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That's a really good idea, and with enough polishing  it can truly become special!

It adheres to the theme, but sometimes the transition from dash (Which it honestly is better off being called a "sprint") isn't seamless for the reloading and the teleporters disorient you sometimes. only being able to shoot after jumping is perfect, but maybe the reload system and the shot knockback system needs some fine tuning.

What I absolutely adored was the story - as light as it was. The ending was pretty damn great, honestly. Some... spell check errors here and there, but nothing too irritating. I felt like I had fucked up in the beggining of the game, with the <ERROR> spawning, but that just immersed me more!

The blatant flaw, however, despite obviously the aesthethics, is the level design. The levels are... not that thought out, at all. It's clear they were an afterthought, and, with a game so based around movementation and, well, FLOW (hehe), can't blame ya for letting those two be afterthoughts. Definetly hurts your game a bit.

Improve the game feel a bit, obviously the level design, some bug squashing (I found one where if I do the portal trick where I keep shooting forwards on that "wall jump" session, I get spitted out into the void!) and, also obviously, the aesthethics, and honestly it'd be a great game by itself - it's already very innovative!


Thank you so much for your feedback. Yeah you were right about the design and aesthetics being an afterthought XD. When I get a new PC (the jam killed my processor because I had a potato computer) I think I'll build off what I have and see how I can improve it and this feedback is what I need to get there so thank you!


No problem, I hoped it'd have helped you, constructive feedback is sometimes very much needed <3