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Great idea that requires a lot of balancing!

I believe the play area to be too small for such a "fast-paced" game. A lot of times you don't have time to react - and you need that!

But you've got excellent vision of scope - this is indeed a jam game, and all it needed to be was simple and fun. You've got that!

I also recommend much more game feel, it's another thing your game sorely needs (besides more mechanics / obstacles and stuff, but then again, jam). Overall, nicely done!


Thanks for the feedback. I agree, the game is a a bit lacking as I’ve mentioned in the Author’s Comments section. I only had one day to make the game since I already had plans for the previous day. I’m happy that I finished, but I think I could’ve done better.

I really didn’t playtest the game as much as I should have and I agree the crashes don’t seem impacful since the game just pauses. I went for the quick and easy solutions every time to make sure I finished.

I’ve since then joined a Mini Jam this weekend and I think the game I made for that is leagues better than this. Feel free to check it out! ;)