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On the case! The Steam version has an option to lock the cursor to the game window.

Thankyou, always nice to hear! If it gets enough attention, we'd love to be able to make it a full game, fingers crossed!

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Thanks, that means a lot. A lot of people have brought up how platforms block grapple shots but I too cannot think of a way to resolve this. It's part of the nature of the game that the grapple needs to collide with blocks. It's just works ya know? You're not meant to be able to kill enemies from below anyway. It's certainly an issue I've been losing sleep over, trust me hahah.

Thanks for the feedback. More punch is always good. The screen does currently shake when you hit an enemy but I agree there could be more polish for taking damage. Full credits for music go to Paul Michael Cardon though!

I just tried this out and you're right. As you know the game is done in 48 hours so there is SO MUCH MORE I would love to add to this game. An incentive to move around more would be one.

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Thanks a lot man! ¡Muchas Gracias!

Wow! Someone made a video of my game! That's great, wish I could understand what you were saying.

Certainly trying!

I do like that you have a maximum quality monitor with a little toaster comp. Bloody good on'ya

Thank you! I love Berserk and I just really wanted to fight Guts.

Well done! And thank you for having the patience to play my game!

I don't see why not!