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Larissa's comment said it all but I want to add that it really humbles me to have inspired someone. We wanted players to take whatever they could out of the game, any conclusions whatsoever about Imposition, Creativity, "Art", or even Narration or Contemplation or anything else the player might reflect about. Thank you for being living evidence that our game was a game worth making! <3

And from a design standpoint: We didn't define it as a satire or a parody beforehand, but we ended up making a bit of both, skewered more towards parody, since, as Larissa said, we absolutely adore Walking Sims - No joke, four of the six members have Dear Esther, Gone Home, Stanley Parable and even Myst as personal favourites - so that's saying something!

And lastly, thank you SO MUCH for the suggestion - now that I've gotten some time to update the page, you'll find a cutesy lil' spoiler warning right on the top. I've been wanting to make the page easier on the eyes, so I'll probably update it further eventually. Thank you for helping with that, and thank you for your amazing comment! (I... I'm not gonna lie, I teared up reading it the first time ;~; <3)