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Sector Survival (gmtkjam-07-17)View game page

Entry for the Game Makers Tool Kit Jam (07 - 17)
Submitted by Sadtwig — 6 hours, 19 minutes before the deadline

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Sector Survival (gmtkjam-07-17)'s page


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How does your submission match the theme?
Since this jam provoked us to explore Dual Purpose Designs, I brainstormed how to combine movement mechanics with other mechanics. Because of the short timespan for this jam, I started right away with one of the first ideas that sprung to my mind: Interconnect Shooting and Moving. The result is a game where shooting does not only have the purpose to defeat enemies, but also to move you using the recoil of your weapon. Since this behaviour can lead to the player feeling out of control of their movement I added two additional mechanics that are tied to movement. One of them is a smart bomb item, It destroys all the small enemies on the screen. In addition to that it also stops any momentum the player has, allowing him to safe himself from flying into a dangerous area. The other mechanic is a mirror shield that can be placed rather freely on the map. It reflects asteroids and your own projectiles to perform trick shots, but also reflects the player while conserving his speed. Using the mirror shield, the player can perform safe 180° turns.

In addition to the dual purpose for movement, I decided to link the players hitbox-size and weight to his remaining health. The more damage the player takes, the more nimble he becomes, which can allow him to survive longer, if he manages to control the new speed.

The asteroid enemies also serve second purpose other than hurting you. Destroying enough of them refills a stabilizing bomb.

Third-party resources
I used the Clickteam Fusion engine.

Creative Commons Licensed Soundfiles from "Alien_Monster_Scream.wav by audione", "Energy Gloves.wav by ejfortin", "monster_death_scream.wav by Syna-Max", "LaserSound by tjcason" and "Alien Dream by Romariogrande".

Just me.

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Nice graphics, interesting game! I included it in my Game Maker Toolkit’s Game Jam compilation video series, if you’d like to take a look. :)



I didn't experience your game as sluggish actually. You could try lowering the cooldown (but then also the damage?) of the main cannon to make it feel more responsive. What I miss mostly is a challenge that's more than a timer. If for example instead you would get 1 point every second (so still the timer element), but also 1 point for each asteroid you kill, and double (or triple!) the points if you do a trick shot kill. Then I would have something to make me want to keep going more. Still I liked it - cool that we both had the damage = change AND shooting = moving + deflecting combo :)

Although the game fits the theme very well, it lacks something to make it interesting. The game seems very slow and floaty and monotonous. I didn't ever feel the need to use anything but the basic gun, mostly I was using the other things to prevent getting bored.

I think the game could work as a base for something better, some extra work could turn it into something quite enjoyable. If you want to continue this game anytime in the future, consider starting by making the movement of everything faster and the player smaller.