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Very well done. The game was simple, fun, and rewarding to play with a neat concept to boot. Everyone on the team did a great job with this.
I agree with most of the suggestions seen in the comments, I'll also add a few suggestions I have for balancing the difficulty to be a bit fairer on the player:

It'd be useful if the player was given a bit of leniency when moving around corners, slightly shifting the player towards the nearest opening, so that when the player is running around the level, dodging and weaving between corners, they don't find themselves frequently stopping whenever they are just barely grazing a wall.

Bob's hitbox could probably be tweaked a bit, especially for a game that requires this much fast paced precision. Perhaps if his his hitbox didn't cover his Afro and was just based around his body, it'd make the area on the character you're trying to protect immediately clearer.

An addition that might be nice is to have an indication on the edge of the screen to show that an enemy is close but just outside the player's vision, and what direction they're in; giving the player the opportunity to plan ahead slightly. (Whether or not this could fit into the visual style of the game, I'm unsure).

I hope you do some more work with this because it's a great foundation with a lot of potential that is already very well made.

Thanks for your suggestions,
we are collecting as much feedback as possible to release a more polished and expanded post-mortem version and comments like this help us focus on what is important in the core game experience.