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Thanks Beth!! I'm glad you enjoyed it ☺ 

Thank you - so glad you enjoyed it!

Thank you so much! Wow - that sounds really cool, would love to see a photo of what you make for future sessions.

Thank you so much for playing and sharing! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed it :)

really, really well done

Oh no! Thanks for pointing it out, the games been out for a few years now but I think the file got hidden from downloads by accident with my name change. It should be up now! 

my little monkey's name is bobo

thank you! :)

thank you!! :D

i love this game i did a flip

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No worries, at this point I figured as much. Thanks for trying to organize it and of course for putting together such a cool jam! Hoping it's back again next year. 

Just curious if the bundle was going to end up going through? It looks like a few people still haven't approved it and the end date is coming up next week. 


oui bien sûr! je peux l'ajouter ici aves les autres downloads.

LOVE these!! I can't wait to use them.

my hunger for dance can never be sated

What a cute and charming game! I love the art, it is so adorable!!

Looking forward to this - a really interesting system and a big fan of it in Wendigo!

Thank you so much!! I'm glad you enjoyed it. And those playing cards are GORGEOUS!

Thank you so much!

I thought of you when I saw that cover - feels like a spiritual successor to last year's entry!

I'm planning to use "6 trials of the weavers"!

This is such a lovely, cozy, cute game! I loved meeting all my neighbours and adding my tiny drawings to my terrarium. Highly recommend!

This was my first ritual game and the divination was a lovely experience! I used dice as my objects to cast. A lovely experience and I'd definitely recommend if you enjoy or are intrigued by ritual games.

A super interesting and unique game! In my playthrough, I was assisting my hero in the investigation of a vampire. 

I really enjoyed all the world building this game sparks and I'd love to use it in the future for something! A really cool game that I'd highly recommend checking out! 

A lovely and charming game where you play as a shadow keeping watch over a child just starting Kindergarten.  In my playthrough, my kid's name was Fronk; he likes cutting paper, climbing on things and eating life-sized snacks

A creative came with a unique card based mechanic - definitely recommend! 

A very cute and fun game! I loved creating some silly and wacky creatures. Super accessible and fun for all ages, definitely reccommend! :D

oh bless - thank you for the extension!

I did!! And now that I see there are multiple endings, I've got to play again :D

The ending I got on my first playthrough was living in the pasture with my cow. I was pleased with this ending; I loved the cow and had decided to name her Belinda.

I love this game! :D

This is so lovely! Thank you for sharing <3

I loved this game! The dice rolling mechanic was punchy and added tension, and the entire game was well written and created an excellent horror atmosphere along the way. There is a replayability mechanic that I haven't explored yet but would like to in the future. Highly recommend playing it for yourself.

A lovely, cozy RPG. I had such a lovely time playing this and seeing which visitors would come to me next! Definitely recommend.

Hi! I'm cryss!  I love story driven games. I'm going to be making various types of ttrpgs for this! I will be using the notes app on my phone for writing and Canva for making layouts. 've set aside 10 days throughout the month, mostly the weekends, and I'm looking forward to this! I'm hoping to bundle all my projects together as a little collection of games at the end. 

Ah, makes sense! Thanks for your reply.  For the Dicier Flat-Heavy, have I done something wrong to get the "any" shading to show up on the d4? (Rather than next to it)

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I'm running into issues with the dicier pixel font not displaying dice other than D6s. I'm currently working in Microsoft Office 2016 and I updated to the latest Dicier versions just in case.  Other dicier fonts are working in terms of showing the symbols, so I know I've at least enabled the ligatures properly.

In the screenshot below I've typed the following in both Dicier Flat-Heavy and Dicier Pixel.








You can see the triangles are showing up in one but not the other even though the text is the same.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!

I downloaded that font but I can't quite figure out how to make it work. I'm leaning towards I just need to find a new editing program for my games (have found frustrations with Publisher other than this already haha). Thanks for your response! 

I'm experiencing this same problem in MS Publisher 2016. (Was able to get it to work in Word 2016 no problem using the existing troubleshooting section).