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Mini Jam 11 - HarvestView game page

Submitted by Ismael Rodriguez (@ishyrodriguez) — 6 hours, 46 minutes before the deadline
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Mini Jam 11 - Harvest's page


CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Sound effects#14.0914.091
Game design#14.0914.091
Game play#14.3644.364
Respect of the limitations#84.8184.818

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Ismael Rodriguez

Software Used
Unity, Photoshop. Acid Pro, Bfxr

Cookies Eaten
Wait....When did we get cookies?

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Definitely one of my favorites. Like Viliam I avoided the crows and then my corn started disappearing and suddenly it all clicked. A great "aha!" moment and feeling of discovery. I think you did the most with the "no text" limitation.  Obviously can get a little repetitive but that's kind of a given with these short jams. Love the feeling of desperation when you are guarding your last corn against a murder of crows. If taking my corn wasn't enough they take my life... excellent work!


Thanks for the feedback! I was really counting on that "aha" moment. I kept thinking about the limitation, and "Find other methods to teach your players how to play".  Anyone who's ever played a pc game should figure out the controls quick enough, then teaching the rules of the game can just come from playing, because the basic loop is very simple. The murdering murder of crows was a cute idea that just happen to occur to me, it just felt right, looked cool, and helped add a little story/character to the game, as well as reinforce the objective.

Yeah the repetition is to be expected, and I didn't plan/expect for anyone to play more than a few times and move on.


When I booted up the game and tried out the movement, I naturally avoided the crow because it looks so menacing. Only after accidentally jumping into it I realised what the point of the game was. After that, it was a lot of fun. Great game, I'll probably even play it after the jam :)


Thanks for the feedback. Since we were restricted from using text, I couldn't outright tell the player to defend the crops. I figured most people would just immediately lose some crops, maybe all of them before they figured out they needed to scare away the birds. Maybe there was a way to convey that message without forcing the player to fail, but I decided that allowing the player to discover the rules rather than spell them out would work well enough (it was also less work ^_^).


10/10 best jam game I played in a while. At first it doesn't seem big, but already at the second round I caught me having more fun than I expected. Even when you just defend the corn in the corners it is hard enough. What I really like is the overall picture, everything fits together. I got 11 popcorns after 2 tries and will try it tomorrow, when I have more time, again.


Thanks for the feedback! When I let my fiance play for the first time I knew I was on the right track. She was yelling at the birds and jumping around all crazy trying to defend her crops. I actually started with a mock-up of the scene in Photoshop, and just kind of loaded all the elements into the game from there. I used the NES pallette, and tried to stick to some limits, but I differently broke it in a bunch of places.


10 popcorns, not too bad.  I felt bad hitting crows and getting eaten by them and was weird that the crows just kept coming, would have been nice if they could have been eliminated.  I still had fun.  Good animation, the music does get a little repetitive.  


Thanks for the feedback. I should have done a little more with the music, didn't even think about it until seeing the feedback. And after feedback and thinking about different ways to design the game, I probably could have done a kind of wave mode. But, in the heat of jamming I just made what was easiest to make, which was an endless survival mode.


yeah, when jamming you do what works 


One of my favorite entries. I like pixel art.


Thanks! Me too lol


Nice and minimalistic. Reminds me of an old, really old arcade game where you should defend cities from constant nuking.


Thanks for the feedback! Any idea what the game is? I'm interested in checking it out. Is it Missile Command?