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I see, thanks for sharing!

Thanks! :)

Could you share a screenshot or more details about where this happened?


Gray vines can be broken if you shoot through them with the grapple-hook slingshot technique.

No abbreviation... It's pronounced like "faux"... ;)


Thanks! :)

Sometimes sacrifices must be made lol.... Glad you had some fun!

That's an issue I hadn't considered, thanks for sharing! Glad you're still enjoying the game!

Thanks for your feedback! :)

Thanks for your feedback! It is possible to shoot diagonal without moving btw, use the aim button, [i-key].

Glad you had fun! Thanks for sharing your footage!

Thanks! Thanks for sharing your speedrun. No soundtrack anywhere sorry...  

Thanks! Glad you loved it, and how it poked your nostalgia! :D

XD, glad you had fohhn!

Thanks, glad you love it!


Thanks! Maybe someday!

Thanks... That's kind of how Metroidvanias work, you see stuff you cant bypass until you find a key item and return later. The main thing you can't interact with in most areas are the gray vines, which require a powerup I never gave in the demo (except for the 1 room in the end). I used them to create points of no return and reduce the playable space.

Maybe someday :)

Thanks! ^_^

Glad you think it's cool though!

That's interesting feedback. It's possible you might feel different if it was the other way and a quick pressed sent you to full height every time.

I'll have to look into that, thanks for sharing.

Maybe someday! I have so many projects in the works.

Yeah, it's just a cut-off point for the demo. The idea in my head is that you find something to teleport buddy to your position and continue progress.

Thanks! :)

Thanks, glad you had fun!

I knew it could be done but it doesn't break anything... Notice you cant really go anywhere without getting the whistle... I'd prefer something more "elegant", however I just wanted to get the demo out. :)

Thanks for sharing. I think you're right, I'll probably make it a little easier in the future.

No your footage is fine, I'm talking about some level design issues.

Thank you, happy to hear you loved it!

Thanks! :)

Thanks for sharing, I'll look into it.

Thanks for sharing your footage! Glad you had some fun!

Haha thank you! Glad you had some headbanging fun!

Thanks! Happy to hear you loved the music!

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Metroid was a big inspiration! Glad you liked it!

Thank you!