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Is it intentional that the Ground Moves are absent from the Playbooks document? It seems a little odd, since it has a reference for all the other player facing moves?

Also, is there a Discord for discussion or anything like that? :)

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I really really like a lot of things about this game, but I find the presence of such relatively involved combat rules to be somewhat baffling.  Some much of rest of the book is fabulous, and drives straight at that 'small local problems' vibe, and then you have several pages of attack order and 'what happens if you get hurt too much' wedged between "What has it gots in its pockets?" and FEASTS for heaven's sake.  Feels very weird to give it even so much attention as you did. 

When I run this game, I will probably discard that entire section.

Please let me know if you have any feedback!  I have a lot of ideas still rolling around in my head, but I am hoping to get some more input before I decide which to work on!

Maybe you could make a version that's readable by someone who doesn't want to print things out, and is just looking to read the PDF on a screen?

Why is more than half of the text upside down? =(

Somehow I missed the existence of the demo.  I think I'm not quite accustomed to the UI yet.   Thanks, I'll check it out!

This game got a shout out recently, and I thought I'd come check it out, but now I've read this page four times and I can't really tell what the game is about, so I am sad.

I'm not John Harper, but I've run the game;  The sample island above is both.  It's what's in the book for that island and is completely playable.  The islands aren't "D&D adventures" with everything mapped out.  They're starting situations+threats+possible final battle assistance.   And as it turns out, they're pretty close to everything you need to run an Island. The rest of what you need is the GM procedure in the book, or something like it.