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It’s available in the latest version.

There’s no option for that currently but I’ll see if I can add it.

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There’s two main reasons that the game is on and not Catalog (the official store).

1. The game launched a year before Catalog did. It might have even been the first Playdate game on

2. For the longest time the game was set to “pay what you want” which is great to get a game seen by more people and still make some money but that option is not available on Catalog. As the game matured and got more content I eventually changed it to “paid” which makes it compatible with Catalog and I hope to get it on there eventually.

Thanks for your comment. I accidentally hid the file while uploading a small update. It’s back up now. :)


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Not goofy at all but there is currently no scalable way to give Catalog codes to people who bought the game here.

Hi, this issue is unrelated to the update. Any game you sideloaded before February will have the same issue when updated. You can learn more about it at

To get your save data you’ll have to put your Playdate into data disk mode and copy all files from Data/user.1234.sketch-share-solve/ to Data/ where 1234 is your user number.

I know it’s been a while but I just added this today.

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In this puzzle and others when you don‘t know what to do next, find a longer block and try placing it in a corner. Often you’ll find that it will contradict with the next line once you continue from there and you’ll be able to cross out the corner square. You can also see this technique illustrated in the "mouth part" of the tutorial.

If you have to draw a bit to clearly see the contradiction, you’ll be able to remove the wrong parts with the undo action afterwards.

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Yes, the main issue is that some of the assets including the puzzle solutions look pretty bad when inverted. A proper dark mode would need more consideration. Is there anything specific you’re looking for in a dark mode?

Good idea! I’ve added it to the next release.

From any screen you can open the menu by 1) undocking the crank or 2) opening the system menu and selecting the "game menu" entry.

Hi, which option specifically can’t you see? Can you tell me what you tried and what didn’t work?

Currently the only way to do it is by putting your Mastodon profile in the Website field which also has the rel=“me” attribute. Additionally, you need to save your Mastodon profile to have it check for the link.

Using the website link works for verification but yes, it would be nice to have an extra link for Mastodon.

It’s 150 total. :)

Hi, from the avatar editing screen you open the menu (undock crank or select “game menu” from the system menu) and then select “save”.

Thanks for the kind words. The soundtrack isn’t available yet but I’ll figure something out.

Thanks for the feedback. You’re right, I hadn’t considered that.

Hi, it’s a thread in the #sideload channel.

Yes, the process is a bit tricky. I’ll add some instructions here once I see people start sharing puzzles.

Hi, I haven’t seen any puzzles shared yet. People are just getting their Playdates so I’m not surprised. If I see some I’ll make sure to link to them.

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. I’ve published a fixed build.

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. I’ve published a fixed build.

Hi, sorry for the inconvenience. I’ve published a fixed build.

Thanks a lot. I’ll make sure to update once it’s fixed.

Yes, if there was an error trying to read the file we’d see this error in the simulator and I don’t think that’s the case here. Normally the game goes through all files in the import folder and opens them. My assumption is that this is where it fails so it doesn’t even see the file. There’s some extra logic with combining two different directories in the SDK so a couple of things could be happening and it’s hard to tell with remote debugging.

It looks like the file that contains the puzzles (import/rdk.json in the pdx) is not readable for some reason. I assume that it’s a Linux issue. I’ll try to investigate but it will take a while as I don’t have a linux machine at hand.

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It’s expected to just say “player” and in theory the OS shouldn’t matter much for games that only use Lua. I’m just asking because I don’t have any other ideas where the error comes from.

The save data is in a folder called Disk in the installed SDK but I’m not sure where that is on Linux.

Hi, thanks for reporting. I can’t reproduce this here so I need more context to fix this. Which OS are you using? Did you create any puzzles beforehand or was this on the first start? Did you otherwise change any code or save data?

The app in version 1.1 isn’t executable. The quickest way to fix it is to right click on the app in Finder, choose "services->New Terminal at Folder", paste "chmod +x Contents/MacOS/AMAZESPACE" into the terminal, and hit enter. After that you might still have to give permission in the preferences and you’re good to go.