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but did you put the rel = me attribute or just the link to get it to work?

I'm sorry hear about this, I also find this problem on my mac, this is how i solve it -

Thank you for creating and sharing the playthrough.

A very enjoyable game.

Thank you for playing and your kind message, we did cut a few corners, in fact so many that we broke the scissors!

Thank you for your kind words and doing a video of your play through too, these really help us with seeing how others approach the game. :)

Thank you for playing, and we are glad you had some fun with it.  I agree some things took more searching than others, but we really went to the wire making this, another week of polishing and some more play testers, and we could have ironed out some of the winkles.

I tried to download and Dropbox states that it is deleted.

Sorry it's not available at the moment, it was suffering from too many bugs and is in the process of be fixed.

Thank you for playing and the feedback. :)

Thank you for playing our game, and we are glad you enjoyed it.

I started the game fine, I spoke with the lady at the back whom I suspected straight away who/what she was, but I didn't understand the symbol meanings, I got through the dialogue with what seemed good positive responses, in the end when she asked me to name her, I think I choose wrong, at that point we arrived at a station but all I did was start spinning around, couldn't move or interact. I had to press escape to stop it, then I met the conductor, and again I started spinning, escape worked again here, then that was it. Roll credits.  Nice relaxing music, very nice style for the characters and from what I learned from my play through, rich writing and great voice acting.  I wanted to be able to talk to all the character without having to restart the game, maybe I should have spoken with the woman at the back last.  Great Work guys.

I like the feel and the style of this game, the tension is definitely in who goes first, You have made something I wouldn't have guessed was made with Visionaire Studio Engine.

Thank you for playing.

Thank you for playing, I can imagine with headphones that you got quite a shock when you completed the first room.

I didn't see the ending coming, I thought the black and white was a 50s style TV show, just missing the canned laughter.  Great work guys, impressive cast of characters, all really well voiced. Well executed ending.

Well done guys, having had a sneak preview when I play tested, I knew what to expect. The story is moving forward well, and I like your graphic style. What's the next move, ep.3 or a merging of 1&2?

Fabulous, this game had me laughing from the very start, well done and great voice acting by all.

Epic Game! It truly is a great piece of work to have made in 2 weeks, I really like the character style and the music and atmosphere gave me Thimbleweed Park vibe.  Bravissimo.

thank you for playing, I hope you didn’t jump to high! You are right we gave the player a lot of pointing and clicking to do. The reality is that 2 weeks really isn’t enough time to deliver a game of this size in a perfect way, every part is like a plate spinning on a stick, we tried to keep as many of the plates going, but in the end you can only manage so much, the responses to trying wrong combinations was one of those plates that unfortunately fell, but we will address that in a future update.

I enjoyed the intro/prologue to the controls and the game, very stylish and well written story, with good graphics and gameplay mechanics. Well done, I definitely see this as a bigger game.

Sure, I would like to help, build a mac version in visionaire, and it will give you a bunch of files, but you only need the .app file, zip that up and upload you're good to go, there really shouldn't be any issues just because it is the mac version, but if you want you can send it over and I will test it first, before you upload.

Any chance of a mac version?

I would like to try this in VR. Looking forward to seeing where you will take this game.

Well done. I like the way you told the story and I like the daily routine of tasks, really nice art and the music fitted the gameplay well.

This is fantastic!! I really loved everything about this game, I was left wanting more Travis Walker adventures. Well done for such a polished game.

Puzzles, live action video, maniac mansion, pixel art, scary child laughter, did I mention puzzles, this game has it all!
Well done to the whole team.
I went upstairs when I only had 5/6, is there a 6th?

Thank you for playing, it's also the music and sound effects that help with the jump scares, which is the work of Javier Ventosa.  You are so right about the voice acting, Paul Thomas did a fantastic job with little to no direction.

What an adventure, I really loved everything about this game, a fantastic piece of work in 2 weeks. CRT filter was the cherry on the cake for this game.

Lovely game. I liked the fact that you had plenty of items to interact with, everything worked well, and I appreciate the cupboards opening, very nice touch. Looking forward to  seeing more from the KITTYVERSE.

Having worked in an IT department for many years, you still actually made it  fun to solve the office staffs problems, great idea for a game and I really liked the graphics. Well done for creating such a solid game in 2 weeks.

Very nicely drawn, interesting game play, I definitely feel there is more to explore in this world you are creating.

I really enjoyed this game, well done everyone involved. I particularly like the art style and the colour scheme.  Well written with a lovely balance of history and humour.

Thank you for playing, If we had more time we could have had fewer items in drawers and cupboards and more on display around the scene. Hopefully in the next update we can do something.

The art is what makes this game for me, I can't praise Dani enough for her work in the scenes and character design. 

Thank you, It was a lot of long days and I credit having everyone in the team really working in the same direction, we drove each other on and supported each other's ideas.

The save game system will defiantly feature is the update.

Thank you for the kind words. I think I can speak for the whole team, (by the way,  we didn't know each other two weeks ago.) that we all put a lot of effort and even more hours of work to deliver this game in two weeks. It's really amazing that people can come together and create anything in such a short space of time. I am really proud of what we achieved.

It's up now :)