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Survival roguelike without combat and only one enemy.
Submitted by dbmccoy (@scissorsneeder), meatghost (@daviskouk) — 5 minutes, 18 seconds before the deadline
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It was a cool idea, had fun traversing the levels, but its not clear at first. The presentation is really good, perfect pixel art :) Maybe add some other turn-based mechanics in the future to add some variety to your hiding.


Creepy stuff.

Rouge likes are not really my thing but I can see people really enjoying this game.

Would recommend.

Please play rate and review mine at


a nice take on the genre


So, a turn-based horror game, eh? I had to learn a lot of things by m'self, but it's a nice, concise, jam-perfect idea. Well done! The execution could do some work, with improvements on AI, gamefeel and, especially, both sound design and balancing (Ran into a room where I couldn't do anything because, I presume, nothing was spawned there.), but that's part of... well, actually, it's something to think about next jam: Will my game have tough-to-implement elements? Should I avoid it or make the game more about it? 

No right answer, I believe, yours is as good as any. GJ!


Thanks!  I think our scope was pretty good except we had to have pathfinding which I spent most of the project debugging.  Stuff like mechanics and goals and playability fell by the wayside unfortunately


Very cool art!
I runned into some bugs but nothing big.
But it's a really cool game indeed! =D


Nice  game concept! I really liked the art style too. Good Job!


thank you. i love you.


It's an interesting take on the rougelike genre! The graphics looked good, and the monster looked creepy as all hell. However, I found it a little unclear as to what to do at first, and had no clue as to what my ultimate goal was. Also, a couple times I went into a room with no objects to search, meaning I couldn't advance.


you pretty much got the whole experience.   i literally added the keys and locked door mechanics in the last 30 minutes and didn't have time to double check that all of the rooms had valid exits :P thanks for playing


Really nice art in this game. the whole thing is very visually pleasing to play. Kudos.

Really cool concept too. reminds me a bit of necrodancer type "puzzle-movement" where you have to anticipate enemy actions. 

I did get it to crash a few times, but hey, what's a jam without a few bugs.

I think if this was procedurally generated, and had a few more puzzles to solve, maybe upgrades, I would play the heck out of it


I really like the style and it's kinda scary.


cool game! Easy to get and gave me scary anxiety feelings


kiss kiss, amigo


sweeeeeet and creeeeepy :)


this is the best review so far :)


also only




oh btw the rooms are random so you won't get the same game twice