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Thank you, me too! 😊

I saw this ’jam very late in the piece, but the deadline was extended, so I made a thing! 🤩

Thank you! I never thought it could be used for journaling, so that is really neat! And you’re welcome. I hope you enjoy it 🥰

I appreciate your thoughts on the prompts. It was tricky to think of them broadly, but perhaps they still need to be broader still. I do have a visual update coming soon, and I had already tweaked the wording of a few prompts for it, but that was done before your comment here, so unfortunately new prompts won’t make it in to that. However, I will keep your feedback in mind for if I do update the prompts later on!

Oh, embroidered patches would be so nice to see for this, and really make it live up to its namesake! 🤩

Thank you, that means a lot to me! I was hoping that it could be used in a variety of games of all kinds. 🥰 If you do ever get to use it in one of your games, I would love to hear your stories about how it went!

I love this 💖 it’s like a friendly newspaper page about game design and inside thoughts

This is so cute and I love it. I always love the evocative, emotional games and experiences you create, and this one really fits in with your style. Thank you for making this ❤️‍🩹

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This is quite a fun little deep space campaign game. I particularly like the choose-your-damage feature where you can pick which modules get upgraded or damaged with each roll! It’s a neat way to manage risk and reward over the course of your voyage.

I was able to make my first jump after 33 rounds by wrecking one of my ships (scoring lots of points due to the upgrade card I drew at the start of the game). I’ll continue my campaign once I have done some more real-life stuff.

Thank you for making this, especially with the digital play space!

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This is great! Does it allow me to pick, for example, 2+ as my player count, and can I see that information on my game’s page somewhere?

Thank you!

This was a fun experience! I was a bit thrown when skeletons spawned in front of me and I backed away to fall off into oblivion, but overall I enjoyed the fast-paced gameplay and silly skeletons. Thank you for making this!

Ohhhh, now that’s neat! 🤩 I will ponder this… 🥰

Muito obrigado 🥰

(I tried to translate “thank you very much” into Portuguese using Google Translate and hope it came out ok!)

Thank you for the tutorial! I would really love some instructions here for what the controls are to move the view around. Thanks again! 😊

Thank you for the really great blog post and concept! 😊 This is such a great way to support those in our community who are struggling. I’ve added Community Copies to every one of my paid games to make them all more accessible to those in want or need. 💖

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Thank you for sharing this! I have been looking at your other games and itchio projects and you’ve got some amazing things there! 🤩

Thank you, it makes me happy to hear you say that! That’s a big part of this little memory keeper. 🥰 And it’s funny that you used the words you did, because the first name I had for this before I changed its whole aesthetic was “Pocket Full of Keepsakes” 😂

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I am excited to say that I just finished a module of my own and submitted it to the ’jam! It even resulted in me being inspired to change my itchio logo… 😂

Is that video still being made or is it somewhere I can see? 🤩

Oh, thank you for the kind words. You’ve made my day! 😊

I’m also excited to see one of my games in real card format! (If it gets chosen for the set, of course! 😅)

Being honest and open with the assets I use in my games is very important to me. I do my best to credit the authors of those assets where I am able to. And I really do try to be open and honest with my designs, too (which is why I show most of the content and imagery of each card, while still hiding some of it to encourage people to buy it to see the whole thing 😋).

And if this honesty of mine about where I got my assets from, and which software/tools I used to make my games, inspires somebody for their own game or project or helps them in their own process… well that would just be one of the best outcomes I could think of! 🥰

This is a very cute game and was fun to play! I enjoyed solving the puzzles of how to collect each item. The levers were tricky (until I figured out how to use them). At the end of the game, I chose the two flags and the ring. The door creaking was a bit loud but not as bad as the “Known Issues” lead me to believe 😂

I’d love to see more games like this! 💖🥰

I agree wholeheartedly! 🥰

Hi, friends! I just released another game on!

SIGNALS FROM THE DEEP takes you and the rest of the old, sentient, deep sea research robot team SEA-4 on a shared voyage across the ocean floor.

Explore deep sea wonders as you seek out the source of an anomalous signal detected way down at the bottom of the ocean.

Built using my Tiny Tokens roleplaying game system.

Iconography from, used under CC BY 3.0.

I’d love to hear about anyone’s adventure across the bottom of the ocean if they make it there, or about any other Tiny Tokens games you would like me to make! Or why not make your own? 🤩

Enjoy 💖

Your voyage begins here:

Thank you! 🥰

Yes, you can leave a patch on a module as long as you want. And if you roll that module again, the patch protects you from the effects of the glitch, making the roll a null result as you said.

But you may still want to take care and repair glitching modules because having all four modules glitching at the same time will the end the game!

LIGHT is an awesomely frantic, high-stakes, fast-paced TTRPG, and this updated edition outdoes the original tenfold. AMAZING ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Ooh yes, that would be swell! Thank you for the update! 😊

Awesome work! I am totally going to use this in the project I’m making at the moment. Thank you for making this! 🤩

Is it possible to add a “green water” tile in this or another pack? The green waterfall has nothing to fill once it reaches the end of its fall. 💚

​Yet another fantastic little generator! Thank you for continuing to make these, it gives me stars in my eyes 🤩😊💖

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Awesome! Thank you! I have sent you an email. 😊

I think this would also be very cool as a template for making other games… 🤩

This is awesome! Please make one for the Pixel 6 Pro! 🤩🥰

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Dicier is so beautiful and I’ve used it in a few projects recently. Thank you for making it!

I have a question: Are the “Dark” typefaces supposed to show a number on a die? It seems to turn the whole die a solid colour. Interestingly, it does seem to work for #_ON_A_D6 (from 0-9, you can colour the die’s number differently than its outline shape, and also for the D6 in “Dark”), but it doesn’t work on a D4, D8, D12, or D20 (which are the ones I’ve tried it on).

If this isn’t a feature/planned, and if it is even possible, I would like to put a request in for it, so that you can have a solid, dark colour for the die, and a second, different colour for the number.

Thank you for all your amazing work! 😊

Hi! You’re very welcome. I’m glad this has been helpful for you!

I think that so long as each player has access to a few tokens (maybe 3 to 5 each), there’ll be plenty for everyone!

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Firstly, thank you for making such an amazing font. It’s so useful and I’ve used it in a few projects already. :D

I have a question. Is there some way to address this issue with the font? (Please see attached image.)

I want to have a highlight (Decoration, in Affinity Publisher) behind my text so that it obscures art behind it (in this case, obscuring part of a horizontal line). I can achieve the correct effect by adjusting the “Relative to” of the Decoration to “Ascent”, but is there something to do to adjust it for “Cap Height” without having to adjust the Top Indent? At the very least, this is an interesting (yet inconvenient for me in this situation) aspect for the interpretation of the font in the program, and at the most an awkward annoyance because all the font styles that need this style must all be adjusted accordingly.

I’d love your insight into this.

Thank you!

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These are adorable and easily discernable from each other by colour, texture, and silhouette. Nice one! 🤩

Things seem to be back to normal, now! :)

Seems like a bunch of places throughout the website are having issues with this at the moment. 😥

Aww thanks for the awesome praise! 🥰 I’m glad you enjoy it!

Thanks for the kindness! 😊

I hadn’t thought of it until recently, but would be excited to have Tiny Tokens readable in more languages! 🤩

This warms my heart to hear you say this. Thank you! 🥰

I love it.

If Fatigue is my highest stat, does that mean I get to go and have a rest? 💖

I never thought that something like that project management triangle could be turned into a game system. Now, I am wondering what else can be! Thanks for making such a creative and interesting system!

Standing strong against adversity. You’ve got guys and I’m glad you released this. I love it! 🥰🥰🥰