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INCREDIBLE idea, and almost-as-incredible execution. One of my faves in the jam as well - it's simple, to the point, and a great apotheosis of what the theme is about.

The aesthetics, comedic timing and music are all nothing short of incredible - I would call it absolutely flawless if it weren't for the font, which, while obviously used for comedic purposes, kind of foregoes useability and readability. There were ways of making the font silly/stupid ironically without actually looking like it was a silly decision unironically.

I can't stress how great the comedy was enough - I laughed really hard when he flipped me off and when I cried - impeccable SFX!

When it comes to the design, the micro decisions of game design (IE stuff like waypoint system, and lack of quality of life changes such as the text staying there if I say it to the dashboard instead of the driver) are indeed lacking, but the macro idea (and execution) are just goddamn amazing. It's a real beauty, too, that this is such a great core gameplay loop that you're allowed to formulate different strategies - even when only inside the car (As in, for instance, a possible strategy is to stop yourself on the sidewalk and plan your every move carefully, another possible strategy is to input the commands on the fly and react quickly - and here's another one, planning them out and timing them properly. Or maybe all of these!), and the commands are just robust enough that I rarely felt like it wasn't my fault.

Rarely. Here's when I DID indeed feel like it wasn't my fault, and that it was unfair: When I had to look behind me, or to my left, and I couldn't. Or, even more to the point, when I didn't really properly know where to go besides a vague idea through the waypoint system. When I tried tabbing then pressing enter quickly and it read as me talking to the dashboard - therefore making the driver not listen to me. That's what I meant by micro game design lacking - it's these details that make all the difference sometimes between an amazingly feeling game and an unfair-feeling one.

HOWEVER, these moments were... maybe not few or far between, but definetly didn't mar the experience. The idea REALLY shined through and I could easily see this becoming a fully fledged game with a few more tweaks and better level design. Congrats!


Wow, thanks for the in depth advice! Some of this was definitely on the 'would do with more time' list, but a lot of this is stuff that people haven't mentioned much yet. Really happy you liked the idea :)