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You will probably need to make a base palette here, then download it as a big PNG image, then tweak it in your image editor of choice ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

This tool works perfectly till this day. As it turned out in Discord server, the user wanted automatic translations. And no, free automatic translations are not a thing.

JSONBabel is made for authored translations.

Hey, I can no longer sell on due to all that political bullshit between Russian and the rest of the world, thus all payments are disabled on my whole account, with free products available as is and paid ones having no downloads. I’ve also been distributing this game through a publisher, so I don’t know details about Groupees bundles. Don’t you also have a Steam key??

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Also YES, CoffeeScript is great at teaching you how not to cram everything into one-liners 💪

But for simple logic expressions like the one you mentioned, this is just something programmers are expected to just learn early on.

Or they simply don’t question it at all. Of course, when in doubt, you would use parentheses, but otherwise, statements in CoffeeScript follow the logic of regular speech. if not invincible and hp <= 0 reads naturally and evaluates in an intuitive, expected manner.

IDK details as I’m fairly new there, but yeah, the majority of users there are definitely video game developers!

Wow, what a catalogue you have! I’m glad my guide was helpful for you!

If you copy regular hex colors, you get colors tuned for sRGB space.

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There is little challenge in walking in circles. It was more a puzzle (remember about the medallion, understand what is needed to defeat ghosts) than a challenge, as ghosts are easy to dodge as they tend to walk into each other and form a small blob of death.

And as it still has a puzzle element, I would not add a skip button. But yes, something must be done with this part of the game as I do see how it can disengage people. Maybe you can make ghosts more interesting instead.

XD That was neat!

I think the ghost-chasing part should be muuuch more shorter. Running in circles for minutes is not fun! Maybe each ghost will be able to take just one “hit”, and create a visual effect or something to be more intuitive.

Again, This game is almost 4 years old and doesn’t reflect the contemporary API. Learn from the built-in ct.js demos or ask questions in our Discord server!

This game is almost 4 years old and doesn’t reflect the contemporary API. Learn from the built-in ct.js demos or ask questions in our Discord server!

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WOOOOOW! 💜_💜 I’m speechless! just… like… idk what to comment, this pack is probably the best synthwave I’ve heard during my life!

I’ve updated the CSS code due to recent changes!

I’ve updated the CSS code for the header as has changed its layout a bit!


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Could you make terrain tiles without outlines? It will make the look much less noisy, highlighting only gameplay-related sprites.

Also, please do not use rar file format as it is a proprietary one and requires extra software. zip format is the best.

Thank you <3 I think they will incorporate into ct.js set nicely!

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An NPC: Beat my timed game!
(my wooden lock game appears)

This brings peace to my restless heart.


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You know,









I liked it a lot. Reminded me of Ziggurat shooter, and it is a cool kind of games. You need more aggressive enemies and a jump :D Also you can write to me for any kind of help, and I mean literally anything.

Hey, what’s the license for this and this asset packs?

There is a visual sonar thingy that pulses every few seconds towards the nearest unexplored planet, going outwards from your ship.

Precise values: I’m not sure what you mean. You can pick values at any time by clicking a swatch in the middle panel and copying codes in the right column.

Export as an image: Ok, and for now you can take a screenshot :D

Master palette: increase the number of tones (left column, almost at the bottom).


  • Specify a hue range for analogous color schemes. See the Green Hell example.
  • Set a lightness curve to get more dark/light/low-contrast colors in your palette. Helps with color transitions in darker/lighter areas of your designs. See Aseprite++, Green Hell, Neon Throne, Fusions examples.
  • Controls are reordered/regrouped/renamed a bit.

Nice! Looks good and feels polished enough. Would be cool if you could observe the map again before making the spell.

It works for me. Could you try it again? Or maybe try a different browser?

Every game runs on an HTML page. What do you mean in particular? What do you want to achieve?

Hard af

Yup. The mockup in the screenshot was made in ct.js (: