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The Haunted Island, a Frog Detective Game

You're a detective, and a frog, and it's time to solve a mystery. · By Grace Bruxner, Thomas Bowker

Inverted controls?

A topic by sg created Nov 30, 2018 Views: 338 Replies: 4
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I'm a couple minutes in and THIS GAME IS AMAZING. One request though: would it be possible to have an inverted "look" option in the future? Thanks!


this is on our to-do list! are you playing with a controller?

Oh yay! I played it on my laptop with a trackpad, tho I play inverted on controllers and mice as well. (I guess my brain thinks I'm controlling a lever that attaches to the camera, not the camera itself!)


I also played through the game and thoroughly enjoyed it and also like to run around as though my head was an airplane. Inverted controls are great! I played on keyboard/mouse so even just pressing 'i' to invert would be great.


Hello everybody ! I've added an option for inverted look controls!

ty for suggestion - from tom