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Thank you so much! And congrats on solving the final puzzle!

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Thanks Corey, I'm glad you enjoyed it! (:


I'm still waiting for inspiration to strike for Limerick Pirate. Hopefully soon!

Congrats on creating this; looking forward to trying it out!

It was definitely fun to discover them! No need to credit me, but if you wish to, just Pace Smith is fine.

This was really fun! I enjoyed coming up with ideas and seeing if they worked.

The first pair was a nice, straightforward introduction to the mechanic of the game.

It could use some more signposting and some polish, but that's the norm for a 4-hour game.

I enjoyed this a lot and now I want to play Very Vile Fairy File!

This was really fun! I enjoyed coming up with ideas and seeing if they worked. I'd like failure messages for more things, such as.... well, it might be spoilery, so I'll put it after the spoiler warning. It could use some more signposting and some polish, but that's the norm for a 4-hour game. This was fun and now I want to play Very Vile Fairy File!

Spoilers ahead!

I hoped for responses for: shrink shrug, air owns, pear pwns, scare scones, creep cruel (ah, I see why now), jeep jewel, weep wool, bold bail, hold hail (it could melt into drinkable water), trolled trail, 

I love the responses for: sight seer, right rear, mare moans, raster rate, 

Also, I couldn't find your github (maybe it's private?) so I'll report these right here: 

in the gold gaol, there's a typo "goal"

Bare Bones Stair Stones
You can go back west to the Bier, though you don't need to. You can also go north and south, but there seems to be a way out above--or there could be!


You see nothing when you look closely at Bare Bones Stair Stones, so there's nothing you need to do with the room title.

Thanks, Paxton, for your review!
And I'd also like to thank you:
If you hadn't mumbled,
I wouldn't have stumbled
into this whole EctoComp crew!

It's just like a vampire, but spoopy.
And thank you for being my groupie!
So now I'll proceed
to sit down and read
some Paolo T. Bacigalupi.

this sad ignorance
can only be remedied
by more limericks

Yes, you and the page are both dead;
you totally picked up my thread.
Thanks for reviewing,
as well as for clueing
me in re the ending-branch spread!

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On purpose. Such blessed relief
contains only darkness and grief.
would not really blend
in well with that somber motif.

Nice twist, well written, quite creepy! I especially like how the subtle choices affect your reflection on "Did I let on?" It's a clever way of making those choices matter without having to make a ton of branches.

Nice twist, well written, quite creepy! I especially like how the subtle choices affect your reflection on "Did I let on?" It's a clever way of making those choices matter without having to make a ton of branches.

Ingenious - I love it! If you fleshed this out, I would buy it

I played 5 games as (sorry, I've forgotten their actual names) DamagePig, DamagePig, HealingPlant, DamagePig, HealingPlant. The best I did was my final game with HealingPlant, when I won ~6 fights using Slash (the +5 damage card) and Life Leech. Using Focus was a mistake 90% of the time with HealingPlant, but... only 60% of the time with DamagePig, because it's more about crushing your opponent quickly. So yes, you're right - sorry for overgeneralizing!

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This game was really fun!

From a design standpoint, the one-card hand limit reduces the number of options available to the player, thereby making all the strategy go into the deck-building and less into the play of the hand. This has the potential to be really interesting! However, this game hasn't shown me that potential yet. You've crafted a solid card game - which is already impressive given the time constraints - but what I'm not getting is, once you've subtracted the multiple cards in your hand, what is gained? Some additional simplicity? That's not bad, depending on what you're going for. But if there's something else you wanted to show me with this game, I didn't receive it.

Also, I feel like the lack of being able to reshuffle your discard pile makes Focus almost useless, because skipping past a card is rarely worth it. Focus could be a really interesting mechanic, but again, I don't feel its potential was realized in this jam.

Regardless, I enjoyed the heck out of playing it - thanks for making it!

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Well done! This is one of the most fun entries I've played! By removing the constraint of "Two flippers, controlled by a button" you've introduced two fun mechanics of twisting platforms and activating... well, they're basically flippers, but it still plays very differently to have to activate them with the mouse.

