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Firstly, thank you for making such an amazing font. It’s so useful and I’ve used it in a few projects already. :D

I have a question. Is there some way to address this issue with the font? (Please see attached image.)

I want to have a highlight (Decoration, in Affinity Publisher) behind my text so that it obscures art behind it (in this case, obscuring part of a horizontal line). I can achieve the correct effect by adjusting the “Relative to” of the Decoration to “Ascent”, but is there something to do to adjust it for “Cap Height” without having to adjust the Top Indent? At the very least, this is an interesting (yet inconvenient for me in this situation) aspect for the interpretation of the font in the program, and at the most an awkward annoyance because all the font styles that need this style must all be adjusted accordingly.

I’d love your insight into this.

Thank you!

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These are adorable and easily discernable from each other by colour, texture, and silhouette. Nice one! 🤩

Things seem to be back to normal, now! :)

Seems like a bunch of places throughout the website are having issues with this at the moment. 😥

Aww thanks for the awesome praise! 🥰 I’m glad you enjoy it!

Thanks for the kindness! 😊

I hadn’t thought of it until recently, but would be excited to have Tiny Tokens readable in more languages! 🤩

This warms my heart to hear you say this. Thank you! 🥰

I love it.

If Fatigue is my highest stat, does that mean I get to go and have a rest? 💖

I never thought that something like that project management triangle could be turned into a game system. Now, I am wondering what else can be! Thanks for making such a creative and interesting system!

Standing strong against adversity. You’ve got guys and I’m glad you released this. I love it! 🥰🥰🥰

This is very clever! I really like the “3/2/1” increments of your character’s background – not only mechanically, but as it relates to a person’s real-life expertise in similar style!

This is gosh-darned brilliant. Thank you for making it!!

Thank you very much! 😂🥰

AND we got The Forests of Faera done just in time, too! 😊

Thank you for running the jam! 💖

Thanks for running this ’jam, Eliot Kate! 🥰

I have been trying really hard to get another project done so that I can submit it here, and the deadline of this ‘jam is giving me some great encouragement to get there. There’s a lot left to do, but there’s still time! 😆

Good luck to everyone else in your projects. I am looking forward to seeing what else is uploaded (I’ve already seen some really cool projects so far)!

Carry on! 😊

This is absolutely adorable, and heart-wrenching at the same time. Thank you for making such a beautiful game 💖💖💖

This is so creative and clever! I am keen to see any updates or if this gets out of alpha version. :D

Fantastic considerations for different versions of your documents. I love them!

Hi! I recently started listening to Design Doc after looking for interesting gamedev podcasts and it’s hugely interesting seeing behind the curtain and hearing how you are going with development of Questlandia 2. I’m currently halfway through your Plumbob podcast and I am keen to see how you’ve worked the Journal aspect because that’s something I’m also working on for one of my games. :) Could you share some insight into it or direct me to episodes where you discuss it more?

I hope dev is going well, but I’ll definitely see as I get through the podcasts!


I just discovered this Jam a few minutes ago. I’m so sad that I missed out! Is there any way I can get involved at this late stage? :(


The location progress track wasn’t there in the first version. Playtesting revealed that the game needed a more solid goal, however, and thus the track was born! It fits so nicely up the top, too, if I can say so myself. After all, I gotta use as much of the card as I can! 😂

That’s pretty much exactly what I was going for, so I’m chuffed that you think so! 🥰

Thank you for your kind words! I’m so stoked that you like it. 😊


You could even roleplay around the kitchen sink!

Awesome update. I love the dice redesigns particularly. :)

Thank you for developing and continually improving this fantastic resource (and all of your other resources, too)! :D

You always make the coolest things. Thank you for this glorious little gem! Now I have to make another game to use it… XD

Very cute! :D

It’s a gosh-darned classic, that’s for sure! ^_^

I don’t know if I am a true gamer, but I play games, make games, teach game development, and basically, my life revolves around games. Ok, so maybe I am… 😂

This is very cool! You should enter this in the Wish You Were Here game jam!

I love this so much. :D It’s so creative!

^_^ Thanks! If I added a few additional pages to it that were just grids, do you think that’d be even more helpful?

Oh, thank you! :D

I love the ghost character here, the aesthetic of everyone reminiscing on events long passed, and how things come to bite the adventurers in the butt with the bogeyman.

Thank you for making and sharing this!

This is a great little tool to start a session off with. I’ve used “stars and wishes” to great success, and your little tool here seems like it adds a bit of additional structure to that tool. Awesome! Also, using this at the start of a session will definitely get players (including whomever is running the session) to remember what happened last time and to get into the right mood!

Thanks for sharing this!

Awesome work! It’s not often you get to play as the scoundrel, and this looks like heaps of gritty fun! :D

Haha thank you! Please share the maps you make if you do make any! 😊

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I will fill my heart space with familiars


I really love this. I could have such a cute little journey even at home. The note about how old maps can be wrong is such a neat way to handle people accidentally kicking or cleaning up your dice markers. 💖

Well done!

Awesome! Thanks for organising this. :D :D