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Thank you for playing, the semaphore puzzle is solved by manually directing the light in the direction you hear the bell ringing out of the window, thus illuminating the boat and a semaphore signal, collect all 4 noting the symbol on the window of each and use the chart on the wall to gain the code to unlock the box on the lower floor. I hope that helps.

I'm sorry to hear this, may i ask which version of windows you are running? 

Great loop, I got it on the second play, kind of wish I didn't as I was enjoying the tension.  

This is an amazing game, the story telling is deep and captivating from the get go.  The sounds, music and art all combine well to delivery a perfect atmosphere for the world.  Nice touches with the references to PCD and the time constraints of the AdvJam.  Voice acting was on point.  Well done on making this in only two weeks.

I was planning on watching The Thing again soon, this game has made me push it to the top of my list.  I love the suspense you create.  The music was fantastic, it felt like it was building the tension, but it stopped after the introduction and I could start to explore, so with just a few sound effects it lost something that had really hooked me.  The map was a bit of a learning curve and could have been made to function in a simpler way.  But those points aside it's a great story and delivery, well done.

Another amazing game by The Argonauts, you guys really come up with the most wonderful ideas every time. For this reason I wanted to do something different myself, but maybe strayed a little to far.  Your sound design and art are as always great, I just wish you used some of the fantastic voice talent available because it would add another layer to your games.  The flashlight was of particular interest as I saw you had shared it on the discord.  I'm thinking of how i can incorporate it in my next game as I liked it so much.  For me this is a true point and click adventure game, and it's the gold standard that we should all be aiming to.  Well done to you all.

S**t i lost my sword!, Cool it's stuck in that guys back! A very nice game for your first, really well done.  I look forward to seeing more in the future.

I enjoyed this game very much, the story layering unfolded really well.  Good sfx and the pixel art style is very good. Looking forward to seeing more games from you.

here is my play through

You have done a lot with 9 Rooms, I really like it and all it's puzzles, I struggled at first with the controls, but soon got the hang of it. Nice graphics style and story structure. 

So I played it again.

So much reading in silence, a little background music would have been nice, but that is my only gripe.  It's a wonderfully executed game, that has me wanted to immediately replay to beat my 66/100 score.  The help/advice system is really helpful and the art style work well for the games mood.  

A great thing you have made! I love your art style and animations, it's a really polished looking game.  I made a playthough video,  I had a few text display glitches which you can see, but nothing that took away for the pleasure of playing this game.  After I played I read your walkthrough guide and and I think I missed a few things, because I asked about the pilots energy drink and the plane crashed, I thought it was going to be a groundhog day style game but I awoke and the only thing i could say was "no thank you" which let sandy go and serve the pilot and stopped the plane from crashing.  I would have like another chance to play through with the knowledge from the first run.  Anyway I see much room for expanding this game and will look forward to seeing where you go with it. Congratulations and well done.

I loved this game, but i really struggled with the controls, but that's just my ability or lack there of.  The story is well made and the introduction of the mechanics feels timely.  Congratulation on making such a cool game.

Cool game, everything worked for me, here's a few things i noticed.

I crafted the shoes before picking up the feather, then it told me I needed shoes, not a big deal. I like the interaction with the inventory and it telling you how to use it, I wasn't so keen on actually using the mouse scroll wheel for the inventory, it felt awkward to me leaving the keyboard just to use it. Nice balance on the puzzles, I needed to think a bit, which is always good.  The story all ties together and i knew what i had to do throughout the game.  I appreciate the mini wasn't too hard, when he said clean 10 plates, i got a cold sweet, worrying that i wouldn't be able to manage it, but all good in the end, nice touch to finish off the chef.

Good game well done.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback.  Sorry to hear about the rusty spark plug disappearing, I will check it out to see if i can reproduce it.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback, we are working on an update to add the things we wanted in but ran out of time to do.  Safe to say the narrative within the game will be fleshed out and a multiple ending finish will be in place.

Thanks for playing  Steven, I'm really pleased you enjoyed it and that you got through it without the walkthrough.

Thank you for playing and kind words.

Thank you for playing and the very kind words.

Thank you for playing and the kind words. Jonathan was added in the last days, he was a product of lack of sleep and to much caffeine, but he turned out nice.

Thanks for playing, I know how busy you are with your upcoming release.  I thought by going first person it would be less work, I was wrong!

Thank you for playing and the very kind words.

Thank you for playing and for the feedback, we are working on an update to add the things we wanted in but ran out of time to do.  Safe to say the narrative within the game will be fleshed out and a multiple ending finish will be in place.

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A real pleasure to play, this is totally the type of game I like, nice interesting puzzles, tension even if it's unknown story, well done.  This is in my top ten for the jam.

Cool game, definitely a good start. Are you adding multiple attack combat moves? anyway I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with this.

A great idea in channel hopping, looking forward to seeing the other channels when they are done. It had me thinking what if what you did on one channel had an effect on the story on another, you would have to bounce around to find the right channel to advance the overall story, maybe that's two ideas. anyway nice game, well done.

Well written and sets the scene well.  I'm looking forward to seeing what happens next.

A very interesting game, using real world locations was a very cool idea and overall the concept was very well executed. I have never played a game like this before and i really enjoyed it.

This is a piece of art, wonderful to experience. once I have finished playing some more jam game, I want to take a look at some of your other games.

Did the whole game without using shift. Look forward to seeing more from this game.

congratulations on your wonderful first Game Jam game, you have made a beautiful thing. I look forward to seeing how the story continues.

A nice idea for a game, definitely see the potential in this idea, I do like the countdown and all the items everywhere to collect.

I sneaked out, but only after going in every possible corner until I found the exit.  A few doors and keys could add a nice touch, definately a good foundation for expansion of the idea, I look forward to seeing more of this game.

I really enjoyed this game, it felt like a Lucas arts Indiana Jones game, which is always a good feeling.

Wow!! This is an amazing game, apart from the voice acting which is great, the script, pacing, dialogue system, world building, the completeness of it is wonderful.  The only negative thing I could say was the ship map to move between rooms wasn't good enough for the quality of the rest of the game.

I wasn't sure what i was doing, but i like it a lot.  I got the engine from the egg planet and gave it to the chicken to fix the truck.  I collect a piano and a fish and  then died in the quantum door. I enjoyed the radio and was surprised by how long it went before looping, great voice acting. I want to see more of this game.

Great game, I liked the puzzles very much and the hint system is a nice touch.  The music and art create a good atmosphere.  I really enjoyed it.

Loved it, only played once as there are so many games in this jam to try, but i will definitely go back and try for the other endings.

I really enjoyed the game Steven, 6 days! it's fine work, the script is solid and and the voices do a great job with it.  Enough of a puzzle to get me thinking, good logic, I like that.  Definitely one of my favourites of the jam.

Interesting game, I hope you are planning on developing this further as i see a great game here with lots of possibilities.  I love the atmosphere and feel of the game.