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Hi! Sorry you're not able to download the newer Linux version! It seems like I'm able to download it ok from the website - but I did notice that the 1.01 version wasn't marked as a Linux version, so I went ahead and checked that box in case it makes a difference. Can you let me know if that did the trick?

I'll update it on once I fix a few more things!

I just added a slightly experimental {pick} script to the github version of môsi ( So you can do something like this:

{pick {sprite-at x y}}

More info on the wiki:

Really cool! Awesome job! I'll have to take a look soon :)

For a .mosi file, you can import it from the world pane’s extras menu: press the button with the planet icon twice to get to the world pane, then click the world’s name to open the extras menu - there should be an import button there that opens up an import dialog where you can upload a .mosi file or paste in game data

For an html file you’ll need to open it in a text editor and copy the value of window.GAME_DATA, then paste it into the text field of the import dialog

Thanks! :D

Yeah, it makes sense that an early build wouldn’t be optimized for performance - and laptops usually aren’t always great at running games in general. But I’d be more than happy to help test future Mac builds!

This game looks like it's going to be beautiful and a really cool exploration/survival game! Unfortunately I'm running into issues running the demo on my MacBook Pro (2017). The screen appears to be the wrong resolution for me, so the left and right sides of the screen are cut off. During the dives, the game runs too slowly to tell when I'm interacting with things - it can take several seconds for the hover state to trigger, and several more for the actual action to happen, whether it's movement or pressing buttons on the control panel. Needless to say I didn't get far enough to provide much real feedback, but the little bits I can provide: I wasn't sure what the camping buttons did ("dusk" and "dark" seemed to progress time, but I didn't see a way to cancel out back to the main screen) and once I was diving, I couldn't see an option for returning to shore. Thanks for sharing your work-in-progress - I look forward to following the rest of the game's development!

I love how the landscape changes as you wake up the sprouts - and there are crows! <3


Crows are the best :)

Tiny bats! The echolocation is really cool

Holy cow the atmosphere in this one is amazing! Gorgeous, spooky, melancholy, creepy... I loved the art, the space, the ambiance, and the pacing.

I had some trouble figuring out what I was supposed to do at first (not used to puzzles in bitsy games I guess... actually I don't play many games with puzzles in them at all, now that I think about it), but once I understood the basic patterns and expectations things went smoothly. Thanks so much for this!

This is so beautiful - especially the [spoilers] at the end! The way the music shifts at certain moments is also very poignant. And as always, I'm a sucker for user interfaces made in bitsy :)

I love wandering around your memories of this library - it reminds me of the library in my hometown growing up, and how it changed over time with remodels and such. Thanks for sharing!

Doh - I forgot the entire bottom row of the map! Anyway, success this time! Thanks for this, Onion, it’s really a gem :)

I played through twice, both times collecting all the spoons in a methodical fashion, but didn't get the 'last spoon' message (the bed didn't do anything either)

Yeah of course! I'll report back shortly!

Hm yes, I thought I had to go back home and lie in bed, but nothing happened

This is so pretty, with all its cozy colors! And that AURORA, holy cow! (I haven't discovered the ending tho...)

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The graphics are excellent! And I liked that you get to play out the suspects' testimonies. I hope we get to see more of my new favorite corvid detective in the future...


A succulent mystery!

An excellent onion detective story! I especially liked the cameos :)

Wow, I love this song - I'd never heard it before! The galaxies look amazing in bitsy, and the journey through them complements the song perfectly

I love the combo of bicycles and magic! It feels a bit like a short story from a sci-fi anthology - like a little slice of story from a much larger world

This is flippin fantastic - kind of want to hang out in this game all day


This is my kind of winter hike - peaceful, a lot of creatures, a warm place to be at the end, and the snow is entirely virtual! (I like hikes, just not snow!)

This is completely adorable :)

Wow, this is so beautiful

So glad! :D

This is such a sweet game! I loved helping all the lost travellers, and wandering far from the dusty paths. :)

This is my favorite kind of sci-fi <3

Aw everyone is so nice the ghost once they can see them! It’s so heartwarming :)

Resizing is meant to clear the world, but it’s not supposed to cause an error! I’ll try to recreate the error so I can fix it. What browser and OS are you using? What were you resizing things to? If you can, can you export the world and share that with me?

It looks like this is saying:

  • if I start the battle with more than 0 hp, battle the ghost and decrease my hp
    • at that point if I have 0 or more hp, I win the battle and gain xp
      • if I have enough xp, I gain a level
    • I have less than 0 hp after the battle, I lose my clothes but my hp is reset to 0 (so I don't die)
  • if I start the battle with 0 or less hp, I'm dead

Is that correct? It seems to work that way in the game when I tested it. I also did a simpler test of nested if/else statements, and that worked for me.

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Thanks! I'm not seeing the random movement or slow-downs you mentioned, but I've only tried it in Firefox so far. What browser/os are you using?

Môsi community · Posted in HELP!

Do you want to start over, or rescue your old game?

If you want to grab the raw world data, try opening the browser's dev console and typing in localStorage.getItem("mosi-state") - that should return a big ugly string, and if you send it to me I can clean it up so you can re-import it.

If you just want to start over from scratch, type in localStorage.removeItem("mosi-state") - that should clear any old data that might be messing with the new version.