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Typeface: Dicier

an advanced and accessible analog games typeface! · By Speak the Sky

Issues & Fixes Sticky

A topic by Speak the Sky created Jan 31, 2021 Views: 259 Replies: 11
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Developer (7 edits)

If you run into problems with the font, e.g. ligatures or stylistic sets not working as described in the guide, let me know in this thread—but first, download the latest version of Dicier, if you haven't already, and check whether the problem you've found has already been fixed.

To request new features, go to the Request a Feature thread. To help translate Dicier into non-English languages, go to the Translating Dicier thread.

Developer (1 edit)

Note: I won't be editing the Dicier design files until I pay for the Glyphs 3 license upgrade (see Dicier's main page for details). This means I won't be fixing minor or non-urgent bugs for the next 2 weeks or so (by which time the Dicier payout should have arrived), unless I can find money elsewhere before then. If you report a major bug that needs to be fixed ASAP then I'll find a work-around to fix it ASAP, though.

Hey!, first of all this is amazing! thanks for sharing it.

I’m not sure if it’s because this is a mac but I can’t get to make the codes work, like if I type MINUS it writes the word on Dicier text font, but it doesn’t create the icon, is it because Mac or is there a work around? I’ve tried to find if I can paste the exact glyph with no much luck, if I copy it from the pdf for example 3_7 it shows as the two dice separated by a small “_”


Most of Dicier's features need you to activate a font feature called 'discretionary ligatures'. The User Guide (currently v1.0) has instructions for doing this in Affinity Publisher (pg31), LibreOffice Writer (pg32), and MS Word (pg33).

If you're using another app, look up its Help docs or user forums for more info. Sometimes apps refer to them with other names, e.g. the Mac plain/rich text editor TextEdit calls them 'rare ligatures'.

Oh, oohh ok will try it out thanks!!


I dunno if you've downloaded the latest version (v1.1) but now Dicier works automatically, no need to switch on any features.

Hi there! Caught what a think are a few tiny errors in the 1.1 user guide:

- On page 43,  the first example for cv13 is mislabeled cv10.

- On page 47,  i'm not sure the example for the code D6_TOUT is displaying as intended.



Thanks for catching these! I've fixed the first one in my version, but the second is weird—it shows up fine in Affinity, but not in the exported .pdf, which is odd because the scripting for it works the same as PIECE_TOUT later on in that section, which displays right. I'll see if I can fix it today, and I'll publish the update after.


So I've traced it back to a bug with the affinity file or maybe publisher as a whole, where this one ligature doesn't display right unless it's used outside a table elsewhere in the file... so now one of the icons in the big demo in Chapter 1 is D6_TOUT. It works fine in shorter files and outside tables (so far) so I reckon it's some kinda pdf export issue (basically unsolvable from my end).

I've updated the files and I'll check this out again when I'm doing the v1.2 guide, but for now, this works.

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When trying to use dice results with a d20 shape, the 20 on a d20 does not display correctly. The 20 displays to the left of the shape, rather than inside of it.


Fixed (see the latest devlog)—let me know if you have any further problems.