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If it makes you feel better, I had people claiming community copies of my game when it was on sale 100% off as well.  This is either some kind of weird effect of the UI, or just people being skeptical. Who can say.  But it's definitely not your fault for being unclear. Glad to see this post though, because it confirms some of the strangeness I've seen. :)

Whoops, good catch! That should be fixed now!  Thanks for letting me know!

I'm glad you enjoyed the scenario! I hope to do more of them as time allows.

Thank you! The coupon code was the missing link that I couldn't figure out!

I was 100% trying to emulate the feel of chapters in the Trails games, but overall I think it's a pretty decent way to do prep -- though as you say, more for a newer GM than for a more experienced one, who probably won't need so much structure.  As long as you don't get too rigidly locked in, it's a pretty good way to think about "Okay, here's something this person wants, and why it's something they can't just do themselves." ;)

Thanks for your kind words, and hope you are enjoying the game!

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I have Game A.  Some nonzero number of people have purchased it or gotten it through bundles.

I have created Game B. It's an add-on to Game A.  I would like to give Game B to all the people who have previously purchased Game A, but NOT to anyone who buys it from now on. (Game B will be put up for sale separately)

How do I do this? 

Respectfully, I never said anything about the "first few pages"; And sure, no "race to popularity" but being behind games that have never been updated, and have zero rankings, zero comments, and which show up hugely below you in the "Best Selling" sort does not inspire confidence.

Because I am a bit vain about my game (who isn't?) I sometimes check in on it and see how it's doing in the various rankings.  And recently-ish (past month, at least) it has been... what I would describe as impressively low in the Popularity ranking.  Fine. I can accept that. I'd still like to improve it, but fine.  So I go looking to see if I can figure out how, and I stumbled onto

Okay. Great. So I just need more comments, more ratings, more sales, etc. 

But it seems weird that when I compare my game to games that are above it, I can very easily find games that are older (or newer!), have fewer (or no) ratings, fewer (or no) comments, and which, if I switch to "Best Selling" sort, are well below my title in that list.

So it's a frustrating experience, and I wonder what I'm missing. I don't think I'm just salty.

We played this on our oneshot night a couple of weeks ago, and I found it to be hilarious and entertaining.  It contained just the right mix of fun prompts and open-ended play.  

Additionally, it's one of those rare beasts that we could actually finish in a single evening.

Excellent fun.  Will be playing again soon.


The "Short" version is 1.2, but the other documents are marked 1.1.  Are there rules differences between 1.2 and 1.1?

That's awesome! 

Since Crossbell is relatively small, you may have to worry a little more about the players choosing to return to a previous area in the middle of an Assignment, so it might be cool to prepare a couple of Tasks that can be dropped into areas they've previously visited.  Also, lean in extra hard on re-integrating existing people -- don't create a new NPC for something if an existing one will do!

If you run into any problems, let me know here, I'll do my best to respond promptly, and I'd love to hear how your game goes!

Great! Let me know if you have any questions, or any ideas for improvement to the sheet.  I look forward to your feedback on the game.

Also, one thing that I'm putting in the next revision, and the only thing from that list that I think is important enough to merit a mention is a change to the question list for the Child of Heroes.

Replace "What about them do you most want to emulate?" with "Who wishes them ill, and might try to use you to do it?"  -- This gives the Child of Heroes a bit more worldbuilding agency and the GM a little bit more useful material to work into play without really sacrificing much.

I hope that all my advice made it into the book!  But mostly I think it comes down to to usual sorts of things:

  • Make sure everyone is on board with playing JRPG-style good guys.  It's fine if some folks want to be outwardly prickly, but a heart of gold is pretty essential.
  • Make sure everyone knows about and understands Share a Moment -- it's really the key to making a lot of things work.
  • On a related note, use the "Ask them how they feel" GM move a lot. It can spark a lot of good roleplaying.
  • When possible, try to tie things back to the backgrounds of the PCs -- this is a little tricky if you're running a pre-written scenario without pregens, but anytime you can find somewhere to re-use something someone created during their character creation instead of introducing a "new" element, it's usually a good idea.

