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Sweet! Thanks for your feedback! Glad you had fun!

Thanks for the feedback! I added an LDJAM link to my description ;)

Thanks! Glad you like it!

I think it's a unity shader issue because of the pixel perfect render-texture method. You can try another browser, maybe download the pc version. Tell me what you're using and I can try to rebuild the game for people with the same problem, when I have time.

Yep, got that thanks. I thought I got it before upload, somehow it just popped back up. Very embarrassing because it was such a simple fix and a very common place to get stuck :( esc kills you, and you can also walk backwards so it's not totally game breaking. 

It *should* def be gone in the post jam version on my website.

Thanks for the feedback. I'm not sure about the problem of not being able to aim. Where you click on the screen should be where your bullet goes. I never ran into that bug, it could be the HTML5 version which I have seen cause bugs.

I spent maybe 2 hours at most on the sound in my entry (not a lot). It's a simple game, simple sound design, 1 instrument. Just random notes and chords and arpeggios all in the same key. Shooting in just a note, killing an enemy got the chords, and a sun shot was a quick arpeggio. I think it came out really well and is a highlight for my project. (Especially because it didn't take long)


Thanks for the feedback. I did kind of think of this as a musically visualization, like Tetris Effect. At first the bullets hit the sun, but then you cant shoot things on the other side, so I turned it into a thing. I had some other ideas like power ups that effects how the sun changes the bullets, but ran out of time.

Thanks for the feedback. I think the shooting issue you experienced is related to pooling the objects... There are 10 bullets to shoot, if they're all deployed you cant shoot. I actually wish I gave the player more bullets to fire, because it doesn't feel good to click and not have a bullet come out.

Thanks for the feedback! The music effect came out much better than the effort put into it, it really helps the experience shine.

Physics are a little weird, but also gives it character! Neat game, a lot of potential.

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Not the kind of game I was expecting :P Thanks

PS: I'm going to check in on a friend now...

I really like this game. There were a couple times I got stuck on the ground instead of dashing.  There are some cool directions this could go. 

This is my kind of game!

Thanks! Once the sound/music was added I knew I was on the right track. It does have a relaxing feel to it, I call it a "Meditative Shooter" ^_^

High quality! Great presentation. I just wish I could use a mouse click to "Reflect".... 13/15

Solid entry, fits theme. I wish the pickup/drop buttons were left click and right click, I think it would feel better. 

So I start up the game. WASD to move, okay. So I move around and go to the axe... but I miss the part that says press E to pickup the Axe, so I reload the game to figure out what button to press. Pick up the axe..."press E to drop the axe"... but I just picked it up lol, okay, how do I swing... I can't, I'll go to a tree then click, nope wait, press F. Okay now pick up the wood, oh wait the axe drops, okay. Some inventory management, could be good, adheres to the theme. So I do that a few times, throw wood into the fire... Okay now what? Is that it? Oh the fire is growing and I need to find a house, but where is the house? I don't really want to tediously feed this fire while managing the inventory, I'll just run off into the darkness...Oh, monsters, Well I'll just keep looking... *Look* *look* *look* *dead*... okay... interesting game. (I just wanted to share this little story of my thinking, not to be an ass, but because I think it's important for design critique).

As a jam game I understand why it falls a little bit short. Your game's inventory system reminds me of adventure, where you have to leave items around and come to pick them up. You could have made a quick little trade/puzzle sequence where you need the axe to chop wood, then start fire, then burn a fence, where you'll find a rusty key, which unlocks the door to another mcguffin which unlocks the way to the other mcguffin, until you reach a point where you need to manage all these items to destroy Evil once and for all. Or keep it even more simple, and just keep the fire from dying. Looking for the house was not fun for me.

There is potential here though. Good job getting it done and submitted to the jam!


Cool little game. It would make an awesome NES Light Gun style game! I love the cute pixel art. Very good presentation. Everything pops! I played a couple rounds and made it to level 8.  I wasn't compelled to play any more than that. 

I don't know how much of the game I'm missing after that... I'm guessing it just adds more "enemies". 

I know it's a jam game, but I wish there was something a little bit extra, or some kind of twist, or a simple story line to help draw the player into completing the game. Maybe on one stage you kill everyone EXCEPT the target. That way you can have some fun shooting things along the way. Maybe a boss fight where everyone looks the same except for one attribute. Definitely room to expand on this idea!

Overall 12/15. It's just missing something to pull me back in, it needs a hint of something more behind the curtain.

Thanks for your feedback. I wanted to do some much more with weapons and enemies. I had fun though!

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If I was disappointed by the ending it's only because the game was so good! I just had to remember it was a jam game. ;) I was also a little concerned about posting spoilers lol

Thanks for the feedback. I had a little more I wanted to do for the jam but had to rush to submit. I would love to expand on this a bit more. I actually built half an upgrade system.

Thanks for the detailed feedback!

Thanks! It was a fun jam!

Amazing you could do so much in such short time! High quality work here! Good job! Master level design for a great idea! 

Thanks for the feedback! I was really counting on that "aha" moment. I kept thinking about the limitation, and "Find other methods to teach your players how to play".  Anyone who's ever played a pc game should figure out the controls quick enough, then teaching the rules of the game can just come from playing, because the basic loop is very simple. The murdering murder of crows was a cute idea that just happen to occur to me, it just felt right, looked cool, and helped add a little story/character to the game, as well as reinforce the objective.

Yeah the repetition is to be expected, and I didn't plan/expect for anyone to play more than a few times and move on.

Thanks for the feedback! When I let my fiance play for the first time I knew I was on the right track. She was yelling at the birds and jumping around all crazy trying to defend her crops. I actually started with a mock-up of the scene in Photoshop, and just kind of loaded all the elements into the game from there. I used the NES pallette, and tried to stick to some limits, but I differently broke it in a bunch of places.

Thanks for the feedback. Since we were restricted from using text, I couldn't outright tell the player to defend the crops. I figured most people would just immediately lose some crops, maybe all of them before they figured out they needed to scare away the birds. Maybe there was a way to convey that message without forcing the player to fail, but I decided that allowing the player to discover the rules rather than spell them out would work well enough (it was also less work ^_^).

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah, the Breakout style of game play kind of clicked in somewhere along the way. I had ideas of making it a shooter, but once I had the crows bouncing around the screen the rest fell into place. I also considered ways to make it harder to defend that last stalk, I just left it alone once I noticed I could still lose it. There's definitely more that could go into this kind of game, like seeds to replant crops, different birds, etc

Thanks for the feedback. I should have done a little more with the music, didn't even think about it until seeing the feedback. And after feedback and thinking about different ways to design the game, I probably could have done a kind of wave mode. But, in the heat of jamming I just made what was easiest to make, which was an endless survival mode.

Thanks! Me too lol

Thanks for the feedback! Any idea what the game is? I'm interested in checking it out. Is it Missile Command?

Interesting game here. The bouncy visuals maybe over the top, but they also give it a lot of character. Simple but fun game play.

Thanks for feedback. Yeah, it was a challenge to show score without text. I thought of a couple different ways to score the game, but ultimatly it's based on how many times you hit a crow. If I could use numbers and sentences it would be better, because I could use time, or waves.

It's a fun limitation for actual game play, but does that include things like splash screens or the title screen?