Some minor things:

It's easy to create a chicken coop where you can just keep some chickens out of the way. If you're going to work on this game post-jam (I think it could be quite marketable on mobile devices with touchscreens!) you'll might want to make that harder or impossible.

It would be nice to not have to hold the mouse button down to activate flippers/bumpers.

Congratulations on a game well done!

Thanks so much for your excellent feedback! I'll add "drag unwanted raft pieces to trash" as something to consider for post-jam development; that would also fix the 4-shields problem.

I love the gradual introduction of new commands - it's well taught. My design criticism is that the command-line interface, despite meeting the theme, doesn't really add anything interesting in terms of design. For example, in QWOP, removing intuitive control of the player creates hilarity. In Space Command 1980, it's certainly clever and well-implemented, but I'm not getting what it adds in exchange for what it takes away.

Regardless, it was clever and fun and I enjoyed playing it! Thanks for making it!

Thanks for your feedback! I agree with your criticism of the "mindlessly rush" strategy, although a poorly placed shield piece can block you into a bad configuration.

The art is actually fully rendered 3d, and it looks really cool if the camera tilts. Maybe we could get a nice graphical improvement just from tilting the camera angle slightly.

But innovative and unique is what we were primarily aiming for, so I'm happy to hear your feedback that we hit the mark in that regard!

Thanks! I suggest starting off by building only on the right side (since that gives you a bit more time to prepare for the first bullet) and being sure to keep your connectors open so you can hook around to build a tile, hopefully a spiky raft (can take 3 hits) in front of your helm. With this opening and a little practice, I can win about 50% of the time.

Since we didn't have time to create a tutorial, it does throw you into the deep end (so to speak) right from the start, and I agree that can be frustrating.

Thanks for your feedback!

It's not random, it just turns chaotic after longer than a second. If you can judge both the space and the time accurately, you can hold down LMB when you're about 20 pixels below a bullet for about .2 seconds, and it will turn it around 180 degrees. This is especially handy for the enemies that shoot directly downward. It's definitely very precise, though, and does feel a bit janky.

I love how we both picked bullet hell as the genre to subtract something from, but came up with completely different games!

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This is AWESOME. Some of the mechanics would be impossible in a different medium! Like looking closely at the picture, then looking through the emoji... very unique, and a great take on the theme! I also really enjoyed the twist on the old wolf/chicken/grain puzzle!

Like many textful text adventure games, it falls prey to the "guess the verb" problem, or in this case the "guess the emoji" problem. For the observational challenges, that's the challenge and that's awesome. But for the puzzle bits, some synonyms would have avoided frustration and not detracted from the experience.

Quite possibly my favorite game of the jam so far - kudos!!

Clever interpretation of the theme, and nicely implemented! Well done!

There are games way worse than this that sell for 99 cents on the app store!

This is a fantastic game, and exceptionally well made given the time constraints!

In my opinion, it doesn't fit the theme well, though. As a Super Monkey Ball player, I don't see a significant difference between controlling a ball directly and controlling it via tilting the world.

Despite that, it was definitely a fun and well-made game!

Nice game, thanks for making it!

This is fantastic! An excellent take on the theme, and very well executed!

This could be quite interesting if the player could more easily understand the pros/cons of trades! Nice take on the theme and well polished! I love the card art and flavor text (:

Nicely done!

It's interesting - you made a tower defense game without towers, but it feels like you've removed a constraint instead of added one; it feels like a tower defense game where all the towers are stacked on top of each other and can move freely. What I love about this jam is seeing what interesting combinations we get when we defy genre conventions.

Thanks for making an interesting and well-made game!

Q: Why is the name of this game so strange?

A: Because we think we're funny.

Q: Why is the name of this game so strange?

A: Because we think we're funny.

This is awesome. It's like Stealth Dark mode in DDR! Well done!

This is a really interesting idea!

only 48 hours! even more impressive!

It's like golf, except ridiculous!

Oh, wait. Golf already is ridiculous.

Seriously, though, great job!

Very well done! I love your take on "bullet hell without <mechanic>". Nicely polished, too! It reminds me of the Undyne fight in Undertale, which was one of my favorites!