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Let me know if you have any feedback. :)

There should be a couple more community copies now! I hope you like the game!

I really love the art and vibes for this game, but I wish there was more of it!

Also, there are a few places where I find the wording unclear.  Would you be interested in my doing an "editorial"/proofreading pass?

Thanks!  Those answers make sense with the added context!

A Danmei Story community · Created a new topic Questions!

I just gave this a quick read through, and I have some questions.

  • How do you make a roll if the situation is neither "in your favor" nor "really dangerous"?  Or does it always need to be one of those?
  • What is the starting Cutting Sleeves value? Or do we fill in a circle each time we use it? (Which I guess makes the starting value 3) Also, the character sheet spells it 'Cutting Sleves" which is probably an error.
  • It feels like getting worse at your skills as a result of helping people is going to disincentivize people from helping them?
  • Once you break down, how is that cleared? Does it go away if you clear a condition? What if no one has any Cutting Sleeves left?

Looking forward to seeing how this develops.

Had a lot of fun with this tonight, though I missed the line about creating at least three reasons to steal the Throne, so our finale didn't work quite right, but that's on us. 

Definitely a good time and a very easy 'drop in' game experience.  Will play again sometime.

Ok! Hit me with a message here when you get it squared away. 

And I'm liking a lot of what I see, but I'm also occasionally spotting the odd typo etc.  Would you like me to report these here as I find them?

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Thank you! That's pretty much the highest compliment you can give! Please consider leaving a rating as well if it's not too much trouble!  And tell your friends who like Trails! :)

There should be some more community copies now! Thank you for your interest, and I hope you like the game!

I really like the way this game is done, but I found some of the explanations regarding the kings and the dice confusing until I had read through the entire text -- I wish there had been a little bit more explanation of this up front.

Also, what is the purpose of removing the kings before shuffling? Is it just to ensure that they're not the top card of their respective stacks?

Gotcha; I wish it had been a little more clear that these things were 'judged' but I like it now that I get it! :)

oh, okay. And each turn, the number of points they get is... determined by the Beauty judging their actions?

I'm gonna be That Guy who uses this as an opportunity to make something for his own game. >.>

I really like the concept of this game, but I'm deeply confused about what actual play looks like.

Everyone (except the Noble Beauty) takes a simultaneous turn of one of four actions. No problem.  But "Only at the end of a round when all players have taken their turn does noble beauty act." -- but...there are no rules for what the Noble Beauty does when they act? Is this when they judge the performances and award points?  I don't know. =/  I assume this is how it works?

Backed the Kickstarter for this back in the day, and it's a really smart and inspirational design.  I'm glad to see it up here on Itch now.

I too am curious about this add on!

I am glad to hear you are excited! 

I hadn't considered mentoring the whole team - I think it's probably best to pick one character with whom they have a special relationship to add the extra Trust with. Giving it to everyone seems a little strong. But if you want, you could give them 2 moments with each party member instead. 

And yes, the bonus Trust from being a mentor is in addition to the usual +1/-1 that everyone gets. 

Sweet and simple. Feels like an excellent starter scenario.

Thanks. I'll report in if/when I get it on the table!

Oh, I see. I was confused because the first 'two things you can do on your turn' are two TYPES of things, while the second is what permutations of two of those things can you do... 

I've just started reading through this, and I bumped into something that seems weird in the "Turns" section. It says (This is me typing, because apparently you can't copy-paste from the PDF?):

Each Character can do 2 things during their turn: Move and Perform an Action.

On their turn, they can Move Twice, perform two Actions, or Move and Perform an Action.


These two statements appear to be contradictory?

I really like this, and I'd like to see the idea developed a little more.  As is often the case, I find myself reading and thinking "This is really interesting, but I don't trust myself to have enough mission ideas to pull it off." 

I hope it eventually gets some more attention. :)

If it makes you feel better, I had people claiming community copies of my game when it was on sale 100% off as well.  This is either some kind of weird effect of the UI, or just people being skeptical. Who can say.  But it's definitely not your fault for being unclear. Glad to see this post though, because it confirms some of the strangeness I've seen. :)

Whoops, good catch! That should be fixed now!  Thanks for letting me know!

I'm glad you enjoyed the scenario! I hope to do more of them as time allows.

