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As a creator, I'd like to have the option to mute alerts for a bundle that has my game in it.

Use case: If I contribute a game to a bundle but forego my share of the revenue (for charity, for support of another creator, et cetera) then I'd like to have the option of not getting an alert every time the bundle gets sold, as it doesn't mean that much to my day-to-day operations.

extremely good

That's a terrific adaptation! What's the weirdest thing you ran into?

GREAT question, yes you're exactly right. This would just be a normal progress roll to a long term problem, and it would be useful for the ability text for Alter Ego to call that out. I'll make a note to adjust that so it's more clear in the next edition!

advancing a problem and marking stress is functionally the same at this point. if there's a situation where you would make a single point of progress towards a problem then it usually says "mark 1 progress". But you could also wind up with situations (like working on a longterm problem) where you mark D6 progress (for example). Does that makes sense?

A tight, thrilling chase, filled with memorable encounters, haunting visuals, and a white-knuckle feeling like there really IS no escape: not that that'll stop you from hurtling forward as fast as you possibly can.

You bet!

Hey, this is a fun time! I like the clean aesthetic of the game and the simple nuance of the gameplay: it really clicked for me when I realized I would have to collect the little red chevrons, rather than sitting far away and sniping.

A couple thoughts

  • I love the clean lines of the background, the enemies, and the menus - the black outlines of the player character sort of stand apart from those.
  • I'm not sure if I just didn't survive long enough, but I never felt like I had a good window of time to go collect the enemy chevons - I was just in survival mode the whole time, and if they happened to drop where I could get them, all the better.
  • I was surprised that falling off the edge was an instant fail. This is me bringing my own expectations to the game, so take them with a grain of salt, but I expected either a Smash Bros style lives system (since falling seems to be a pretty likely outcome while jumping around this stage) or even a loop around where you fall off the bottom and appear on the top, even if that doesn't logically make sense.

And a couple bugs you may or may not be aware of:

  • You can use the arrow keys to navigate the menu, but I didn't know that and was already using the mouse to activate the game, and the mouse cursor also lets you navigate the menu - except, the mouse cursor is hidden for the game! This led to me trying to navigate the menus using an invisible cursor until I got into the game and realized the arrow keys would be utilized.
  • Hitting "Quit" in the game when it's embedded in an itch page results in a funky state. I'm using Chrome on Windows 10, in case that matters.

Thanks for making this!

Thank you!

Whenever I'm playing I make the city, and then the characters, and then the crew, although the discussion of what kind of crew people are interested in playing will usually come up during the character creation process.

Oh that's terrific! Thank you so much for telling me!

Thank you very much!

Thank you! I am looking through the text now and of all the rules to have magically vanished, that one is very funny. I'm going to update the pdf today with the rule re-included. Just to say it here: you check for Fallout whenever a single Resistance receives stress and its total (including Scars) is greater than 6. The drifter rolls a D12: if the dice result is greater than the Scars and Stress, then they're safe. Otherwise, they receive fallout. (So, if you have 2 Scars and 5 Stress in Form, and roll a 7, you'd get Form Fallout.)

Thank you so much!

Thank you!

Rebel Crown community · Created a new topic 2023 Update

Hey y'all - I just saw an update got pushed out to the shopify, and I was wondering what changes have been made in the new edition!

Excited to see what you've got cooking! For what it's worth, I've had good success making on-demand, good-quality print editions from Game Crafter, although I don't know if I'd recommend them as a storefront. They're generally for indie boardgame prototype production

if you've ever been in the enviable situation of having to end a campaign, you know it's a challenge. WORLD ENDING GAME gives you the tools you need to make your exit as fun, poetic, and satisfying as you dreamed it could be.

fun, fast, and festive - Scene Thieves invites you to weave two stories together: a crime happening backstage and, depending on how good you are, on-stage. get the goods, secure the bag, and leave 'em wanting more. a classic.

incredibly kind of you to say. thank you. excited to hear what you think of playing it.

This is now available in the book's new Resources section!

Thank you! There will be an update going live EXTREMELY soon with a link to player sheets!

thank you very much!

Oh it does! Thank you!


Hello hello! Very small bug, but the latest version - 1.5.3 - still claims it's version 1.005 in the font viewer. This is true at least for the OTF version; I don't have a way to check for the WOFF version.  

There's not a dedicated space for players just yet, I'm afraid. You can post any feedback you have here or mail me at mcleod dot brendan at gmail!

A fast, full-throated expression of speed. This smart, funny game is easy to pick up and thrilling to play. It inspires fast play, creative decisions, and earnest collaboration. All of that within a really manageable window of time, which - as someone who plays a lot of RPGs, I cannot tell you how wonderful that is.

The places around us hold stories that are bigger than any one of us. The Ground Itself a grand, elegant way to tell those stories. A beautiful, artful game, enclosed in lovely presentation and thoughtful prose.

hell yeah

Good catch! Thanks!

what does it mean to be remembered? what does it mean to be forgotten? to cling, desperately, to shreds of legacy, and watch them get torn away like so many loose thread? a vital game.

Thank you!

Thank you!

A bracing, thrilling bit of design. Can you survive? Who will survive? How will you live with the choices you've had to make? A terrific game that forces you to make tough choices, and then sit with those choices. 

A macabre, mysterious little zine of inspiration. d36 #1 is packed with great ideas, powerful visuals, good design, and truly great formatting. As haunting to read as it is to think about.

Thank you very much!

Thank you very much! How kind of you to say!

Incredible playbooks, devastating vehicles, brilliant mechanics, and spectacular guidelines for crafting missions and campaigns. Beam Saber takes the Forged in the Dark format to the next level.

An outstanding, evocative experience, filled with adventure, hope, and love. A treat to play with old friends (or to play and make new ones!)

There's nothing quite like Noirlandia. This intriguing game feels much like the dark, mysterious cities that it emulates: once take the time to find your way around, you'll unlock a world of incredible depth and stunning possibilities. Learn the by-words, look for the secret signs, and keep your head down: there's new things to discover around every turn.