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Hey!, first of all this is amazing! thanks for sharing it.

I’m not sure if it’s because this is a mac but I can’t get to make the codes work, like if I type MINUS it writes the word on Dicier text font, but it doesn’t create the icon, is it because Mac or is there a work around? I’ve tried to find if I can paste the exact glyph with no much luck, if I copy it from the pdf for example 3_7 it shows as the two dice separated by a small “_”

Most of Dicier's features need you to activate a font feature called 'discretionary ligatures'. The User Guide (currently v1.0) has instructions for doing this in Affinity Publisher (pg31), LibreOffice Writer (pg32), and MS Word (pg33).

If you're using another app, look up its Help docs or user forums for more info. Sometimes apps refer to them with other names, e.g. the Mac plain/rich text editor TextEdit calls them 'rare ligatures'.

Oh, oohh ok will try it out thanks!!

I dunno if you've downloaded the latest version (v1.1) but now Dicier works automatically, no need to switch on any features.