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Is there a way to get some symbols on arbitrary dice? For example PLUS_ON_D20 or other symbols that are present in the rest of the typography?

Thanks! As always love your work

Sorry to bother you again, Lucas! On page 13th I think the 4th circle description is not complete. it reads Such spells and stops. The next page are the spell examples, then equipment, and then into Archetypes

I don’t know if you came up with this system for Primal Quest or Sword Quest but it’s so cool and weird. You have two different color dice and from seeing them you instantly get the feeling that this is gonna go really well, or really bad

Hi Lucas! I noticed a minor thing Ties are repeated from page 9 to 10. It’s super minor, but I’m not sure if it’s intentional

Otherwise the layout is so readable. I love it

I’ll go ahead and ruin it!

I came back for Baked Chex knowing it was a joke and I still got sad when I didn’t find it

Hi! I’m thinking if brawn should rather be defined as:

brawn_{i+1} = brawn_{i} − D


D = {brawn_{i}}/2 + wd

For clarity.

Otherwise this is rather simple and cool. I really like cast(mt)

A quick hack that I like with all magic casting systems would be defined as

mt = Cunning - M + bleed


bleed = brawn_{i} - brawn_{i+1}

just to make cast(mt) more accessible in dire situations

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I see! I was picturing objects as placed “inside” passages because I was envisioning passages more as rooms, but I think it would be closer to every card being “what fits right now on screen”

Hi! Would you happen to have a “placing” example? To see the cards and how they are placed next to each other?

Thank you! I just finished reading and this seems very cool!

I see! Thank you!

Hi, Christina! I’m skimming the rules and files and I’m not sure if the terrain cards are missing with the update you made, are not yet implemented or I’m just blind xD