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Sounds like you have the jam version, the paid version has more ;)

The only way we can support ourselves and dedicate more time to making games is if we can support ourselves financially. Like most people, we need money to live. 

Sorry about that! Double check you are connected to the internet and try one more time

The jam version is unavailable for the time being. We do plan to release the game on steam and will likely keep the price the same for the steam version.

That's awesome, glad we could inspire you! :D

Just above the Comments section, there is a Demo section with links to download for Windows, Mac and Linux!

Just above the Comments section, there is a Demo section with links to download for Windows, Mac and Linux!

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There's a free demo! Just above the Comments section, there is a Demo section with links to download for Windows, Mac and Linux.

We have plans to add more features that will add longevity! In the meantime, you can search for more hidden letter arts and alternate ways to form letters!

thank you for buying and playing :)

Thank you for this!

Always has been…

Thank you!


hi we wrote a guide for this issue, sorry I wish there was a easy way for us to fix it on our end :'(

Thanks for the suggestions! These are both features on our to do list :)

Yes, the Itch version will include a Steam key! So if you buy the game now, you will be able to go back to your purchases and claim your key once we have the game on Steam. We don't have a launch date yet, but we will keep everyone updated.

Sorry for the late reply - the demo and full game are now available for MacOS!

A steam version is coming soon :) 

Thanks for the feedback! A few things:

  • Currently, if you exit a level there is not a way to save the level state. But this feature is on our to-do list!
  • With T, make sure the L's are completely upside down, with one mirrored, before you try to merge them into T (rotate 2x, or shift click a reflector to make it a vertical reflector)
  • We also plan to have it remember your full screen selection on startup

Thanks for playing - we are working on a lot of improvements as we speak, and your feedback is helpful!

The full game is now out, including Mac version! :)

The full version is not free, but there is a free demo available! 

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Yep, we used Game Maker Studio 2

What was the error? Also which version were you using? We fixed a lot of errors from the jam version in the latest release. Let me know if you're seeing the same error in the current version (either demo or full version)

haha nope, but that will be fixed in the next version

Thanks, and sorry you hit the error

This usually happens when you place nodes directly above each other. We'll have this fixed in the next version

Sorry you hit this issue

This usually happens when you place nodes directly above each other. We'll have this fixed in the next version

Hi, we'll have that in the next version for sure, and it's coming very soon!

Hi, we don't have a mac version for the jam, but we will have mac and linux in the next version (and it's coming very soon!)

Hi, sorry you hit this issue

We recently discovered the root cause, and this seems to happen when people aren't connected to the internet

Can you double check your internet connection and try again?

That said, we have a new version coming out very soon, and this bug should be fixed in that version

Yes please.

Sorry to hear that, we're releasing 1.0 very soon, and it will have full screen support

Yep this is a known bug in the jam version. Try to focus on deleting the connectors away from the nodes, it seems that trying to delete the connectors at the nodes can cause two separate calls to delete the same connector (one from the connector and one from the building). This bug is fixed for v1.0 coming soon!

We aren't noticing issues with booting up the game, but it seems that others have recommended unzipping the game into an x86 directory. We are totally unsure why a few are having this issue and most aren't but perhaps this will help? Hopefully this problem is resolved in the v1.0 update coming soon. 

Sorry to hear your having issues, we've got that fixed for the next update, and we should have that out in a few days

Your wish is likely to come true in the very near future ;)

No yet unfortunately, however our version 1.0 update will come out very soon, and we've included it there

It'll get easier in the update coming soon :) For now, focus on how the T looks when you remove an L from it somehow...

There should be a download button on the game page, once you've done that you can follow the steps here to play it (the steps are for a different game, but the same steps should apply)

Thanks so much for the kind words! When you try deleting the buildings, try right-clicking away from the nodes, it seems that if you try to delete the buildings by right-clicking on nodes it will try to delete the connecting lines twice, which can cause the crash. Alternatively, you can delete the lines in advance by just scrubbing over them with the right mouse button held. Sorry for the inconvenience!

Are you on windows? Currently it is only supported for windows. If you're still having the issue on windows, usually closing the game, unzipping and relaunching will fix it. I'm so sorry for the issue! This will assuredly be fixed in the post-jam update as well.