Are you planning to use one of the Assignments I've provided as a start, or are you making your own?

Oh, and also, if you are playing online, I created a Google Sheets character keeper here:

You'll want to make a copy for your own use.

I think I sent you an email, because I can't find any kind of DM functionality here on itch.

Since I never heard back from the last person to ask, I didn't work on that. How quickly do you need it?  And do you prefer form-fillable PDFs, or a 'character keeper' Google Sheet template?

I hope it suits your needs!

I don't want to complain, and I think this playbook is neat, but why is the file 44mb? That's practically the same size as the entire Blades in the Dark rulebook.  Is it really high resolution? Does it need to be?

Thank you very much! I will freely admit that this game started as my love letter to Trails in the Sky, but I hope it does the job for people looking for that kind of story.

I should be producing a draft of a scenario for it in the next few days, which will be free with the game, or purchasable separately.

I'm probably not the best person to answer this, but I would assume that  the more lead time you can give people, the more they can plan sales, or getting products done in time, or otherwise leverage the 'event'.

Sure would be nice to have a little more warning that these things are coming...

I'm glad!  The only thing I think I'd really want to do if I wanted to go "Full Tales-of" would be to expand on the magic system a little bit -- maybe with some advances that add specific new things you could do.

I may work on some optional modifications/playsets once I get the scenario I'm working on finished up.

I hope it suits you! Let me know if I can help at all.

I haven't made any, but I might be able to figure it out if you find it valuable.  I've also been considering a Google Sheets character keeper for online play.

I started running this a month and change ago, which means I've had around five sessions scattered over two different games, and while I initially had my doubts -- both about the level of 'desperation' that the dice set up and the general difficulty of running the setting, I'm pleased to report that, frankly, Last Fleet is amazing.  If you have a group of players who are willing to lean in on the desperation and things-going-badly because there's no way this ends well sort of scenarios, the game practically sings.

The outcomes from the various moves are well crafted, and the Pressure system is super smooth.  If I have one concern, it's that XP seems to get doled out a little...irregularly, and that keep track of when it comes in has been a little tricky, but I expect that will smooth itself out with more experience.

Really enjoying this game, and looking forward to playing more of it.

Is it intentional that the Ground Moves are absent from the Playbooks document? It seems a little odd, since it has a reference for all the other player facing moves?

Also, is there a Discord for discussion or anything like that? :)

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I really really like a lot of things about this game, but I find the presence of such relatively involved combat rules to be somewhat baffling.  Some much of rest of the book is fabulous, and drives straight at that 'small local problems' vibe, and then you have several pages of attack order and 'what happens if you get hurt too much' wedged between "What has it gots in its pockets?" and FEASTS for heaven's sake.  Feels very weird to give it even so much attention as you did. 

When I run this game, I will probably discard that entire section.

Please let me know if you have any feedback!  I have a lot of ideas still rolling around in my head, but I am hoping to get some more input before I decide which to work on!

Maybe you could make a version that's readable by someone who doesn't want to print things out, and is just looking to read the PDF on a screen?

Why is more than half of the text upside down? =(

Somehow I missed the existence of the demo.  I think I'm not quite accustomed to the UI yet.   Thanks, I'll check it out!

This game got a shout out recently, and I thought I'd come check it out, but now I've read this page four times and I can't really tell what the game is about, so I am sad.

I'm not John Harper, but I've run the game;  The sample island above is both.  It's what's in the book for that island and is completely playable.  The islands aren't "D&D adventures" with everything mapped out.  They're starting situations+threats+possible final battle assistance.   And as it turns out, they're pretty close to everything you need to run an Island. The rest of what you need is the GM procedure in the book, or something like it.