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A jam submission

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Mini jam 11 submission
Submitted by phillip (@__phillip) — 12 minutes, 25 seconds before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Game design#33.5453.545
Respect of the limitations#44.9094.909
Game play#43.7273.727
Sound effects#63.1823.182

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

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Software Used
Game Maker Studio 2

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I like the idea and execution, but it needs something more. As it is, there is a clear an obvious strategy of planting with 1 square spaces, since bombs don't take out anything and you really don't have time to plant any more. If I were to remake this game, I'd probably remove the time element and try to make it into a minesweeper type strategy game. I'd probably add some special flower that grants extra points, but only grows if there are at least 4 other flowers near it. This would add more things to consider and make the game-play more complex.

I like the way the controls were presented to the player and although it took me a few rounds to figure out what exactly was the point of the game, I think it doesn't need a tutorial. I like the pixel art; it's very clean and you can tell apart the different objects from each other easily.

I disliked the fact that the bomb flowers kill you, but I guess it makes sense. I just felt that it doesn't fit. I would also make the movement square-based, since there is no reason for you to stand in between the squares - it just makes it frustrating when you try to plant/harvest but can't.

Overall, this is a decent entry to the jam and I enjoyed playing it for a few minutes. Good luck in future jams! :)

Screenshot of the strategy: 


Thanks for your comment Viliam! I saw you’re post in the community and I admire your dedication to play every game and leave feedback, I think that’s amazing. Everything you say is very valid and moving forward I will be doing a lot of experimenting and keep everything you have said in mind. I’m hoping to make a post jam version at some point. 


It's a very cute game!


Thank you Cosmo! I named it Kauai because I thought It was pretty cute (cute in Japanese is kawaii ) but I chose the Hawaiin island spelling because you’re on an island. Still not sure which one I should go with but I’m glad someone else thought it was cute. Thanks again! 


Great job on making this game. It can easily hook people. Needed some kind of end goal though. The visual instructions were perfect and gameplay is easy to get in to.


Thank you for the feedback Akusan! I was definitely struggling to find an end goal for the player to work towards but I couldn’t find anything I was satisfied with before time ran out. There is hardly any risk and no rewards. I’ll make sure to keep thinking about it. Thanks for playing! 


you can always do the classic score and leaderboards. Then make the time go faster and faster and maybe more bombs spawning


For sure! I could totally tap into the arcade side and see how far it could go. 

Developer (1 edit)

Hey everyone ran into some major errors with the HTML5 port and I am working to fix it asap. Sorry!

Edit: HTML5 version is fixed and uploaded!