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The Quest for the Beefy ThumbView game page

Meet interesting townsfolk, gather items, and complete quests.
Submitted by PottyGamer
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Music & Sound#1041.9692.667

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Beefy Thumbs

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Cool old-school type rpg (with some whack-a-mole style resource collection) I really enjoyed the graphics, sound effects and the humor all of which blended very nicely in with the gameplay. Excellent job, overall!


Fun little grindy RPG.  A bit too grindy at parts, though.  Especially during the Cave of Sorrows bit.

I did enjoy the weirdness to the game and the characters.

I was kinda hoping the townspeople would say things about the Beefy Thumb after I was told to go "show it off", but no matter.


Thank you Wonderingmonster. 

I'm curious if you downloaded the first release or the update that I uploaded last night.   Last nights update addressed the tree chopping concern.   


I also loved all the characters you could choose from in the beginning.


This is a very nice little RPG. I like the pixel art, the dialogue, the gathering mini-game and the quest system.  The mini-game is very RSI-inducing when grinding though, I'd recommend either adding more variety with different mini-games or reducing the need to grind that particular game.


Thanks for the comment, eltea!

You are correct about the balance.  I literally started balancing the game about 20 minutes before my final submission, so it was a very quick balance in the first version.  My beta tester (daughter) suggested loosening up the trees a little.  I just submitted an update that changes the tree farm in a big way, which should help the balance.

Try it again, your same save file should still be good to go.  You should definitely not give up on your dream to have a Beefy Thumb!


This RPG is very well completed. Menus are good, inventory is there. There is even well-written dialogue with humor that got me to chuckle.

I think you really needed to tune the amount of collection/gathering required to progress down though. I set out determined to finish, but I'm at a point where I'm developing carpal tunnel from all the clicking - I think I have to give up!

There's a lot of fun here if the clicking was cut back by two thirds. I'll never get that beefy, beefy thumb...