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I won after a while - and I kind of felt it wasn't a rewarding win - as in, I didn't feel like I deserved to win that. That's good - but also bad. 

That's good because your game has a CRAPTON of potential! It can be a super addictive game of rapid thinking and foresight - and honestly, it may very well work as a commercially viable game. I can see it polished and put on Androids or somethin' - it really is great!

But that's bad because you made a game that lives and dies by its balancing - and it really shows... because it lacks it. I mean, I'm sure you struggled with it most of the development cycle, but the thing about this game is that it's clear that it's extremely hard to make it fair and balanced. Stuff like possibly getting 4 "shields" and not being able to put them correctly (being forced to depend on the fifth slot), stuff like the shots' hitboxes, and even very abstract, core issues like: If the ships are going to shoot from the side and shoot before even entering the screen properly, it's literally almost impossible to defend from that or to mount a defense that both encompasses left, right and top, specially considering the random aspect.

It's really, REALLY tricky to balance it, I can see that from a mile away. But everything else - idea, execution, jokes, scope - everything is top notch. I really think it's a game worth working into after the jam. Well done! :3


Thanks so much for your excellent feedback! I'll add "drag unwanted raft pieces to trash" as something to consider for post-jam development; that would also fix the 4-shields problem.