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Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych

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Created a new topic Known issues on Linux
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I'm testing Cosmic Everyday on a real Ubuntu 16 machine. For now, it has the following platform-specific issues:

  • It requires a key/password for encoding its database or so. I'm not sure if it is even a bug, though, because I'm not an experienced Linux user :/ also the app's database hasn't encoding, at least for now. If you have any ideas, tell about it!
  • Auto-launch doesn't work yet.
  • If you close the window, you will be able to reopen it with global hotkey only (ctrl + shift + e), but not via tray icon.

Please report here if you see something unexpented that is not included in this list.

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Yeah, it's a Game Development section, but there isn't 'Software Development' one, and I hope my announcement suits here better.

itch.io page

Cosmic Everyday is my app aimed at planning personal projects, implementing them and solving everyday tasks. It will suit many people who work in the digital space — freelancers, game developers and software developers, bloggers and many others. To me, as a game developer, it helps a lot. It also aids developing the Cosmic Everyday itself and studying in university.

For now, Cosmic Everyday includes kanban boards (like those in Trello), a drawing tool, a pomodoro-time-tracker, a calendar and jumbles (stores of random information). In the future, I hope to add synchronization between devices and, perhaps, a mobile application. Also, there are plans to add new components and integration, polish the available components. The current roadmap can be found in the Cosmic Everyday community.

Cosmic Everyday supports:

  • Linux;
  • OSX;
  • Windows 7+;

It also has Russian and English locales.


itch.io page

I recommend you to install it with itch.io app, so you will receive Cosmic Everyday's updates automagically. 

What about games in early access?? I mean, about very-very early ones, when a game is released after a half of a year after development. I would like to make a game page with a really small demo, but big ambitions, in order to gather a community. And I'm worried: will it be shown in latest games section when it will be actually? Will it be featured on itch.io's home page? What about sales highlight?


My 2 cents: we have a Release date in Game Project -> Metadata -> Release Info. This can be forced to be filled by project creator, disallowing the creator to change Release date after it comes.


Could you allow the video to be shown on itch.io so others would watch it from game's page?

Btw I hope I will release a Highlight game in two-three months, a game with more narrative-focused and parkour-styled gameplay. Then I'll be creating the world of Afterlight as it should be created :) Don't forget to follow me on itch.io to be notified when a new game releases ;)

Here is a little sneak-peek of what I'm doing:

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Cows are broken D:

Another bug: cows can be stuck in certain locations. They can't eat grass normally in an outlined area.

Cows get `stuck` if they cross an invisible region vaguely marked with yellow. I can move them outside this region and they begin eat as normal, untill they hang up again there. The cows to the right don't suffer of such reasons at all, and that's why there are twice as more cows there :D

They also can be stuck after eating straw if it was placed outside a grass field. But it happens randomly, at 50% chance or less, but it can't be unnoticed.

And, yet another bug: after some time, all the cows begin to fear the straw! O_O They come closer to it and then dash back like it was some kind of threat. Then they begin to eat simple grass nearby. It doesn't happen randomly and this is a constant behavior. But I can't determine when exactly cows get strawphobia.

Also there is another junky material besides stones — nuts. They are piling up as high as trees grow.

Developers might add some kind of... Nuttella XD so nuts can be used to feed that 'folks'.

It is impossible to unlock new regions with bridges. I can't reveal a new map chunk while standing on a bridge, and I also can't build a bridge in the dark area.

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My robots still place cereal seeds everywhere.

Looks like sometimes 3 seeds are generated instead of 2, and they hop into their hands, and... other magic stuff happens.

Possibly those robots that plant seeds sometimes can't plant them in time because of recharge, and then they drop their seeds they couldn't plant on the ground.

Created a new topic Roadmap
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  • Device synchronization;
  • Labels editor;
  • Card filter in Notebooks (by date & labels);
  • Integrate Sketcher and Card editor;
  • Small time tracker panel floating on the top of the screen while working  with pomodoro tracker;
  • Better homepage:
    • 'jumbles' widget;
    • quick to-dos;
    • time-tracker panel;
    • better responsibility to different screens;
    • customization.
  • Add option to integrate notebooks from other services, like Trello, Github/Gitlab/Bitbucket issues.
    • Actually, I want to create a way to embed different web apps into Cosmic Everyday to make sure everything stays in one place.
Created a new topic Your ideas and suggestions :)

Post your suggestions here ;)

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What if my laptop doesn't have a working battery? Could you add a manual switch for dead batteries and PCs?

It's strange, but switching GPU helped me. Thanks!

I can't pass through tentacle part :c the red noise stays forever.


You are very welcome to make gameplay recordings and even to place them here :)

Actually there is no PM on itch.io yet, but many developers (like me) put contact information on their profile pages.

(Edited 2 times)

It should be Linux-x86_64 package. Make sure there are no special (non-ascii) characters in game's full path — desktop folder suits well. There may be some Paper2D errors but such can be easily ignored 'cause game doesn't use Paper2D at all =) I'll try running the game on x32 VM asap.

Edit: it turned out that the game engine I use (Unreal Engine 4) doesn't support 32-bit Linux OS at all. Unfortunately, it's not what I can change, so there will not be 32-bit binaries.

Btw I googled a bit and it turned out that new versions of Wine are capable of running UE4 games like Mass Effect 1-2-3 :/

I've just added a Linux version 🎉 Please let me know if something goes wrong.

Btw I plan an update with bosses, new guns and more fun =) hope it will be done in one-two weeks

Good news: I've compiled my Afterlight game for linux! If everything goes well on other machines (I saw only scary bugs on my VM, but my friend told it's all okay), I will do the same for Bitmaster \( ' o ' )/

Hi, I can't tell if the game is playable on Wine (just because there are no spare computers for Linux), but I hope there will be linux packages in near future. I'm still trying to make the linux toolchain work, but it turned to be harder than I thought.

You can subscribe to my profile to be notified of any future game updates.

Thank you for such a detailed review! :3