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Prone Playing Panda

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10/10 best jam game I played in a while. At first it doesn't seem big, but already at the second round I caught me having more fun than I expected. Even when you just defend the corn in the corners it is hard enough. What I really like is the overall picture, everything fits together. I got 11 popcorns after 2 tries and will try it tomorrow, when I have more time, again.

Thank you very much :)

Hey there, way better with the visual feedback improvements. Even my wife understood now what happens ;)

Thank you :) It is a one liner, which creates a somehow 3D effect. Small bright points (the dust) are faster than small dark points and bigger points (the stars) are always slower than small points.

Thank you :)

You should upload it to as a new game and post the itch link. Dropbox will not be that good for this case.

Ah true, totally forgot it, since I started so late with the jam >.<

They used #100LinesJam

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Yes, please also answer to the question, whether we have to use brackets for one lining if statements.

Something like:

if(keyboard_check(ord("W")) then y-=2;


The german translation is well done! :)