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Submitted by dk5000p — 7 hours, 57 minutes before the deadline

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CriteriaRankScore*Raw Score
Sound effects#82.4752.625
Game design#112.2392.375
Respect of the limitations#134.1254.375
Game play#141.8862.000

Ranked from 8 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

Team members
Doug Kent(dk5000p)

Software Used
Unity, Audacity, Paint3D

Cookies Eaten
No cookies, but cupcakes and creampuffs.

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@villamvadocz probably from using static for the give spell book without having them set on each play through to false, easy enough to fix, caught it with the speech bubbles. Yeah was trying to figure out how to set the player's speed to zero and then reset after the audio played. I think the duplicate recordings was due to accidentally stacking ghosts. Yeah I really need something better than my computer microphone to record. I really liked my grass and death but doing artwork on a computer is much harder than by hand. The lines are shaky but also probably from drawing in paint3d.  Yeah could not think of better puzzled, but at least you got to 2 of the four endings. There is a winning ending, it is not all gloom and apocalypse, unless you have Pastor Guppy's thoughts that cosmic gods should reign.

I'm pleasantly surprised at how much work you put into the voice recordings. I managed to get 2 bad endings (the spell book and the scythe), but I enjoyed it. Some of the soul descriptions were funny as well as the inn description ("some of the best food... well, the only food." made me smile.) 

As for what could be better, your pronunciation of "s" and the overall voice recording could be clearer since it took me a few times to understand what was being said. The game also has some minor bugs such as when you meet death you can just walk away and thought/speech bubbles stay there, you can have overlapping voice recordings, and you apparently give the spell book to the pastor even if you don't have one or if you did in a previous play-through, etc.

You don't have the prettiest graphics or the best game-play, but your game has charm and you made an adventure game work without text and I think that's a success. Good luck in future jams! :)


I actually saw someone return to the speech bubble, so luckily it stayed there, in order to remember the spell ingredients but with text probably could just do an image with checkboxes.


@Akusan Yeah, also submitted this for Adventure Jam, so needed a Moral Dilemma and for it to be an Adventure Game, making an Adventure Game with no text was tough, happy you view it as an Adventure Game, so I met that requirement.  I really need some recording equipment given the fact I have voice overs in all my games.


That is a lot of voice overs you have in this game! A for Effort! Also good job on making an adventure game.