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I've looked into this and unfortunately it looks like MS Publisher 2016 doesn't support OT features. The most direct evidence I found was a mod on the Microsoft support forums saying, in 2019, that the only MS Office app that supports OT features is Word.

I don't have MS Publisher, but you could try downloading Vollkorn, a font with a wide range of OT features, and see if that works. If it does, then I can look into what it does differently to Dicier (if anything).

Which version of MS Publisher are you using?

You're welcome! Please let me know here if you use it—I'd love to see how it looks in games.

Thank you!

Thanks! Glad it worked out.

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No problem. You may wanna re-download and re-install if you already installed v1.5.1, cause I forgot to add kerning to the new variant ('may' because it's pretty minor). I uploaded a new set with the kerning a couple minutes ago. This only affects rank-suit combos, like FIVE_SWORDS.

Dicier v1.5.1 has a crossed swords character variant (cv39).

Adding a crossed-swords character variant'll be pretty easy (I can release that tomorrow as v1.5.1 with maybe a few other small things). Does your software let you use character variants?

Looks like it expired today—here's the new link, and I've also updated it on the main page.

Rock-paper-scissors icons are now in Dicier as of v1.5! The default icons are symbols (e.g. a sheet of paper, a pair of scissors) left-to-right, but there are character variants that let you turn them into hand gestures and/or flip them to face right-to-left.

You're welcome!


Thanks for letting me know—the demo section might have disappeared when I reduced the game's base price to $0 a while back. You can now download v1.1 alongside v2 (though v1.1's very different and I'm not sure I'd recommend downloading it anyway).

Thank you!

The silhouettes have been tweaked in the v1.4 upgrade released today. You can also see them on the itch pages (e.g. in the banner).

Even/odd dice have just been added to Dicier in the v1.4 upgrade.

Portuguese (both Brazilian and European) is now active as of the v1.4 upgrade!

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The d8 and d10 are being updated to outlines of the full dice in the next version (d8 to a diamond shape, d10 to a flattened hexagon). As for the d20, the perspective might be a little forced/up-close, but there are already a few other hexagonal shapes in the font and adding another with vertical sides feels like it could cause confusion. I'll consider it for a future version, though.

Edit: although, with the numerals getting smaller in the next update I can afford to narrow the barrel dice, which would prevent confusion with a more regular hexagonal d20.

Ah, I meant more the names of the jokers (e.g. in English we might say "black joker" and "red joker"). Would these be "joker preto" and "joker vermelho"?

And is the other joker black or white? (it's kinda hard to tell in the example)

Thanks—is the symbol for joker still a cup/goblet?

The Brazilian Portuguese translation test file's now ready.

Sounds like it might be a path order/direction problem? First I'd check that your paths inside other paths always alternate direction (so e.g. the outer one goes clockwise, first one inside goes anticlockwise, the one inside that goes clockwise again). If they're all alternating already then try reversing all the paths.

Thank you—that time is now! I'm adding even and odd dice results to the next version of Dicier, so I need to know how to write both those words. For now, the only codes for these icons will be the words EVEN and ODD, so the translations can use anywhere up to the full 8 characters.

Fixed (see the latest devlog)—let me know if you have any further problems.

And are the actual symbols for card suits the French ones (hearts, diamonds, clubs, spades) or are they the Latin ones (cups, coins, staves/batons, swords)? I'm guessing Latin, but Croatian uses* French names with German symbols (hearts, bells, acorns, leaves).

*or can use, anyway, I think there might be 2+ valid sets of names

This looks great—just a few questions:

  • what order do the joker name and colour go in—JOKER_[COLOUR] or [COLOUR]_JOKER?
  • is the symbol for joker always a goblet?
  • would ALGUM/ALGUMA be acceptable instead of QUALQUER? I know QUALQUER is probably more appropriate, but, annoyingly, this word has to be used in codes that already have 2 characters in them, so there's only 6 left for the 'any' word.

Glad to hear it!

I could definitely do this, in a different typeface (as this one's just for randomisers).

Oh yeah, that should be pretty easy.

I think it'd be tricky to keep them readable with the numbers at their current scale, but I could add a plus sign to combine with dice.

By 'even and odd' do you mean things like d5?

This translation (with the notes we discussed) is now live in Dicier v1.3!

Update on this: Dicier v1.3 (just released) adds d4, d8, d10, d12, and d20! It also adds single-digit barrel dice in vertical and horizontal orientations, and some other dice tweaks and character variants (see the v1.3 User Guide for more info).

I've posted the translation test in a new devlog.

Dunno whether you saw it but I added this option in Dicier v1.1 about a month ago—it's a character variant (cv13), so check chapter 4 of the user guide (advanced features) for more details.

I dunno if you've seen it, but I released Dicier v1.2 earlier this week and it's got extra icons for minor arcana.

Dunno if you've seen this yet, but I released Dicier v1.2 yesterday—it's got the Spanish and Galician translations, among other things.

Spanish and Galician translation tests are now available in the new devlog!

Spanish and Galician translation tests are now available in the new devlog!