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Okay, this... this might actually be one of my favourite games in this jam. I genuinely think it's a perfect prototype for an amazing game. And I just have one very simple defense as to why:

 The ammount of possible strategies you can make with so little elements is astounding. It really, truly is. Because the mechanic is so intuitive and effortlessly manageable, with, let's say... Oh! 

Let's say there's a simple enemy shooting at me. Here's everything I can do with that that I can think of, wtih the possibility of there being much more: I can A) Simply reflect every shot straight up with the well, B) gather the shots around indefinetly so that I have an infinite battering ram, never killing him C) gather the shots around and swing it at him as soon as I can, D) Gather enough shots to mount an ACTUAL WALL OF SHOTS that are standing still, protecting myself from any subsequent flier that tries to pass through that, D) Gather enough shots, go far away, and snipe him, E) Gather enough shots the repel them in a shotgun pattern...

That's ONE enemy of ONE Type. 

It's simple, yes. It's super crude, yes. But you know what? Against all odds, that also adds to the experience and speaks to just how much the idea shines through any presentation or additional design (IE how health and score works, which is not exactly 100% part of the core gameplay loop). Which is also my one and only complaint about this game: It does only one thing. Amazingly, almost perfectly, but yeah, only one.

And that's all you can ask of a jam game. Amazing work, really.