getting the core idea, gameplay and feel to be just right - the very next step was exactly putting in more types of enemies to mess with the settings AND a bigger difficulting - mainly, no awkward times where there's no enemy on the screen.

Thank you for the feedback though, glad you enjoyed the idea!

I played a couple of great games from the Jam - Pool Party is one (Can't remember the link right now), and the other one is Wired - MASSIVE props to this one! 


I'm so thrilled that you found our game to be a top pick! <3 It fills my heart with glee to know these 48 hours were worth so much for us! ^w^

I'd have put your pick on the list, but you already put it on the video and totally reasonably so - your game is awesome!

Hoh boy, what a fantastic lil' piece of game.

It's inventive, it fits the theme, and most of all, it's FUN.

You're definetly in my top 10, and congratulations for such a slick project. It lacks tight level design and sometimes it feels rather unrewarding and unfair, but fuck me if that isn't a great concept. Kudos to you! I suggest updating your title to at least a gif, because it'll look even better with a gif there!

Oof, yeah, we even tried to put that one as the ONLY bright-red enemy, but I suppose you're right. One of our ideas was putting in an enemy wiki - but of course, you'd only activate it by shooting it! <3

Thanks for the feedback!

Greatly appreciate the support! We focused a lot on FX and game feel to tie in our idea, so we're really glad it paid off. :3

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Thank you for the feedback! Yeah, it's definetly the biggest issue with the game right now. We were damn close to solving it too, but such is a jam's dillema. Hopefully the concept was still fun!

Thanks for the feedback! We had trouble hitting that sweetspot between difficulty and fairness, and we believe that's the one aspect we'd focus the most if we had more time. :p Glad you liked it <3