Thank you! The coupon code was the missing link that I couldn't figure out!

I was 100% trying to emulate the feel of chapters in the Trails games, but overall I think it's a pretty decent way to do prep -- though as you say, more for a newer GM than for a more experienced one, who probably won't need so much structure.  As long as you don't get too rigidly locked in, it's a pretty good way to think about "Okay, here's something this person wants, and why it's something they can't just do themselves." ;)

Thanks for your kind words, and hope you are enjoying the game!

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I have Game A.  Some nonzero number of people have purchased it or gotten it through bundles.

I have created Game B. It's an add-on to Game A.  I would like to give Game B to all the people who have previously purchased Game A, but NOT to anyone who buys it from now on. (Game B will be put up for sale separately)

How do I do this? 

Respectfully, I never said anything about the "first few pages"; And sure, no "race to popularity" but being behind games that have never been updated, and have zero rankings, zero comments, and which show up hugely below you in the "Best Selling" sort does not inspire confidence.

Because I am a bit vain about my game (who isn't?) I sometimes check in on it and see how it's doing in the various rankings.  And recently-ish (past month, at least) it has been... what I would describe as impressively low in the Popularity ranking.  Fine. I can accept that. I'd still like to improve it, but fine.  So I go looking to see if I can figure out how, and I stumbled onto

Okay. Great. So I just need more comments, more ratings, more sales, etc. 

But it seems weird that when I compare my game to games that are above it, I can very easily find games that are older (or newer!), have fewer (or no) ratings, fewer (or no) comments, and which, if I switch to "Best Selling" sort, are well below my title in that list.

So it's a frustrating experience, and I wonder what I'm missing. I don't think I'm just salty.

We played this on our oneshot night a couple of weeks ago, and I found it to be hilarious and entertaining.  It contained just the right mix of fun prompts and open-ended play.  

Additionally, it's one of those rare beasts that we could actually finish in a single evening.

Excellent fun.  Will be playing again soon.


The "Short" version is 1.2, but the other documents are marked 1.1.  Are there rules differences between 1.2 and 1.1?

That's awesome! 

Since Crossbell is relatively small, you may have to worry a little more about the players choosing to return to a previous area in the middle of an Assignment, so it might be cool to prepare a couple of Tasks that can be dropped into areas they've previously visited.  Also, lean in extra hard on re-integrating existing people -- don't create a new NPC for something if an existing one will do!

If you run into any problems, let me know here, I'll do my best to respond promptly, and I'd love to hear how your game goes!

Great! Let me know if you have any questions, or any ideas for improvement to the sheet.  I look forward to your feedback on the game.

Also, one thing that I'm putting in the next revision, and the only thing from that list that I think is important enough to merit a mention is a change to the question list for the Child of Heroes.

Replace "What about them do you most want to emulate?" with "Who wishes them ill, and might try to use you to do it?"  -- This gives the Child of Heroes a bit more worldbuilding agency and the GM a little bit more useful material to work into play without really sacrificing much.

I hope that all my advice made it into the book!  But mostly I think it comes down to to usual sorts of things:

  • Make sure everyone is on board with playing JRPG-style good guys.  It's fine if some folks want to be outwardly prickly, but a heart of gold is pretty essential.
  • Make sure everyone knows about and understands Share a Moment -- it's really the key to making a lot of things work.
  • On a related note, use the "Ask them how they feel" GM move a lot. It can spark a lot of good roleplaying.
  • When possible, try to tie things back to the backgrounds of the PCs -- this is a little tricky if you're running a pre-written scenario without pregens, but anytime you can find somewhere to re-use something someone created during their character creation instead of introducing a "new" element, it's usually a good idea.

Are you planning to use one of the Assignments I've provided as a start, or are you making your own?

Oh, and also, if you are playing online, I created a Google Sheets character keeper here:

You'll want to make a copy for your own use.

I think I sent you an email, because I can't find any kind of DM functionality here on itch.

Since I never heard back from the last person to ask, I didn't work on that. How quickly do you need it?  And do you prefer form-fillable PDFs, or a 'character keeper' Google Sheet template?

I hope it suits your needs!

I don't want to complain, and I think this playbook is neat, but why is the file 44mb? That's practically the same size as the entire Blades in the Dark rulebook.  Is it really high resolution? Does it need to be?