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Welcome to Mini Jam 11th edition Harvest!

Mini jam is an open studio game jam for independent game developers.

(that means you can use any game engine you want!)

This jam's theme is Harvest. Feel free to interpret  the theme however you want.


The limitation of Mini Jam 11th Edition is...


This means that no text, or Images containing text will be allowed in game. Find other methods to teach your players how to play. This Limitation applies to the description of your game as well.

Thanks to our partner, Bit-Studio, we can now give the winner of Mini Jam 11th edition a prize!!! The winner will get an article on!

Bit-Studio is a french website that presents every Thursday a new promising computer project made by enthusiasts.

The goal is to help young developers to publicize their works and for visitors to discover real gems.

Don't be a jerk.

Keep game content family friendly.

Make sure that all assets used you either own, or have permission to use.

Make sure that you follow the limitations given.

Any irrelevant games to the limitation or theme will be removed.

Read the rules.

Have fun.

Click here to join the mini jam discord server.

All events will be posted on the discord server, so be sure to join.

Crowd Forge is a place where you can find partners for various open-source projects.

Click here, to go to the crowd forge site.

No seriously, use crowd forge if your going to have a team in Mini Jam!


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Catch the falling egg!
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Mini jam 11 submission
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Game made for Mini Jam 11: Harvest - No Text
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Your Corn Has Ligma, Also this is for the mini jam 11, the theme was harvest and the limitation was no text.
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Protect your crop from animals
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A game about farming on Mars. Precursor to Red Planet Farming.
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