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So, this one is tricky. The level design is excellent, and it has intuitive (even though not perfectly intuitive, I'm looking at you, mushrooms and your slanted head) learning process and it's actually a really great idea for a puzzle game. But that's just it: It feels like a puzzle game. Not... a shooter without X. 

Besides that, my biggest gripe was how cumbersome it was when I misplaced a mushroom. I needed to:

Press X > Click the mushroom > click the mushroom button > try another form, or maybe the same form > try another angle, or maybe the same angle > try another position, or the same position

That's a lot mouse clicking in disparate places (being on the top of the screen to place it on the bottom deosn't help a whole lot), and it causes a sort of "inverse decision fatigue" on the part of the player, where he kind of just micro fears placing it in the wrong place and hesitates more than he should, specially on a trial-and-error game. 

Sorry if it sounded harsh, but I actually liked the game and beaten it! It's really just two gripes I had with it, because I really enjoyed the execution! Nice work!


Hey Cyber Twilight :)

We are very thankful with people that have been playing, enjoying and telling us what they thought about the game, this is very important for us. We'll fix everything that you guys have told to us! The main idea was a game with shooting, and it ended up like a puzzle because the game gives you the polen (shoot) and you have to think where to put the mushrooms.

Your feedback was very important for us!
Brigadão pelo seu comentário, ficamos bem feliz com ele!


Yeah, something we've also learnt is to make sure the theme is worn on the game's sleeves at all times, or at least describe it in the description!

Disponha, fico feliz de ver devs brasileiros participando de coisas assim! ♥️