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You can only import sprites previously exported from mosi

It is possible to add a new font at least. Go to the world panel, tap the name of the world to open the settings, tap on "font settings," then "import new font." Mosi uses the bitsyfont format, so you can search for those or make your own with Fontsy:

A quick look doesn't turn up any Cyrillic fonts, but I see Arabic, Thai, and Extended Latin options.


Fixed this issue (hopefully) in version 2.1!

Thank you! I’ll take a look!

Sadly your frog had died, but it looks like you took good care of them! You can start a new frog by going back to the main menu and choosing “restart”


No, so far there's not utility like that for Mosi - someone should totally make one, that would be awesome!


Sometimes there are random mutations!

Autonomously blasting off, tho, is a new one... let me know if they show up again at the end. I don't know when I'll be able to debug it, so I hope they're just getting wanderlust while you're away!

Oops sorry, I had a similar comment on my other game and didn't mean to reply the same thing here! You should see a list of downloads right above the comments section; download the .gb file, and load it in a Game Boy emulator.

Thank you! But no, no downloadable version at this time

It's only playable in the browser

Thanks for playing! <3

OMG thank you so much for playing! Your commentary was so wonderful to listen to! You took such good are of your frog that they never got sick or dirty (and hint: the butterflies might be easier to catch if you can get them to stay in one place somehow...) <3

Oops! I'll fix that in the next version, thanks for letting me know!

That would be cool! I don’t have the time to work more on môsi at the moment, but feel free to fork the github repro!

Yay! Looks so good on your bright green GBC with a plant-y backdrop! Also... pet your frog for me? They look so sad

This made my day - I’m so glad these little guys bring you joy!

Totally understand, tho I think the controls are the same on Switch and gamepad based on what I've played so far (aside from the gamepad A/B buttons being switched around)

I picked up the game on Switch too, and I thought of several things that could improve gameplay with a gamepad/controller. Let me know if you're interested in that feedback!

Thank you! I will wait patiently and eagerly!

Oh! I found a menu for remapping controls, but it's only in the in-game settings menu, not the top level settings menu as I'd expect. Unfortunately when I press "remap controls" I don't seem to have any way to actually select any of the controls to remap - the only thing that changes is the "remap controls" button becomes an "ok" button. Also, when I open the back menu, the bumpers seem to switch to a random tab in the book each time, instead of going to the next/previous tab.

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I just bought this and loaded it up - looks cute! But it seems like when using my controller (8BitDo Lite), A and B buttons are swapped, X and Y buttons are swapped, and I can't use L-Stick to navigate menus. Regardless of whether I have the controller set to Switch or Xbox mode. I'm running the latest Linux build. Is there any way to fix this? Thanks in advance!

Thanks! 🙌

I'm sorry, I'm not able to get the problem to happen on my computer! I don't have a Windows machine to test it on, but Firefox 110.0.1 on MacOS saves the state when the tab is closed or the browser gets restarted.

Oh no! The game saves its state to localstorage, which is stored by your browser. So I wonder if you have a browser setting or plugin that increases security and clears localstorage when it closes? Maybe if you let me know your browser + version, and your OS, I can dig up something


Thank you! So happy you were reunited with your buns <3

You can send out one bunbon per planet.Don't worry, though, you will see them again once you explore all the planets!

Thanks! Good luck~

Sorry, you can't do comments or combine strings and numbers in the current version -_-

This makes me really happy <3



Awesome! I eagerly await future goth pixel moth adventures <3

Oooh that looks so good - I love black with splashes of primary colors.

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I did run into some minor issues, but I only mention them in case you're ever in a bug-fixing mood:

  • At some point of the planters broke (the one that's two slots to the left of the lift; it was no longer liftable or plantable)
  • The first time I got three orange seeds, I planted and watered them all, but the next day two had disappeared Nevermind, you mentioned in another comment that this is intentional!
  • Saves don't work on the web version (all progress is lost when I reload the page; I'm using Firefox on Linux, so it may not be universal, or even that common)
  • Text sometimes gets cut off or escapes the speech bubbles (mostly the initial dialogue; again, may just be me)
  • At one point dust landed out of reach up around the big lantern (up and to the right of the uppermost platform)
  • It would be cool if the game prevented me from accidentally ordering more planks or planters than I can use
  • I have so many moths now that I run out of time in the day to feed them all, and I wish I could set some of them free instead of letting them starve

I love this game so much! This immediately has landed on my favorite games list, and I've shared it with practically everyone I know. It's so simple and lovely and has so many little details in the cute moth animations, the gothic architecture and subtle background shifts, the day-night cycle and various weather conditions, the music, and the balanced cyclical mechanics of progression.

Your youtube shorts were also very helpful when I was getting started (and made me laugh at "love is obviously worthless") so thank you for those!

The only thing that could possibly make it more perfect to me is if I could play it on a handheld device (like a phone, gameboy or switch) just so I could bring my mothlings with me everywhere I go.

Wow! AMAZING! Happy Xmas to you too!

It should be supported now! Made a sneaky update for you.