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Strange Hills is part of my 31 Character Challenge for this year:

One of my entries for this year's 31 character challenge:

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My entry for MOOH in this years 31 character challenge:

I really loved this, and I'm tempted to use it as an interlude (in some way) when my players visit a wizard's lost library.

Z-Axis is my kind of joyful: silly, mindblowing and yet somehow relatable.

I love the setting basics provided - would love to see them expanded at some point.

Likewise my small contribution:

and you are welcome to - it will be charged from the weekend.

0. I chose a bad example for the screenshot but I tried most dice and different numbers.

1: v5_1_3

2. I thought they had, but it seems not. Just D6 as the numbers.

3. Just D6 as before.

4. Word 2019, Win10, all updated.

5. Not at present, and TBH I think I'm going to consider this a sad write-off for now. I have spent quite a lot of spoons so far, which I don't regret, but I have limits. Hopefully having the conversation here will help others later. 

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So, I just posted that I thought that fixed it. And it does. A little. It fixes D6s. It doesn't seem to fix D10s or 8s. Or 4s.

It looks it applies Kerning to font size X and above, minimum is size 8. For the record, I tried increasing the size and it didn't affect the success/failure. Sorry.

(This explains why I thought I had tried it before without success, but I just didn't try all the permutations. In good news, testing has confirmed that you can apply font settings retroactively on the codes which wasn't explicit in the guidance.)

I can't find any reference to OpenType kerning in Word 2019, and no option of negative kerning (surprise!).  So the numbers and dice shape are appearing separately. Cool but not correct. Any ideas? Or is it too much of a pain?

Thank you, having just done a five century flashback, we used a modified version of this to detail some of the books in the werewolf family library (Dresden Files).

This is so much better than the idea I had for a micro-soap game. Fantastic.

Really enjoyed the look of this one. If I run it I will try to post here.

Really enjoyed the look of this one, may get to run it this year. (No promises.)

I love this, and I think it's adaptable for more players as well. Good job.

The first half is really great and is what makes the game work, and that gets my vote.

Not for every group, this was simple and effective. Our double-demon wooing ended up with my shoulder demon failing and a dancing demon being unleashed on the world. That's not right.

We loved the opportunity to play drunk witches. I chose to be a Warlock (a  minion of the others who gets more bolshy when drunk). The self-proclaimed slut won, but all the witches ended up having a good time after the poker match. I tweaked the augury rules so you used different cards each time which gave it extra frisson. With the auguries the game took about 100 minutes (shorter than we usually play but it suited us tonight).

This is a hidden gem, and I hope it gets less hidden. (It's will be part of my  "31 characters in 31 systems in 31 days" this December.) Cheers.

Thank you for making chickens playable! It's a great concept and definitely leads to mayhem; a welcome addition to no-prep games.

Our story started off fairly sedately. It's unclear why there were shotgun and laser traps for the chickens, or why the hoomans were breeding nazi geese (other than wanting them to literally goosestep). However these were pretty mild compared to what followed.

After a variety of setbacks, all the chickens managed to make the escape and hit all their goals. Revenge was had, the children were flown to safety (miraculously) and the whole place went up in flames (with the power of curry poop). And majestically, from the flames rose the phoenix chicken, to be roasted no more.

I recommend only tracking failed rolls. The drama it creates as the chickens get close to 6 is magnificent.