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Very pleasant little game. I will come back and rate after submission is over :)

What do you call a man with an arrow through his neck?
An ambulance, you heartless bastard.

Cool update!

I couldn't place blocks for about a minute and I thought it was impossible, since you only get one block. I thought it was trying to make a statement and be funny but was disappointed once it actually worked. Music and sound effects weren't the best choice.  It's only one block so I guess it does fit the theme. Sorry about being so critical.

When I booted up the game and tried out the movement, I naturally avoided the crow because it looks so menacing. Only after accidentally jumping into it I realised what the point of the game was. After that, it was a lot of fun. Great game, I'll probably even play it after the jam :)

I really loved this game. I played it before and just now and the experience was great both times. The music is lovely and the game is quick to learn. I think the description is a really clever way to get around the limitation and I wish more people did that. My only issues are that there is no win condition and that the wolves always win.

On my seconds play-through, right after I got my ass handed to me by wolves, I thought that maybe by planting the harmful red mushrooms and leading the wolves to them, I would be able to kill them. I was quite disappointed when they just ignored them and I got chomped.

When I played it again now, I wanted to see how long I could last, knowing all that the game has to offer. I lasted four nights, with a wall of trees next to the lake, farms for both types of mushrooms, a grass farms and all the cups I could find (around 7 or 8 I think). I even found a way to pass the wolves by leading them to the top of the screen and then running under them. One night, I alt-tabbed to watch a YouTube video during the night, until I heard fast and repeated wolf bites. When I tabbed back, I was dead...

The only bug I found was that if you hold Space when your inventory for that item is full, the sound plays repeatedly.

One of the best games in this jam. Good work! :D

Lots of fun and very good design. I wish it had sound/music and loads more levels! Good game

I like the idea and execution, but it needs something more. As it is, there is a clear an obvious strategy of planting with 1 square spaces, since bombs don't take out anything and you really don't have time to plant any more. If I were to remake this game, I'd probably remove the time element and try to make it into a minesweeper type strategy game. I'd probably add some special flower that grants extra points, but only grows if there are at least 4 other flowers near it. This would add more things to consider and make the game-play more complex.

I like the way the controls were presented to the player and although it took me a few rounds to figure out what exactly was the point of the game, I think it doesn't need a tutorial. I like the pixel art; it's very clean and you can tell apart the different objects from each other easily.

I disliked the fact that the bomb flowers kill you, but I guess it makes sense. I just felt that it doesn't fit. I would also make the movement square-based, since there is no reason for you to stand in between the squares - it just makes it frustrating when you try to plant/harvest but can't.

Overall, this is a decent entry to the jam and I enjoyed playing it for a few minutes. Good luck in future jams! :)

Screenshot of the strategy: 

I love the gameplay; it reminds me a lot of One Finger Death Punch. Sadly, it's lacking music and sound. Even without them, the game feels very good to control and is fun to play.

After finally getting around to playing it a second time (I'm trying to play and rate every single game in this jam), I have to say it's one of the best overall. The gameplay is fun, the music and sounds aren't intrusive, the art is charming... Good luck in the jam! :D

The game is fun, but the decision to include slipping on broken eggs was a bad one. It just enforces your losses and makes the game frustrating once you make a mistake. Otherwise, it was a polished and enjoyable small game.

I think that's the slipping on the broken eggs. It really does seem more like a bug than a feature until you notice it...

I replayed the game again, but it doesn't seem like anything has changed. After trying other games, your seems like one of the more fun ones :) Good luck!

I'm pleasantly surprised at how much work you put into the voice recordings. I managed to get 2 bad endings (the spell book and the scythe), but I enjoyed it. Some of the soul descriptions were funny as well as the inn description ("some of the best food... well, the only food." made me smile.) 

As for what could be better, your pronunciation of "s" and the overall voice recording could be clearer since it took me a few times to understand what was being said. The game also has some minor bugs such as when you meet death you can just walk away and thought/speech bubbles stay there, you can have overlapping voice recordings, and you apparently give the spell book to the pastor even if you don't have one or if you did in a previous play-through, etc.

