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Having finished the game, here's my review:


It's Ren'Py.

You're thinking of Bernband maybe?

This game is just lovely. It makes me want to fill my real apartment with an impractical amount of plants.

ps. When saving photos, they don't get any extension when saved through Firefox, so I had to manually add .png at the end to upload this picture.

Looks great, as ever!

Thanks for all the kind comments and feedback everyone! I updated the release, adding a checkpoint system and tweaking the difficulty a bit.

I don't have Game Maker so was unable to play the gmz.

Just watched the trailer, I liked how the ground bent when you landed, that's a nice touch.

I got a black screen when starting the same, but the sound still works. I'm on Windows 10 if that helps. The vast majority of GM games I tried worked, but there were 2 others that had the same issue.

I got a black screen starting the game but could still hear sound. I'm on Windows 10 if that might be related.

It's not starting because the data folder in missing, only the exe is currently available for download.

Nice racer! The inclusion of the random violence mode was pretty funny.

The music, sound effects and art feel really professional on this. I got a bit confused on how to jump, because the "how to play" says arrow keys including the up key, while it's the space bar instead.

Great voices and I liked the twist on insult games.

The double world mechanic was neat. I also liked little details like the clock.

I loved the look on the plunger's face right before it jumps.

I was really confused for a while because you need to single press a movement key instead of holding them down, otherwise you don't move. The first time I started the game John was not visible (I suppose he was maybe generated on the first row of floor tiles), which combined with the key behaviour gave the impression that the game was broken.

Felt like a 2D Surgeon Simulator combined with a bit of QWOP :-)

Delightful game. Wonderful art. Abusive elk.

Very impressive for two hours, was fun too!  Laughed at the Butterscotch logo reference.

I like the aesthetic a lot! With the way the jumping and enemies are currently tuned, I felt a bit frustrated about not having a diagonal shooting option. The video link is not working.

I wasn't sure how to surf and what was causing me to stop repeatedly. Then I watched the trailer and I realized I was supposed to go completely right and left and the obstacles were either gaps or higher platforms.  The main improvement point for me would be to make the obstacles more visually distinct.

Hahaha, fun local multiplayer game! Well done!

Love the creepy atmosphere and art.

Oh wow, very cool modelling, animation, blood effects and sound. This would make a pretty neat brawler if developed further.

Original idea, good challenge and amount of levels. Well done!

I also loved all the characters you could choose from in the beginning.

This is a very nice little RPG. I like the pixel art, the dialogue, the gathering mini-game and the quest system.  The mini-game is very RSI-inducing when grinding though, I'd recommend either adding more variety with different mini-games or reducing the need to grind that particular game.

Nailed the creepiness in the art and that walking animation.

The story was really lovely and the art is charming. I also liked the Zelda tribute in the second level. It was frustrating that you freeze when recharging, because there's nothing you can do to prevent it or damage to your flower. I think that giving the flower a slowly recharging energy supply and being able to partially recharge from that when you're near might mitigate this.

Monty Python would be proud.

Nice job! It feels like a complete game. There was a lot of dissonance in the music. If you're in a rush and you're writing it yourself, consider using a pentatonic scale. It's easier to improvise in those and have it sound good.

The feel of the menu and the shooting was very satisfying. I think it might be a good idea to close the doors in the room like in The Binding of Isaac, otherwise it's easiest to just run past the enemies. And that strategy then results in a really grindy bossfight.

I got a black screen when the game started. I heard some sound, and if I pressed buttons I could hear some more sound, but no picture. I'm on Windows 10 if that helps.

The sounds effects were charming and cute. The mindmap in the beginning was an interesting way to quickly explain how everything worked. I didn't really feel in control of the stealth. I think the randomness of the squeaking can work well to increase tension and risk, but that the player should then have some tools to deal with the resulting danger, like a limited sprint option or places to hide.

Awesome effort! I love the elk model, the rest of the graphics and firing the laser looks and feels really good.

Have you considered putting the game on some cloud hosting like Heroku or AWS? They have free tiers and that would allow more people to play it.

@atolVerderben Nice, that new version is indeed running a lot better! I think having a group select like in RTS games would make moving the pirates around easier.

Wonderful little toy. I loved the art and the atmosphere. Would be great on a tablet. I didn't realize you could hit the birds. After reading the comments and trying that it became sillier but I was a bit sad that the relaxing gentle atmosphere from before was gone.

Charming and cozy :-)