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Grace Bruxner

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That's very helpful!! I keep losing track of the wizard while I make the game. Perhaps I need to hire some finders.


hey! it takes about 45mins-1hour to complete :)

hopefully soon!

this is on our to-do list! are you playing with a controller?

phew! glad to hear it :^)

i agree

you're so nice to meeeee aaaaaaaah

thank you for this post!!!

p.s. i say i am a genius every day but nobody ever believes me so the next time someone doubts me i'm sending them this!!!! they will be owned so hard

hmmmm i should have a lot of steam keys left on itch so they're definitely around! "Keys will be distributed to a purchaser when they first click the request key button on their purchase page." try that maybe? :-)

hey hey hey!!! dan golding just released it-- here it is!!

i understand

mr clam man... bring me a clam... bum bum bum bum...

hehheheeh yesssssssss <3

thank you!! i’m glad to hear it made you happy :-) <3

thanks 4 the vid friend :^)

thanks iwan!! *_*

lovely video! thank you :^0 <3

thanks! that's mambo and mambo does not like to be eaten. the PDF is a seperate download at the bottom of the download list. i appreciate u playing!

makes me shiver cause it's such a cold game.........i like how the friends wiggle.....

you're completely right. probably the most accurate review i've ever received. you understood my game better than anyone i have ever met, and for that i commend you. ive always said that this game is FOR GAMERS BY GAMERS. i say it every day before i go to sleep, and then i light the candles in front of my DOTA 2 shrine. i'm so excited for blizzard to pick up this title and release it as a world of warcraft expansion pack. remember to create a GAMINGFORGAMERS dot com account, only $17 a month to keep up to date with all my extreme game development in my multi million dollar games company, of which i am the CEO. thanks for your review, keep up the gaming. GAME ON!!!

everyone knows that whales dont like being jumped on!! they are sensitive creatures who are afraid of human feet. thank you for your review-- regarding terry's book you'll just have to go into the ocean and find him for a copy

excellent job you won the game!! thnx for playing


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thanks!!!! :^)