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Sprinting drains health, to kill enemies you must sprint.
Submitted by YZeeGames — 18 hours, 56 minutes before the deadline
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Sprinting drains health, to kill enemies you must sprint.

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- Fusion 2.5 Developer

Made by YZeeGames

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Potential there. Feels pretty good. I like the concept. Its straight forward enough and easy to get playing right away. Actually felt really difficult to get a game over though. Might just be I am a glutton for punishment

Developer (1 edit)

Yeah need to ramp up the difficulty. Thanks for the feedback


That was cool! Great job with the enemy variety. I think the best area to improve is the relationship between energy and health, because like stated before it was easy to burn through it. However this didn't negatively affect me too much, I still enjoyed it. Another suggestion is to make diagonal movement possible. Anyways good work!


Thanks so much for the feedback :)


The game is really fun! I like how each level starts with calm conservation of resources but ends with a hectic dash to get the last few enemies before my health runs out. The minimalist art style works really well too. Different objects are clear and distinct, and the game doesn't look overly simple due to particle effects and screen shake. Some games with minimalist squares just look cheap, but this game makes them look stylish. I was going to complain about having to repeat all of the levels on death, but the game is short enough to justify it. The game could do with having a few more mechanics introduced in later levels, but no real complaints about what is there. Nice work!


Thanks so much :D


Loved the concept my only two improvements would be a graphical improvement (which I know I basically impossible it a game jam) just to easily differentiate where your character is facing, and instead of wasd use mouse for 360 degree aiming, Otherwise it was great.


Thanks a lot for the feedback, about to play your game :)




Fun concept. Enjoyed playing it. I was a little sad, that you could brute force most levels by tanking damage and sprinting through everything though.

From your thumbnail I expected the player character to be a bullet, which would also make sense gameplay wise. Maybe a rocket even, so the thrusters would take the place of the abstract "reflect block".

Not sure if I missed something, but the stamina meter mechanic seemed to have room for improval. I barely tried to manage it, since there was no active way to regain it quicker and I could keep sprinting when it was drained.

Well done.


Thanks for the feedback. That's the number one thing I couldn't quite nail, perhaps I should make loosing heal occur more often or make power charge quicker.


Maybe gameplay wise the most interesting game I've played this jam. The dashing mechanic in combination with the high paced gameplay worked really well and it felt really satisfying to use the reflect mechanic effectively.


thanks a lot :D