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Cosmo Myzrail Gorynych

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Good memory! Still better make a screenshot next time ;)

The current JS compressor is indeed old and doesn't support ES6 (shame on UglifyJS) that is quite widely used in ct.js. Anyway I plan to replace it with Google Closure Compiler while adding a packing-to-executables feature. Maybe I'll release GCC integration as a hotfix this week.

Hello there,

I fixed it on my side, but the next release will be at nearest on the next week.
Still, this panel:

is just a preview and doesn't affect the actual project. The real animation speed is set by code. You can write this line of code to the 'On Create' tab to set an animation speed for a specific type:

this.imgspd = 15 / ct.speed;

Here '15' is a desired number of frames per second. This field and others may be also found in the docs > ct.types > Copies' parameters.

Nothing ever goes from A to B without incidents during the game development :D Learning is the best gift during game jams.

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dialogues O_O

It would be cool if they appeared as a bit smaller text beneath the Lucia, and didn't block the movement. Also some music and SFX would be cool. I recommend using Jukedeck for music (generate ambient music like this in 1 click) and using something like rFXGen for 8-bit-ish sound effects. Btw that's what helped create sounds and music for my entry :3

At this point, the story of Lucia is short and uncertain, though intriguing and quite atmospheric. I hope you will continue this game!

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Wizards had really tough times in 1970s!

I wish there was cycling through the recent commands by pressing up/down arrows, like it is in contemporary terminals :D And either I have a little patience or there isn't any progression in the game??

I just understood that I have a game installed on my Android that uses your assets! It is called Dungeon Cards, and is a card-based dungeon crawler. And I thought why that sprites in the game looked so familiar XD

Done! ^-^

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Ct.js is my very own, piping hot game editor. It features visual tools for resource editing, integrated code editor with error checks, good documentation and ease of extensibility. Ct.js is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Ct.js is suitable for creating different 2D games, and there are some demos already. Its library is highly extensible, and new functions can be added or removed just in one click. You write your code in JavaScript, and projects are exported as browser games.

Get it now on itch.io

Official, external website 

More screenshots

Right click, 'Open Image' to enlarge

ct.js community · Created a new topic Bug thread

If you face a bug, please post about it here,

  • telling when and after which actions you got the bug so I can reproduce it on my side;
  • posting a screenshot (if possible);
  • telling whether the bug happens in a new, clean project;
  • telling which version of ct.js you have and on which platform.

You can find the version number on the app's starting screen, at the bottom of the screen.

ct.js community · Created a new topic Roadmap
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This is a list of short-term plans for ct.js:

  • add a module ct.sound.howler which will replace a standard sound API with howler.js, which is a more modern and flexible sound implementation for larger games. This will be a non-breaking change. Done.
  • update keyboard API to conform with modern standards. The current one is deprecated, so await breaking changes. Done, awaits release;
  • support Google Fonts in styles editor;
  • come up with how to keep catmods updated and easily distributable.

Long-term plans:

  • additions to room editor for tiled maps;
  • primitive UI editor.
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Make sure you have at least these in your source db:

  • one time tracker record;
  • one jumble with one or more cards in it,

and try again. Let me know if it works so I can confidently fix the potentially buggy code.

Oh my, too perfect, now I regret making 3D games and software

There is no automated way to do this, but if you want to do this with git, I would recommend exporting your database in settings and re-importing it when the data is updated. It has a replication model so you won't lose your data added after your last commit (new cards, jumbles), but any conflicts like edited cards on both repos will just resolve themselves to the newest version. It should also work with Dropbox, Google Drive and other fanciness, but git is probably better as it has a more transparent file history.

Not all data is replicated; sketcher images, docker and todos on the homepage are stored outside the main db. Also bear in mind that all the kanbans and jumbles are exported/replicated, potentially including your passwords or some sensitive information.

Hope it helps.


I'll look into it and try to fix it in the next release

As new features come to Cosmic Everyday, new terms and sentences extend its vocabulary. If there isn't some strings in current vocabulary file, Cosmic Everyday will fallback to English language, but it is always better to keep these vocabularies up-to-date. So here I will log all the changes in vocabularies till I don't create my own cloud server for translations or find a better alternative.

All the translations besides English and Russian ones are community-driven. You can find some info about creating new translations here, or proof-read an existing English version.

Red means that a line was deleted, green — that it was added.



-> "settings":

-> "kanbans":

Hey guys 'n gals, what do you think about creating a Discord server for CE?

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I'm running clean tests on Windows now and have found a source of 404 issue. I hope I'll be able to fix it today.

Basically that error tells that other components have failed to open a notebook because it was deleted, but it is harmless, 'cause a new notebook will be created in case there are no notebooks left.

Edit: 404 errors are fixed. New release will be published this week, aaand probably it will happentomorrow.

Thank you for your contribution, Team Nova!

For now, try navigating to that folder and launch CosmicEveryday by typing `./CosmicEveryday` in your console.

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Hey Nicolas,

Which kind of tasks don't appear? Do you mean the ones that are created in each card (the Task section), or when you are marking the whole list as a task list in a hamburger menu? The latter one does have issues and I've identified its source.

