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A macabre, mysterious little zine of inspiration. d36 #1 is packed with great ideas, powerful visuals, good design, and truly great formatting. As haunting to read as it is to think about.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much! How kind of you to say!

Incredible playbooks, devastating vehicles, brilliant mechanics, and spectacular guidelines for crafting missions and campaigns. Beam Saber takes the Forged in the Dark format to the next level.

An outstanding, evocative experience, filled with adventure, hope, and love. A treat to play with old friends (or to play and make new ones!)

There's nothing quite like Noirlandia. This intriguing game feels much like the dark, mysterious cities that it emulates: once take the time to find your way around, you'll unlock a world of incredible depth and stunning possibilities. Learn the by-words, look for the secret signs, and keep your head down: there's new things to discover around every turn.

Hello! I've love to use put the moon in your pocket, please

Aren't you sick of being desperate and destitute? Don't you just want to be bad for bad's sake? To misbehave and get away with it? To descend into the muck and elevate those lucky enough to share your presence? THE PRINCE is all that and more: an elegant, awful rogue who doesn't have to be here, but is. Every arrow in your quiver is an opportunity to make being bad be fun. It meshes so so well with what Blades aspires to, and it's a delight to play (and to witness!)

A tense, evocative experience - Thousand Year-Old Vampire is a thrilling experience that asks you to create a dazzling, decrepit world, and tear it apart, bit by bit. A beautiful tragedy.

A terrific game that does an outstanding job of combining the weird and the personal. [SOMEDAY] not only does a great job of getting you up and running quickly, but has lots of really thoughtful guidance intended to make sure that everyone is taking care of one another at the table - and telling the best story that they can, together. My table is telling a story of a small mountain town plagued by timewarp anomalies - but the best moments are all about our misfit investigators. If you love interpersonal drama, secrets and skullduggery, and the weird and the unknown, give this a shot!

Last Shooting is fun, fast, and full of incredible prompts and ideas. It's astonishing how quickly you can go from quick brainstorming to white-hot mech drama. A terrific game!

A truly evocative little book, designed to inspire GMs and players alike! I love the style and the questions that it invites you to consider.

Rad an absolute blast playing this, condemning both myself and my companion to the violent depths of the sea.

thank you very much!

These were so so useful. Thank you for providing them!

Thank you so much!

Thank you!

Thank you so much! Our ghost horse is not a deliberate reference or callback to MBMBAM, but I like to think it shows a shared appreciation for spectral horses.

Thank you!

Neither did I, to be honest. Thank you for playing!

Thank you very much!

Oh, I didn't take it that way, but thank you anyway! 

Thank you very much, and thank you for playing!

Thank you very much for playing.

Thank you!


thank you!


Oh, you're 100% correct! Thank you - pleased that it's just user error ;)

Hi there! I downloaded the latest version from and found that the layer doesn't quite some to be working as labeled.

I'm trying to make a fire FX with smoke built in, and I'm trying to get the smoke to render on a "lower" layer from the fire itself. But the smoke is overlapping the fire, even though it's set to a lower layer and the fire is set to 10.

I took a recording of what I'm seeing. Let me know if I'm doing something wrong!