You don't have the prettiest graphics or the best game-play, but your game has charm and you made an adventure game work without text and I think that's a success. Good luck in future jams! :)

Unfortunately, a ligma-ridden corn won't save this game. The game is buggy and not that much fun. For what it's worth, it has no text and is relevant to the theme, so you get points for that. I think the game play is the bit that needs the most work.

I think this game needs to be faster. As it it, the corn spawn way too slowly and the game gets boring quickly. Sound effects aren't essential, but would really make shooting feel more impactful and fun. Some goal for the player is also needed; as it is, there is no reason to play on.

So far the bugs I've found:

  • if you walk using the arrow keys and WASD at the same time, the walking animation doesn't work properly
  • firing doesn't always work
  • sometimes when I fire, the screen shakes back and forth until I fire again

Sorry for being so harsh; I'm only trying to help you improve. Good luck! :)

I like the pixel art and the idea, but the gameplay is lacking. The game is all about trying to find the perfect combination of plants and support structures to withstand the harsh martian environment. Unfortunately, the game is quite repetitive and I lack a sense of progression or reward when each day I reset to the same state.

Fun game, but lacks sound. The gameplay is quite relaxing and I can imagine myself playing this on my phone while waiting for the bus. I liked the way you showed what a ripe vegetable looks like. It does have a pretty glaring difficulty spike right around the point when your score is about midway. A lot of vegetables grow at the same time and there is no way to harvest all of them before they go bad. This is the furthest I've gotten.

Some improvement you could make to the game: Add sound, change the colour of the "health" (At first I thought I was somehow supposed to fill them up since they look like silhouettes), show the score meter during play so you can track your progress as you go, and finally make the difficulty increase more slowly. 

The text in the description is against the limitation, especially this bit: "Casual game where you should harvest the most height of vegetables that you can," since it outright tells you what the goal is. Removing wouldn't hurt that much, since the goal is pretty obvious from the game itself.

I'll come check out your game again once the rating officially begins. Good luck until then! :D

I think the title can have text, but not in the actual game. If it's something like Unity or another engine's splash screen that you can do nothing about, I would let it slide.

🎃 is a very pleasant game. Showing the buttons that are needed to play was a very intuitive way to teach the player the controls. Watching the AI also teaches the goal of the game, which is great design. The game is challenging, but very doable if you can predict the AI's movements. The victory and loss pumpkins are also very charming :)

I found a bug where if you keep holding up or a direction you are able to move while aiming, but you don't throw the pumpkin so this happens: 

The only other issue is that it took me a while to figure out I could only take pumpkins from the field on the right. Maybe enable it for both fields or somehow show that that's your field? (Maybe placing the player in it or near it while the AI is next to the other one.)

Overall, a very good jam game. If the bug is fixed you can expect a good rating from me :D

I am not participating in this jam, but I will try to play every single game and review them. I encourage others to do so as well to make sure only the best games rise to the top.

If, as a developer, you want feedback before you publish your game, message me here or on Discord @William#4544

Good luck to all!

Lots of fun, even though the shield + bomb jumping took me a while to figure out. 5/5 

Thank you for playig my game. Something I should’ve worked on is the score’s feel. 4 km ks actually quite good since it means you survived for 40 seconds.

Thanks for the feedback. I agree, the game is a a bit lacking as I’ve mentioned in the Author’s Comments section. I only had one day to make the game since I already had plans for the previous day. I’m happy that I finished, but I think I could’ve done better.

I really didn’t playtest the game as much as I should have and I agree the crashes don’t seem impacful since the game just pauses. I went for the quick and easy solutions every time to make sure I finished.

I’ve since then joined a Mini Jam this weekend and I think the game I made for that is leagues better than this. Feel free to check it out! ;)

Thanks for taking the time and effort to beat my personal High Score of 8.1 km. I will put you in the description as the current World Record Holder :D

Really funny game; enjoyed it.

I really like the idea although jumping with Z took some time to get used to and the building of the map was a bit tedious. Otherwise a very well made game. Good stuff.