Quick tests show that the 'My day' view is affected by new time-tracker records :/ I see it now. Fixed.

Edit: marking the whole list as a task list now works again. Adding and tracking tasks in cards should work as is.

This seems to be a Windows-specific issue as Linux users don't face any issues (including me, fresh install). If this issue prevents you from using Cosmic Everyday, try temporarily disabling Windows Defender and other stuff. It might also be a little, harmless one-time glitch while initial setup.

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You should be able to download previous versions via itch.io client. I will also create a Google Drive folder for you soon.

Edit: the google drive folder

Yeah, something broke during the development process. Hope I'll get time for Cosmic Everyday during this month and on holidays :c

I'm starting a new job and won't be allowed to have a side hustle

Please make sure that this is legal to restrict such an activity by an employment contract in your country. As usual, such things that are out of job time are the things out of any corporate influence. Anyway, this sounds like a quite crappy condition :c

Good luck! I wish all your plans will eventually be fulfilled.

Truthly, I had little time to work on CE :c I played around database-specific code and I can't reproduce such an error on a clean Linux start on my current version. Anyway, there is much work to do for a next release, and it still needs to be tested on Windows.

Unfortunately, this is not quite a lot of information to find the root of the issue :| 

I will test CE on a clean install on Windows though.

Does this error affect CE's functionality? Do your changes remain after restart??

Hey @buba, could you also get your system's language code? Here's how to do so:

  1. open Chrome / Firefox / any other good browser;
  2. press F12 to open the dev panel; click on a 'console' tab if it is not active;
  3. write navigator.language and hit enter;
  4. write the results here :)

It should look somewhat like this:

With this code I'll be able to set a rule so that Pt-BR will be chosen automatically if a new user's system language is Portuguese.

Hardcoded stuff

The 'Quick Tasks' title is set on the first CE's launch and then it is up to users to change it, so yes, it is in English just because the default language was English.

I added calendar translations, and they will work in a next release.

Database error

I can't reproduce it on my end, do you have some specific steps on it? Does it affect CE's functionality then?


Notebook/jumble deletion — I've added it to my tasks; will get it done soon! I think a context menu will work good.

Multiple sketches — I've added it to the tasks too, but this one is bigger and probably will be done much later. For now you can save your sketches to your local drive with 'export' button.

I added Pt-BR translation and uploaded a patch. It will be automatically installed if you are using itch.io client, but this patch is not marked as a new version and won't tell about updates outside itch. Anyway, new users will get your translation.

Thank you!

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Hmm, it's strange. Normally Cosmic Everyday doesn't check for updates if it was installed via itch.io app. The update metadata is flawed, though, too, and I will fix it in a nearest hour (edit: done).

Please tell the path where CE is installed and is there an 'itch' folder in it. You can find the folder from itch.io app here: 

I also recommend you to try checking for updates in the itch.io client again; CE is not intended to be updated from this dialog on itch.

Oh wow, this is awesome! I'll test it out and make a quick patch for it. For now you can test language files like told there: https://itch.io/post/255042

If you notice something that is not controlled by language files, just make a screenshot and upload it here.

(2 edits)

I did some research on syncing databases and managed to do basic database import/export function. It is not syncing yet, but it works like replication, meaning that it can be used many times to renew an existing database without any duplicates or so.

So, if I provide a way to automate these imports/exports, we can get poor man's synchronization with dropbox XD It is more safe than hosting all the user data in a shared folder.

Whoops! πŸ˜…

I fixed it; the fix will be included in the next release.

Thank you for reporting!

Hey LoubiTek, any news on your translation??

Not yet. What kind of widgets would you create??

(1 edit)

I backlogged your suggestion about Ctrl+Shift+E. Maybe will do it this week.

Device sync is what I would love to add too, but for now I have to prepare for exams, so will probably start working on it a month later :c

Using cloud drives is too dangerous because if something is changed (uploaded) from two or more devices in approximately the same time, it will cause conflicts that will be unresolvable by Cosmic Everyday. I think that using bittorrent protocol will be more useful.

If you want me to send you the files, tell me.

I would like to πŸ˜„

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I have an issue O_O

The game can't be replayed, it hangs up with a black screen before showing the Sheepolution logo.

Edit: It seems that the issue is related to browser's sessionStorage. If I open a game from a new tab, it works. If I just refresh the page, it doesn't.

They are described here. Language can now be switched immediately, and if some parts of JSON were not translated, they will be taken from English translation.

But is order important?

Order in code defines visual order in Cosmic Everyday only, but I recommend English alphabetical order for language codes just because they are usually laid in such order.

However, once I click above an error is generated.
A problem with the json file.

Seems like you missed some quotes. JSON files need their keys and string values be enclosed with double quotes, and values should be separated from each other with commas.

You may use a DuckDuckGo's JSON validator to check your translation for such errors online. Here I missed a comma (in a highlighted area) and it told me where exactly an error goes:

You may also use some free code editors like Atom, which highlight errors on-the-fly:

A-a-a-a-a-and I decided to release a new version. It has some tweaks with tray icon — please tell if you are still facing some issues on Win10 ;)

Btw I improved localization system to aid your translation.