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due to popular demand (!), will be incorporating those missing rules! :D

oops, thank you! have had both things on my mind lately :)

thank you so much! :) you are welcome to contribute any pieces you like! please email me at, along with how you’d like to be credited and how you’d like your art to be licensed!

thank you so much for your kind words and feedback!

i have no clue where i got unarmored/leather/chain/plate from in the missile fire table–where does chain in particular come from?! will fix in the next version XD i agree that the original scheme is much more interesting and flexible!

there are indeed many things missing from appendix A, since it was conceived of as an abridgement rather than a straight clone. formations in particular i removed from the ruleset since, functionally, i thought they were better abstracted by having however many figures in an (implicit) 3” diameter area. still, i’d be happy to add those rules to be a more faithful representation of the original!

thank you so much! :)

will be adding pdfs when i get a new computer! i have only been able to make small changes in a single day since my current one is broken.

my own interest in the original text is more literary than for play, but it’s a ruleset that has existed for almost 50 years and is famously confusing and vague! this one is at least better organized ;)

the project is meant to be strictly free to access, especially because multiple people contributed to it on that basis.

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hi eric! that rule would transform into the point reallocation rule in the different versions of basic d&d, but in the original ruleset it is implied that there is no actual reallocation :)

for example, suppose that a fighter has 12 strength, 11 intelligence, and 12 wisdom. they have 11 - 9 = 2 points of intelligence which can count as 1 point of strength, and 12 - 9 = 3 points of wisdom which can also count as 1 point of strength. therefore their overall total “strength” for the purposes of XP is 12 + 1 + 1 = 14!

another example is that if your character has 10 strength, 15 intelligence, and 15 wisdom, the math works out so that they can also be a fighter with a virtual PR score of 10 + 3 + 2 = 15!

meanwhile, all the scores themselves seem to stay the same.

hi, thank you so much! :) it is up to your interpretation, but it seems to me like below-average CON characters have a 0% chance of “survival” while above-average CON characters have a 100% chance! i like yours better though, haha.

YAYYY i’m so glad that bit isn’t going unnoticed! also now that you bring it up, maybe it would be nice to have stats for the “balor”/balrog (which i just found, woo!)–but it’s also kinda funny to have them in the encounter tables but not actually described. will have to think about it! maybe i can write a description but cross it out to be silly.

thank you!!!

thank you so much!!!

thank you, on all accounts! :) CC is just a more open license than OGL, especially since my intent is to treat this as a text rather than as a brand of role-playing games (which OGL is written to handle, specifically)

i realized that something you can try is adding it to a collection! i’m sorry it’s more out of the way than it being directly in your library, but it’s one way to more easily keep track of it and other free games 😊


hi, thank you so much! :) that’s a good point and one i’m not sure of how to handle, but i’ll ask around for a solution!

thank you, should be fixed now!

i’m so glad this is on itch now! thank you for writing this game, it is so much fun to play :)

Thank you!! I’m so excited to put it out :D it needs a playtest though, gotta go through with that.

Thanks for sharing these!! :D

Thank you! :) And apologies for it being a pretty rough draft!

This is a really awesome little system! :) I love how succinct everything is!

Thank you! I wrote them precisely to be system agnostic, in case people want to use them for their D&D style games. I almost included a conversion between Rank and HD, but thought that would be better left to the game master.

Thank you so much! :)