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Several pieces, some might claim. But that's quite alright.

Please see the project page before downloading.

TL;DR: Save any important documents before running.


10-second speedrun!

Yeah, it's pretty hard to read. WCAG 2.0 AA requires a contrast ratio of 4.5:1 for text. Here we have 2.66:1.

How do you debug? Personally, I'm a big fan of System.out.println("yee");

I think it's too long, more than anything. But it's what I found - many of the free ghost sounds out there are scary screeches. Probably should've at least attempted to record my own.

Since I made my initial reply, there's been a new video created on installing Java 8 on Windows 2000. This doesn't require much messing around with system files. You may be interested.




Ah, that makes sense. Thanks!

I've been unable to find any information on what this box does. The Google machine suggests no-one has ever talked about it before. Toggling it appears to make no difference to the page, so I'm at a loss for what it does and if it's best to leave it unchecked or to check it.

Have you tried installing the Extended Kernel? Performance won't be great, but Mypal should run under this, which I support. For best results, ensure your graphics drivers are up-to-date. Bad Ballsy Benchmark may not work on older graphics cards that don't support OpenGL stuff.

As far as the downloadable version is concerned, I don't support it on Windows 2000. By the sounds of this thread, you may be able to get Java 8 Update 121 running on 2000, which BBB should run under, but no promises.

I'm interested in seeing what other people think of the timer length. It's mainly one minute to fit with the "one" theme (one button, 1-bit). If others agree it's too long, I can easily reduce it.

Not too keen on the screen shake idea but maybe it could invert the colours for a few frames as indication of pressing the wrong button and/or time being up. I should experiment!

Thanks for checking it out :)

Go for it. You won't be the only one dithering.

0 hours left 0.o

DragunQween suggested this in the Jam Review video. A popular request, it is! What I do, if I make a habit of participating in libGDX jams, is figure out how to pack my jam submissions into a single Android app. It would be easier to maintain this way and nothing I'd make for a jam would have enough effort put in to deserve its own app listing anyway.

Turning Counting Thonks into an app might pose some challenges. It would probably need to tie into system alarm stuff somehow, as it would be no good if the thonks were unable to thonk because the screen was turned off. That's something to investigate another year.

Sir, it would take you ~58.87 days to get there. I think your score is cheated.

Oh no, you must have thonked out trying to leave a comment! The thonks must be too powerful.


The levels have a nice design, with the doodles of the things. But in future, I recommend buying some coloured pencils instead of using a plain old 2B. This will really make your game pop!

As for the actual characters, I think I've seen them somewhere before. Prepare for a lawsuit from Matt Groening himself! No points for originality there.


The music is simple and sweet. The sound effects are beautifully homemade ─ rat-a-tat-tat! Full points for this. Love it.


This could do with improvement. Let's say I want to angle my tank north-east. If I don't release W and D perfectly in-sync, my tank will be either north or east. Using the mouse for clicking quest characters isn't ideal ─ this should also be done with the keyboard.


Minimalism is neat and all, but it's possible to be too minimalist sometimes. For example, where am I? What items are in my inventory? How much health do I have left? The world will never know the answers to these very important questions.


Fucking abhorrent. I keep getting stuck on trees and houses. I don't know where I'm supposed to go for quests. The tutorial is completely unhelpful.


This game runs beautifully on my machine. The game page may say it needs Windows, but it really doesn't ─ Linux will do.

However, this game runs at a fixed size and we should be considerate of the poor souls who are using a screen smaller than (or equal to if space is taken up by taskbar etc.) 1366×768. There's still a lot of 1280×1024 users out there, and it would be a great shame for them to miss out on the edges of the game.


Shoot Shoot is shit shit, but it shows promise. I recommend people download this if their computer does sound. If it doesn't, don't bother ─ there's nothing in this for you.

Hello. I am JamesGDX - a blatant knockoff of libGDX. I do the same things but with more steps. You know, I've never actually figured out what the "GDX" stands for. James#2127 on Discord. I know there's another James - we can figure that problem out when we come to it.

Really no promises I'll submit anything, but I'll stick around and see what the theme turns out to be. If it sounds like something simple could be whipped up for it in 10 minutes hours, sure, I'll throw some prototype out there. Don't know what I'm doing, but do any of us?