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but then I realized that you broke the game

Niiice XD

Regarding the lamps and breadcrumbs, a different-colored stone path could lead to some interesting places and the switch. Some composition of rocks that bend one's attention to some point could be a good choice too. I went to the top of a pillar because a glance on the desert around me revealed nothing interesting: there were just sand dunes all around me.

I also recommend you to watch some GDC talks about level design, e.g. this one about interior design, or this one. There are much more, actually, but can't find the best of the best :D

Unfortunately, graphics are buggy in the linux build, but now I have some glitchy screenshots for my desktop

Those "hints" that break the game flow and cover the whole screen, make you miss jumps and can even break the game if you manage to die between the first and second "hint" are freaking me. I'm furious.

Some things that can be improved:

  • The cave at the beginning could lead to the river, too, as visiting it occurred to be a waste of time. If it had some story, then I didn't get it X(
  • The column that leads to the dragon's head could have a large bevel or a breakaway at the end to ease the climbing. I almost gave up as I couldn't get to the top of the pillar and thought that visiting this vista was a wrong way, but thankfully I hopped not in the void but on a correct boulder.
  • Jumping into a random canyon (that is after the dragon's head) looks wrong. Simple stairs could remove this confusion and tell a player that going there is the right way.
  • Lamps could be placed in a more meaningful way, making breadcrumbs that don't let the player to get lost.
  • Though it is quite extra for a jam game, but having a FOV adjust would be a good addition. I feel bad at default 60Β°, I get lost easily at anything below 110Β° Xd
  • Vines at the river don't provide any feedback and made me just pull them quickly in random order. Glyphs near them could be used as hints, especially the eye. For now, eyes don't guide you, they are misleading :(
  • I also noticed a flying shrub in the starting cave.

TL;DR: Navigation is vital! And feedback is as well.

In any way, it was a neat calm experience. It's a pity that a crappy project took away (probably by illegal means) your 1st place. (And my 5th, welp.) I suppose that you planned something more awesome behind the final door and I understand that making 3D games is a hard work that requires more time investments than 2D ones, but polishing it and adding a bit more of a story will result into a really cool game in your portfolio. So... never give up na na na XD

Though I missed the voting period of the jam, you have my β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜… at the project's page.

I surely should have made in-space experience better. Drawbacks of an over-ambiguous project that was made in less than three days Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

But on planets? Going here and there, bumping with your robotic head into obstacles being in almost complete darkness is a part of experience XD And if seriously, along the plot, you need to search for unknown artifacts by exploring abandoned stations, so I see on-planet pointers or UI hints unsuitable. I feel that it is better to push a player towards exploration (which is rewarding as all the sideways grant prrrecious crystals).

Thank you for such a detailed review!

Have you tried reloading the game?? Bc I use Chrome on linux as well

I hope I'll solve the issue with a mad camera soon :\

Unfortunately, I had no such issues while developing it, and when I started receiving all those issue messages I had no opportunity to debug the game and update the entry D: I hope it is still cool to manipulate a flying jackhammer XD

Well, you missed a lot D: Your ship constantly emits pink sonar waves, that points towards unanalysed planets.

I can't describe my feelings about this game, but you have another β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…β˜…, from me :D

The bar has flipped normals on its ceiling and floor and they are invisible in game engine, but besides that, this scene is awesome.

The roadmap is now available at ct.js site.


(1 edit)

Hello Minifun,

There were no plans for that as ct.js is based on nw.js that doesn't officially support ARM platfroms. I release all the binaries provided by nw.js team.

Still, it seems that there is a way to run nw.js on ARM platforms: (actual binaries are in the "Releases" tab)
Using it might be as simple as replacing binaries in ct.js for linux with binaries for ARM. Try it, and tell about results soon. Maybe it will work without problems and can be included on par with other ct.js releases. Maybe it is not suitable at all as I know nothing about Raspberry and its support for processors Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

What a heartwarming comment ^-^

Nodes can be deleted using the Delete key on your keyboard. Other functions are absent (yet), and I currently don't have much spare time to make them real.


It requires an enormous amount of work, otherwise, it will be a mediocre limiting crap similar to Scratch. Scratch-like languages seen in YoYo Game Maker or Construct give no value, because they are just a line-by-line graphic/text representation of real code. JS is already easy to learn and is infinitely deep, so I would not add another language that will be thrown away by a user after two-three weeks of use, but would rather gradually teach a user how to code on js.

If we're talking about a holy grail similar to Unreal Engine's blueprints, a bunch of delicate questions appears. What about modules? What happens if one was removed/added? How to preserve JS flexibility and its prototype-based typing? What about purely JS, not-ct-targeted libraries? And, yeah, it requires even more work to be put into.

Not actually.

Though each "next" version is a fully-working IDE, each new one brings a bunch of breaking changes, and they all are incompatible with v 0.x. The next-2 has breaking changes in ct.fittoscreen module and camera variables. The next-3, or, maybe, the future release version will probably have breaking changes on how you manage graphics assets, though I will try to make these changes minimal for an end user.

