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Submitted by Etra (Etra Games) (@ProjectEtraflow) with 41 minutes, 8 seconds before the deadline

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How does your submission match the theme?
NOTE: At the beginning of the game please increase your brightness if you cannot see the flow TITLE you can do this in windows 10 by opening the action bar and setting brightness to brightest. If you still cannot see it then left-click and walk forward with w.

All the mechanics in the game (beside looking and moving) are controlled by the left and right mouse buttons. The left fires your gun, jumps, gives you a midair boost, warps you to warpers, and launches you out of warpers. The right makes you dash, interacts with the world, and reloads your ammunition.

Third-party resources
3rd Party Tools: Gimp


Bensound Deep Blue:

Bensound Extreme Action:

Bensound license:

Freesound KeyKrusher Metallic Garage Door Screeching:

Freesound licence:

Unreal Enigine 4 and infinity blade textures crated by Epic games

Testers: Johnathan Bender and James Bender
Everything Else: Luke Bender

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Awesome game feels great. Felt like i was a bit low to the ground at times and sometimes it was hard to know what was going on but otherwise really fun experience.


Pretty fun, and lots of potential with the concept. The intro and "cutscenes" were immersive for the Jam. The movement is the interesting part to me; it sounds odd on paper that left click controls jump and fire, but it worked great and I enjoyed the dashing + the longer jumps. The blue teleport surfaces are great fun too but they did seem to be slightly disorienting, requiring more attempts to succeed; perhaps having some way to have more time to see where to go can help. All together I enjoyed the platforming, I'd play more like this.


Thanks for the feedback I'll see what I can make of this in the future.


That's a really good idea, and with enough polishing  it can truly become special!

It adheres to the theme, but sometimes the transition from dash (Which it honestly is better off being called a "sprint") isn't seamless for the reloading and the teleporters disorient you sometimes. only being able to shoot after jumping is perfect, but maybe the reload system and the shot knockback system needs some fine tuning.

What I absolutely adored was the story - as light as it was. The ending was pretty damn great, honestly. Some... spell check errors here and there, but nothing too irritating. I felt like I had fucked up in the beggining of the game, with the <ERROR> spawning, but that just immersed me more!

The blatant flaw, however, despite obviously the aesthethics, is the level design. The levels are... not that thought out, at all. It's clear they were an afterthought, and, with a game so based around movementation and, well, FLOW (hehe), can't blame ya for letting those two be afterthoughts. Definetly hurts your game a bit.

Improve the game feel a bit, obviously the level design, some bug squashing (I found one where if I do the portal trick where I keep shooting forwards on that "wall jump" session, I get spitted out into the void!) and, also obviously, the aesthethics, and honestly it'd be a great game by itself - it's already very innovative!


Thank you so much for your feedback. Yeah you were right about the design and aesthetics being an afterthought XD. When I get a new PC (the jam killed my processor because I had a potato computer) I think I'll build off what I have and see how I can improve it and this feedback is what I need to get there so thank you!


No problem, I hoped it'd have helped you, constructive feedback is sometimes very much needed <3


I think the atmosphere is great. The movement feels pretty good, but unfortunately, I think you've bound too much to two buttons. I don't really see a reason that the shooting mechanic should be bound to the same button as shooting or that shooting really even needs to be a mechanic in the game. I think you could just as easily accomplish what you've done by adding a double jump and making the warp pads something that you run into.  The way it's currently set up, it's also fairly disorienting to move through the pads. I think if you added some indication of where a warp pad would lead you/which way you'll be facing as you come out of it, it would help a lot.


"I don't really see a reason that the shooting mechanic should be bound to the same button as shooting or that shooting really even needs to be a mechanic in the game." I'm guessing this is a typo I don't understand this part could you please restate it? As for the disorienting warp pads I'll take that into consideration thank you for your feedback!


My point was that the shooting mechanic only really seems to serve the purpose of providing extra jumps while you have ammo and activating the warp pads. If you removed the actual shooting mechanic  and just had a limited number of jumps/made the warp pads activated by running into them, it would serve the same purpose.