Yeah, people are commenting similar things. I'll zoom the game out once the voting stops. Thanks for playing!

Cheers! Thanks for playing.

I enjoyed the game until it crashed after I upgraded the first tower to level 8.

I think the game could do with some music and sounds, because with nothing but silence it gets a bit repetitive after a while. I was only able to upgrade the first tower so my strategy consisted of mainly just supplying ammo in a loot and then finishing any survivors with the last tower.

I think it could do with more things to do, but still I had an enjoyable playing experience.

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Thank you for the constructive criticism. I am aware of the problems this game has and I agree I should have invested more time into playtesting, polish, and ironing out bugs. What you see happening there is that two cars are spawning on the same track very rapidly after each other and so collide and cause a game over state. I could have prevented this from happening with a few if commands, but I was panicking to add sounds and make them work in time.

I tried having the other cars’ collisions not give you a game over state, but I found that ruined the illusion of them having any weight as you could just stack them over each other (since they’re just sprites.)

If I can still patch the game I’ll incorporate your feedback as well as others’.

Thank you for playing my game even if you were quite unlucky with the spawning if it happened every 3 or so tries.

EDIT: Checked and I can only update it after voting for the Game Jam ends.

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Thank you for the feedback. I’ll see if I can change it when I have time.

EDIT: Checked and I can only update it after voting for the Game Jam ends.

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I greatly appreciate the criticism and I’d like to thank you for playing my game. I’m getting a lot of similar comments about seeing further ahead I agree. I’ll see if I can still change it once I get home from school :)

EDIT: Checked and I can only update it after voting for the Game Jam ends.

Thanks for the feedback. I agree that it is very difficult. I think instead of turning the road horizontal I just need to zoom it out a bit so you see the cars appear earlier. 

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I agree with both points, but I’m not sure I’m allowed to change it while it is still being rated.

I appreciate the feedback and thanks for taking the time to play my game.

EDIT: Checked and I can only update it after voting for the Game Jam ends.

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Thanks for the feedback and nice words. I appriciate it. 

In all honesty I didn’t plan too far ahead when making it and chose an arbitrary road size. It’s adjustable, but I don’t know if I can change it while it’s still being rated.

I’m hopeful about future jams and it is definitely great to hear people found what I made fun.

EDIT: Checked and I can only update it after voting for the Game Jam ends.

Loved it.

Enjoyable game, but a bit too easy. I got over 10,000 points before I decided to end it. Some things you could adjust would be the damage of the enemies, or how long you can have the gravity well activated. There is no reason you shouldn't have it on at all times. Putting a restriction on it would introduce another level of complexity which I think would help the game be more interesting to play for longer.

Good luck in the jam!

Best game in this jam that I played so far! I really love the idea and the execution is great. I think this has great potential.

The graphics are a bit lacking but they really aren't that important (although a separate design for the turrets and structures wouldn't hurt.) I managed to beat every level and enjoyed almost all of them very much (spiky boys are not my jam.) I found it a bit weird that you can still win even if you have no red structures alive.

If you plan on continuing with this, here are some of my notes: 

  • There needs to be a way to slow down your units for more precise movement (Ex. Hold shift to move all units slower.)
  • Add some better designed maps (symmetrical and with places to hold your resource gathering units while you attack)
  • Make it competitive against another human player if possible
  • Make AI a bit better (in one level they didn't cash in their resources at all and didn't even try to defend.)

I'm willing to help with the level design and play-testing if you want it. :D

Good luck in the Game Jam!

Download broken?

I like the idea of this game, but it seems inconsistent and unintuitive how you get more letters and which letters are starred (*) out. For example, in the "Yeah, yeah. I got it..." only the first Y and I become stars * ("*eah, yeah. * got it...")

I enjoyed the fact that my choices were limited by the fact I was missing the letters to type out the letters I wanted. Unfortunately, this mechanic doesn't last very long. :/

During my play I encountered an annoying bug/issue. The space and enter keys were mapped to the last key you clicked on the virtual keyboard instead of acting as space and enter respectively. 

Overall, I like the creativity of this entry and I wish you good luck!