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No, as it was for a gamejam i got most the assets from an asset pack. Some graphics at the end are not from the pack.

Very nice game, good graphics, gameplay and soundtrack

Cant wait!


Has anyone received anything yet?

I already have Clickteam Fusion 2.5 Developer, Android & iOS Exporters so it would be a waste. Can i not just get the flash exporter?

Hey, it's been added

Hey thanks so much, i was going to do that, otherwise you can just press r

Thanks, yeah i should have made some more XD

Thankyou kind sir.

Thanks a lot for the feedback :)

Sorry i forgot to add, to progress you must land on the top of the red rectangle.  Also i know that i didn't exactly fit the theme it was mainly due to my art skills and wanting to experiment with lighting effects. Thanks everyone :)

As am i

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Yeah need to ramp up the difficulty. Thanks for the feedback

Thanks so much for the feedback :)

Thanks so much :D

Awesome game feels great. Felt like i was a bit low to the ground at times and sometimes it was hard to know what was going on but otherwise really fun experience.

Thanks a lot for the feedback, about to play your game :)

Great idea. Kinda hard to teleport to the specific ball when it's so small. Good work :)

Thanks for the feedback. That's the number one thing I couldn't quite nail, perhaps I should make loosing heal occur more often or make power charge quicker.

thanks a lot :D

haha it's pretty good. Good luck with the results :)

ohhh i just had to extract it XD Maybe you should include that for dummies like me.

That music is so perfect XD

Great game! One thing you should probably remove the quit button XD

Hey, i think it's because of the name but i can't open it because it's "potentially dangerous"

Good fun, love the idea.

Soooo good, so much fun especially water and no borders.

Thanks my dude, ill check out yours.

Great little game, really think you should work on this. Some earlier checkpoints would be nice or maybe I just suck XD.

Good fun with a good amount of difficulty.

beautiful game with a great idea and looks, reminded me much of Limbo. Good prototype, feel it could be a great game with more content!

Great idea, great look and feel.

Pretty nice game, good idea.

Great short and straight to the point showing the core mechanic. Great idea and great prototype!