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Hello, I enjoy moving around as if my head was an airplane. Will The Zium Museum (2017) one day accommodate those of us with inverted airplane head controls?

You can't see it, but I'm nodding, as if my head were a plane.

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I play with the mouse inverted – the way the gods intended – as though my head were a plane. Is there some way to achieve that in-game?

Oh, actually I noticed there's a new downloads/ folder in my new install location (on the bigger drive), so I guess I can just delete the downloads/ folder on my C: drive? Maybe that's just a bunch of older downloads that I don't really need anymore...

Hm... I've tried doing that, but that seems to be specifically for the installation of the games themselves. I think the SquirrelTemp/ and Roaming/itch/downloads/ folders are specifically internal folders that can't be moved. The downloads/ folder in particular is just filled up with zip files with numerical names (, e.g.), which I'm assuming are the packages that are then unzipped into the folders defined in Manage Install Locations.

Rather than changing the install location of my Library games, I was wondering if these internal folders could be installed elsewhere.

now this is golf

I also played through the game and thoroughly enjoyed it and also like to run around as though my head was an airplane. Inverted controls are great! I played on keyboard/mouse so even just pressing 'i' to invert would be great.

Heya, I love the app, however I noticed that the two following folders are taking up a lot of room (comparatively) on my C:\ drive:
AppData/SquirrelTemp (~1.6GB)
AppData/Roaming/itch/ (~1.8GB, a lot of which is in downloads/)

Since C:\ is my OS drive, it's pretty small, and I was looking to make some room on it. Is there any way to move the above folders to another drive, or is that functionality in the pipeline?

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I've been maintaining a "Wishlist" collection for myself. When I view the collection in my browser, I can see when certain games are on sale; however, I don't see the same info in the app. It'd be great to know at a glance whether one of my wishlist games is on sale! Examples below, from the browser, and from the app.

Wishlist viewed in the browser

Wishlist viewed in the app

I've made a few purchases through my browser, filling in my credit card information manually each time (I intentionally don't save the data anywhere). I noticed that the text fields store/recall my full name (that's fine), do not store my full credit card number (also good), but they seem to store my credit card's CVC (or whatever you call the verification code). Would it be possible, as with the full credit card number, not to store this text field in the browser?

Just an idle thought, regarding which I couldn't see any other mention here or on Github -- it would be nice to see what the total size of a game's download would be, on the downloads page. There's "Current Speed" and "Estimated time remaining" so I suppose I could do the math, but just for convenience's sake...

Strangely I get a non-compatible/"Not available on Windows" message in the app, though I can download it to my Windows machine easily enough directly from the game page. As far as I know, there's no "Make available in app" switch, so this might be a bug in the app itself...

Oh yeah, that's on both the collections and profile pages.

Very much low-priority, but in Firefox, on the Collections page, there's a duplication of scrollbars on the list of games, like this. Pretty much a non-issue, it's just a little gross ;)

Aw, shoot, sorry. Maybe some weird combination of extensions or something in Windows. If I figure something out, I'll post again, but otherwise never mind ;_;

I'm trying to edit the text for my collection (here) in Firefox... however, when I start typing, the text box repeatedly loses focus. It seems to happen most often as soon as I hit space, but I've noticed it happen mid-word sometimes. Doesn't seem to happen in Chrome.

I updated both Cartas and Norman's Sky a few days ago... however, every time I open the app, it prompts me to choose which update package I want to download. That's even if I open the app, wait for them to have downloaded, then close it and immediately re-open it.

Interestingly, the actual downloads don't take any time at all -- they're immediately finished. However, I'm still prompted at every startup. I'm on v18.3.

Just to follow up, as per your tweet, I tried v18 and still got the "Error: getaddrinfo ENOENT" error appearing.

If it helps: I'm moving tomorrow and so my apartment's wifi has been cut off... I'm using my neighbour's network, but it's much, much slower and drops out every now and again.

I'm definitely using 17.6.6, and if for instance I put my laptop in airplane mode and start up the app, I still get the error.

I can't see much of it, since there's only around three lines of text in the window and it does seem to go on for a bit, but the first lines are:

Error: getaddrinfo ENOENT at Object.exports._errnoException (util.js:949:11) at errnoException (dns.js:33:15)

I can try to copy-paste the rest of this, three lines at a time, though if there's a full log output somewhere on disk that might be easiest.

Hmm... I thought it was as up-to-date as possible, but I'll double-check when I get home (what's the quickest way to determine that?)

And if it happens again I'll screencap the error.

Does the app have an offline mode, or is that in the works? I fired it up while Not On The Information Superhighway and got some error on the login screen... though I didn't screencap it, I'm afraid... :(

Certainly I can just run my games from the installation folders, but these days it's nice to have a lovely platform from which to do it, on- or offline.

Right now most other game store apps allow you to create desktop shortcuts for your installed games in Windows -- either prompting as you're installing or through something like a context menu. It would be swell to have something similar with Itch!

i approve of recursive acronyms.