Regarding its release cycle, I post updates as new major features come, similar to how Epic Games pushes its preview versions of Unreal Engine.

This is a planned feature. For now, you can only set a copy's scale.

Ugh, I'm in hurry and miss some things.

The license text is in the hamburger menu in ct.ide itself.

I won't open-source the engine, at least for now Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― But still I would like to get some help.

If you are willing to contribute to IDE, please contact me on Discord or at Telegram (@CoMiGo). I have a repo, automatic build pipeline, linters and stuff, so everything is ready for collaborative development.

Hi MelinSa,

In the next version of CE, time tracker will be launched from within the card viewer, and elapsed time will be automatically accounted on the card that initiated the pomodoro timer. It works in exactly the opposite direction if compared to your approach, but I hope it solves the common problem :D

There is no ETA for this version, though :( There is still much to do.

Yes, everything is clumsy and made in a weird way. This game was coded in 3 hours and I hadn't time for all that improvements

(1 edit)

Ok, so today I've set up a VM with Mojave, but was able to run a simple project and compile examples on v1.0 (though I don't have any additional video support and what I get is a flickering black screen :D but I can see that game logic runs and can interact with it).

I just downloaded ct.js for mac from the official site and run it from within Downloads folder.

Do you run v1? What else is written if you open the dev tools with the context menu? Any other info you can provide?

1st and 2nd: Thanks for reporting, I fixed it and these changes will come in a nearest update.

3rd, the license: I'm not a lawyer either Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― So creating a license is a way of trial and error for me.

But it is meant that the engine files combined with yours ones are licensed under your own terms:

I will think about how to make this section more clear and readable. Actually, there are four entities: ct.IDE, the Software, the ct.js library (the engine), Your Content and user-made modules (aka catmods). ct.IDE is immutable, the ct.js lib is ok to edit, and your content and user-generated modules should be licensed by their makers.

3rd again, the OSS: the main reason that it is not open-source is that everyone wants money ✨ and I would like to monetize ct.js in some way, but also in a non-restricting (for users) one. I understand that FOSS can be monetized, too, by rewards, pledges, Patreon, donations and stuff, but this all is new to me and I'm unsure on how to do it properly. So it is not actually about licensing, as I can make my own license if I need, or just go with GPL-3.

I will make it FOSS when I will think I'm ready, but not now. Maybe it will be OSS some day, maybe it will never ever be. If you have such experience and have a story to tell, you can speed up this process.

(1 edit)

Yes, these versions are slightly different, especially when it comes to drawing things. Also, some variable names differ, too. Besides that, games made in v1.0 are much, much faster than those that were built in v0.5.2.

As you are a new ct.js user, I recommend you to start using new ct.js v1.0 from the alpha channel, as it is a fully usable product: it has its own separate docs and tutorials, examples adapted to the new version. I also migrate some of my games and haven't seen any issues.

Thank you, SirePi!

I think so too, but for that I need to make data sync first.

I added a notice to my backlog so it doesn't slip out of sight

Oh no, you can't be added to Discord friends so easily bc of your privacy settings Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―
My tag is CoMiGo#7821

No and never thought about it.

THIS WORLD IS MIIINE *Kerrigan noises*

I even infested the skyyyyyy *screeches*

This game needs ending! And more content, maybe just more cities will be enough. They could be added to the existing world as other flying islands, and new enemies could include helicopters, tanks, military ships that require more vines to be totally disabled. Respawning enemies can also be a good balancer.

Aaand there should be a little notice that you do can eliminate firethrowers, as my first run ended with a fully infested city and untouched firethrowers :b

And the more buildings and links I have, the more popups become irresponsible untill they fully disappear on uninfested houses.

Great, I'm sold.

Do you have a telegram account or discord one?

OMG I forgot to credit font designers! Indeed it is your BitPotion. Thank you for this lovely font!

Regarding the sounds, I thought that the wave sounds were the most successful and life-like :|

(1 edit)

You mean storing personal settings and stuff to ct.js folder? Projects are saved inside the ct.js folder, and these projects may be moved freely.

Whoops, wrong community.

Ok, I added this to my backlog. Maybe I will implement this feature after v1.0 release. Follow the dev news at Discord.

Um, have you installed ct.js in your system in some way? I haven't faced handling such apps on macs before and thought that the app will be just extracted to some folder. And could use some more information to help mitigate this problem in future versions of ct.

And yes, you can copy your project to any directory and open it with a Browse button on the starting screen. As a workaround, here is an empty ct.js project:

PARRRTY TIIIME πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€ Hell yeah!

Ok. I'm currently optimizing collisions in my engine, so it should be much faster the next time.

The game can be downloaded with the app and be played offline. My editor can't pack games to executables yet Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

Well, it seems that there is still a limit to browser speed. :c

I checked the issue and it is mainly because of collision checks (there are too many itty-bitty tiles that should be calculated) and some advanced AI magic. It is indeed more applicable to the second level than to the first/third.

Also it seems that Chrome runs the game faster than Firefox.