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omigosh what a cute game <3 And I think it's the little things - especially how you can control everything by mouse and how it's basically a puzzle platformer with a skill/timing element - that makes this game so awesome. Well done indeed!

I do have issues with the level design, lack of music and lack of proper game feel, but you guys focused on your ideas (and on giving it 4 different mechanics for it to work as well as it does), so that's definetly not something to be helt too accountable on a game jam. What I MIGHT, though, is the fact that, despite there being an AIMING Element (especially on the rocket jump case), it's hard to gauge exactly where I"m going and what arc I'll do. I guess I just have a lot of issues with the rocket jump being really finnicky. Glad you guys realized your game is about trial and error and made the respawn extremely fast. That's the stuff!

Besides a few game design issues as well, like which objects are interactible and being an almost entirely mouse game where resetting is important but it's on the KEYBOARD (AAAARGH NOOO), this actually has a  crapton of potential! It has this casual good fun that I can see working really well somehow on the mobile! Very nice job :3