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rel="me" link attribute doesn’t work in profile editor

A topic by Dale Price created Nov 07, 2022 Views: 1,911 Replies: 14
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For those of us developers whose social media accounts are on the Fediverse (Mastodon, etc) it’s important to be able to set up a reciprocal link to those accounts using the rel="me" HTML attribute. This allows Mastodon to verify our ownership of the URL. From Mastodon’s documentation:

You can verify yourself as the owner of the links in your profile metadata. For that, the linked website must contain a link back to your Mastodon profile. The link back must have a rel=“me” attribute.

Since only allows Twitter handles in our profile settings, I tried using the HTML view of the profile editor to manually add a link to my Mastodon account with that attribute, but it appears to be stripped off when I view my profile page. This means that a link from my Mastodon profile to my itch page won’t show up as verified on Mastodon.

Ideally, itch would allow us to link to any social media account and not just Twitter, and automatically add the rel="me" attribute. Barring that, itch should stop stripping the attribute from links in our pages’ HTML.


I second that.


Came here to suggest exactly this.


In the optimistic hope that posting "me too" on a forum thread improves its visibility & influence, I would like to say: me, too.


The website field uses rel="nofollow me", if that's good enough. But of course we only get one of those.


That’s at least something. Thanks for pointing it out.

PS I needed to manually save my profile (without any changes) on Mastodon for the green checkmark to appear.


Using the website link works for verification but yes, it would be nice to have an extra link for Mastodon.

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Seconding this in particular as someone with a personal website and Mastodon profile. I tried adding a rel=“me” link to the bio section, but it’s re-formatted in the live page so it’s not viable as a workaround. EDIT: Missed that part of OP’s post, but left this in since the same thing happened to me

Could be interesting to allow multiple custom links at the top or something, would probably be easier than adding new options over time.

but did you put the rel = me attribute or just the link to get it to work?

Has anyone succeeded in having their itch page verified on Mastodon?

I tried adding the Mastodon link to my itch profile both in the "rel=me" and "rel=nofollow me" variants, but it doesn't seem to make any difference. Am I misunderstanding something? :P 


Currently the only way to do it is by putting your Mastodon profile in the Website field which also has the rel=“me” attribute. Additionally, you need to save your Mastodon profile to have it check for the link.

can you give an example of what to actually type in that field please? it doesnt seem to work


+1 to having more than Twitter links.

Maybe we could have custom fields so we specify if they're from hellbird, masto or whatever?


Mastodon works like that: there are four custom fields. If they happen to contain an URL, they become links with rel="me", and when you save the profile those sites are contacted. If they link back to your profile, also with rel="me", they turn green with a checkmark. Best system I've seen so far.

That is what their info says. I have attempted to get it to work repeatedly. I have a couple of websites on a hosting service.  I put references to them in the custom fields. I put the  rel="me" line in the index page, copied exactly from the message on the Mastodon instance in the "edit profile" dialogue. Nothing happens. It does not turn the link green; it does not add "verified" to my ID. I have done this with 2 different Mastodon accounts on different instances, and with several of my websites. The Mastodon admin had no answers. Just suggested moving the code around in my index page to see if that helped. On one occasion a message flashed on the screen saying something  like  ""Can't verify CSRF token"    It flashed and disappeared.  I don't know whether that would be an issue on Mastodon or on my server. Since the verification works for other users with other websites, I suspect it is something lacking in my sites, but I have no idea what.