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Indexing player count for multiplayer games

A topic by leafo created Jan 04, 2024 Views: 1,108 Replies: 12
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We’ve implemented some minor changes to our browse pages for multiplayer games. We want to make it easier for you to find multiplayer games when you know the number of players you have. When filtering on a tag that suggests multiplayer (e.g. local-multiplayer, or multiplayer), you will notice the following adjustments to your browsing experience:

In the sidebar, you can now filter projects based on the specific number of players supported:


Each game displayed will show the suggested player count range as provided by the developer:


Note that due to a bug with how our system asked for the player count, there are likely many multiplayer games that are currently missing player count information. Please allow some time to elapse for developers to update their pages accordingly.

For developers:

  1. You can now set the minimum and maximum player counts on your ‘Metadata > Classification’ page, regardless of other classifications set. Previously, this was only visible for ‘local multiplayer’ games, which was likely due to a bug.
  2. If you have classified your game as multiplayer via the Multiplayer classification or by using multiplayer tags such as multiplayer, local-multiplayer, etc. you will be prompted to add player counts on your dashboard above the project’s row.



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This is great! Does it allow me to pick, for example, 2+ as my player count, and can I see that information on my game’s page somewhere?

Thank you!

yes you can set it 2+ and you can't see it on the game page, but i guess they will add it later


you can set it to 0 lol

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Free-to-play mobile games be like


btw 2 search updates in a row, does that mean you will be focusing on searchability?

The requirement to set a maximum, limited to 255, seems flawed for larger games, even if they are far and few between on

For example, Old School RuneScape permits 2000 players per server, and these servers are interconnected to allow the exchanging of messages and trading of goods between them. There'd be no way to attach accurate metadata for that type of game on

It would be more appropriate to be able to set "1 or more players" for games where the limit is either unclear (e.g. you don't know how many players it takes to break the server) or high enough that it isn't impactful (e.g. your game may support LAN parties of up to 2^16 players, but no-one is at risk of hitting the limit).

Additionally, I'm unsure on the use case for being able to set the minimum player count as 0. Maybe if it plays itself, like an attract mode?

In any case, for local multiplayer games in particular that are likely to only support 2, 4 players (additional thought: a game might not support 3 players, e.g. if it requires two teams of 2, but a range doesn't let you express that) I can see this being useful for people browsing the catalogue.

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Is there any reason this seems to be unavailable for Physical games? They also have player counts, and it would be useful to be able to search them. 

In fact, it'd really be kinda handy to have this not tied to the Multiplayer/Local multplayer tags at all, and just available all the time?

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This classification is available for physical games as well. We currently don’t display it in the sidebar during browsing since there are some other player count relevant tags that are commonly used by physical game creators. As more developers start classifying with the updated system then we may change what filters we display.

You can trigger the filter to manually display by adding a player count to the URL, eg.

Two player seems to work with the method you describe, but not four player (I tried both  and ? This doesn't feel like it's working. =/


Use the sidebar filter widget that appears from the two player link so you can see the URLs for all the other options.

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